LPT: If your partner mentions something they want, write it down on a list in your phone. They may forget about it between then and the next gift giving occasion and you will look like a wizard who knows exactly what they want

  1. that's a sign that you need to improve your relationship with her. start caring for her more, do the chores around the house, be more attentive, just things that would make her change her mind

  2. I do this too! Another tip… If you are somewhere and you see the perfect gift for someone just get it. Even if it’s the wrong time of year. You can stash it away. Thoughtful gifts mean so much more compared to last minute junk ordered off the internet.

  3. I started doing this. I had gifts piled in my office for the year. But was waiting for one specific gift to arrive for a certain occasion and it got delayed, so I had to panic buy a different gift last minute. Glad I did because it got delayed again.

  4. I used to forget small things a lot in school. Everyday I would forget some or the other task or homework or whatever. I finally had enough and bought a pocket book. I became the guy who always had a pocket book on him and always took notes. Never forgot a thing after that.

  5. I add the item to their Contact file. As mentioned before, I'll often snap a pic, then go back and find a purchase link for the file.

  6. Exactly where I add it! No pic, just details or it's pointless. Then when I need a gift, I go check that list and pray there's something on it I haven't bought yet! Or maybe another version of the item if it was a big hit last time.

  7. I take photos quick if something is pointed out in a shop. She doesn't even notice me do it but I keep a little folder on my phone of birthday gifts I could get

  8. I do this too! I add gift ideas to the list I keep on my phone of my partner’s favorites (candies, takeout orders, movies, etc.)!

  9. I do this with my husband, who NEVER has ideas to give me when it comes to birthday/Christmas present time. As soon as he mentions he wants something my phone flies up to my face and it is added to the present list

  10. In 15 yrs of marriage and 2 yrs of dating I got gift only twice for my husband and I absolutely sucked at it. But I can plan vacations very well so I plan something awesome for his bday every year. It may be a day trip but something which I know he will enjoy. Sometimes adventurous, sometimes romantic, sometimes being in nature. an evening out to listen to his fav music being played or his fav genre of movie even i absolutely hate it. I give better experiential bdays which also are our fav memories.

  11. I started doing this for all my family and myself a few years ago. Every christmas i give the best gifts. And i actually receive great gifts as well.

  12. Yep, my girl said she wanted a wubble bubble ball for Valentines day when we were both fried. Wrote it down on my notes app and she was very happy with her gift before it popped

  13. My problem is anytime my girlfriend wants something, she just buys it. It’s hard to get actual gifts that aren’t consumables like wine or experiences like massages. Not that there’s anything wrong with those, but it’s tough to mix it up

  14. Unless your partner is like mine, who just buys it when they see it. I literally have nothing left on my list and have been awaiting the next hint for weeks.

  15. I did this once, then 3 months later wifey was like "Oh, you got me that!? I was into that for a week then moved on."

  16. Or given they already forgot what they wanted you're going to give them a gift that was forgettable.

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