Made this twitter bot that tweets out streams with 0 viewers! I love talking to people with 0 viewers, seeing them light up makes my day. Hoping this would spread that joy!

  1. While tools like this have good potential for some wholesomeness, they unfortunately are often also used by troll groups to go troll a 0 viewer chat. Some people are pathetic enough to get their entertainment out of making fun of the people that are lonely to begin with.

  2. I would suggest make it so it shows 0-2 viewers. A good number of people that are trying to get noticed open their live stream on PC and cellphone, so even if may show as 1-2 viewers, when in reality its 0 as well.

  3. I kinda agree. I consistently have 1-2 viewers on my streams, and one is my IRL cousin and awesome friend who tunes in for every stream. I absolutely love talking with people, but getting my foot off the ground and getting noticed is very difficult

  4. I like to randomly lurk around 0-50 viewer chats often but never talk. I feel like a piece of shit because I know ill dip in like 5-30 minutes and starting a conversation only to be forced to either dip without saying anything or say cya. Its a weird feeling.

  5. It really depends on the streamer. Some recognize that you are just skipping around and respond in a way that makes it clear they aren't expecting you to stick around or even follow them. Then there are others that are overly excited for you to be there and start asking you questions that make you feel like you have to stay and respond. Whether the latter streamers realize it or not, that makes new viewers not enjoy the stream and just look for an escape with no expectation of returning later.

  6. I am sometimes afraid to click on instagram lives because I know there would only be a few people watching and I feel weird about not wanting to say anything

  7. I feel this a lot. It is a bit of a feedback loop on my end where I just do not chat. And if I can only stick around for a short time I just do not say anything and exit quietly. Lurking is nice and all but I always feel a bit bad for not at least saying hi but I am not really social all the time.

  8. It's really not a problem mate, I stream occasionally and I'm fine with viewers coming and going. In my mind every viewer has the freedom to chat and leave whenever they wish, even if they don't say bye or anything it's not taken personally at all - in fact I do the same sometimes, people sometimes just wanna skip around like they did on TV in the before times. I'll just keep talking to myself (which I honestly do when I'm by myself anyway) so it's gucci bb.

  9. I have this friend who streams and I genuinely enjoy watching him, but I always feel like chatting starts a commitment. He'll keep talking straight at me on stream and it means that if I don't respond other viewers will also be in that awkward situation where a streamer is obviously talking to no-one.

  10. It should probably grab streams that have been live for like 10 minutes to avoid accidently grabbing people who just started but pull a lot of streamers shortly after

  11. I'm gonna say this to anyone who wants to do good this way, do not follow/sub for pity, the ideal situation is you find someone you like their content this way but losing that 1 viewer is probably worse for a streamer than not getting any.

  12. As much as I think this sentiment is nice, the 50 follower grind for affiliate means a lot of new streamers will absolutely take the pity follow

  13. But the reddit post about a kid getting 10k subs! And the follow up that no one sees asking why his sub/view ratio is so bad. Sad, really. Let people earn things.

  14. Reminds me of a streamer who was into Sonic The Hedgehog and was being bullied for their physical appearance. I believe Mizkif found them and helped them get a new PC to stream from and they had hundreds of viewers come from his channel - now they average 2-3 views. It's honestly depressing to look at.

  15. Mmm I’d venture to say a good majority of streamers probably have two monitors or, at the very least, open their stream dashboard on their phone

  16. You twitter tweeted a streamer with no views 8mins ago, when I checked on that streamer, she just started streaming 9 mins ago, she has around 50 viewers and 2k followers, you cant tweet out a streamer has no views when they literally just started streaming.

  17. The power dynamic between viewer and streamer is so fucking weird and posts and comments like these continue to remind me why.

  18. I like the idea of this but i would try to tweet out low viewer streamers who have been streaming a long time. Don't see the point of promoting a guy who just decided throw up a stream for his friends to watch.

  19. I used to do this. I’d drop in and chat for a bit and maybe gift a sub to someone else that pops in who seems like a long-time viewer.

  20. Had a dude go down first in Apex. Almost clinched a 1v3 to try and save him. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out.

  21. imajustabush and the leader of BushLand. I speak on behalf of the 0-5 viewer Andys. Thank you… you sir or ma’am are doing gods work.

  22. I regularly stream to 0 viewers. I'm not lonely, I just like to do it and maybe clip some of my gameplay when crazy shizz happens.

  23. This is so fun to do. Small streamers often get so happy when they see someone appearing in their chat who actually speaks and just doesn't lurk around. I've made a couple of good friends that I chat with offstream as well this way.

  24. It's very hard to get noticed on Twitch, you need to do something that will get you noticed and shared by others in order to grow

  25. When noone I wanted to see was on I would always use the random button, even if it still existed the preroll adds would kill any desire to use it and find new people

  26. I have around 30 viewers average and I'm apparently in the top 0.4%, definitely a top heavy market

  27. as someone who has always had to do dumb shit involving wearing a suit and drinking wine while playing Resident evil Village just to go from 3 viewers (some friends) to 25 and then dropping down to 0 after it because I can't do anything else as wild or funny. it feels great to talk to someone that I don't know.

  28. guess i'll talk to some of you soon, lmao. twitch has always just been a video journal to me, i discuss the "Content Creator" related things but only because i literally cant escape that shit. like i made my own meme from my dashboard because it says "congratulations! you got 1 new follower this month!"

  29. Being someone's only viewer can be a really fun experience. But I don't really bother looking for that much because in my experience seldom do people come back regularly. So many go live three or four times and sitting on the bottom of the pile is too boring for them, and they never go live again.

  30. I see someone who was tweeted who has 60 viewers rn and seems to have a healthy amount of followers. You probably want the bot to wait for someone who has streamed for at least 5 minutes before tweeting their account

  31. no, I have not set that up, but we try and get people who have been streaming for more than 10 minutes. People with a lot of followers will get a few viewers and that should avoid them being picked

  32. reading the comments i see a lot of people really enjoy tuning into low viewer streams... idk if self promo is allowed but feel free to hop in the stream some time lol.. me and my 2 viewers would love to meet ya! rn im playing through Dying Light 2, and i have links turned on so send me some funny vids to watch! (link in bio) <3

  33. The pfp you're using is pretty similar to AhRelevant's (popular political streamer), which he has been using for several years now. If you haven't gotten permission from him, please make sure to reach out to him ASAP and make sure he's okay with it. It's the decent thing to do, I'm sure you'd agree. Thanks and awesome bot!

  34. I disagree, the purpose of this Twitter is related to 0 viewers, that streamer has that profile picture as a joke, it is also a well known emote, OP doesn't have to ask for permission.

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