Get a super close hotel or save the money? Kinda curious if the Congress is actually haunted lol

  1. I stayed decently far away from the fest (30+ minutes) for years and never minded it - the public transportation in Chicago is reliable enough and there's always lyft/uber if you're in more of a hurry or have extra cash to spare.

  2. Worried the Uber/public transportation situation might be a little impossible when everyone’s leaving at the end of the night. How was the HI?

  3. I stay at HI Hostel and save a tonnnn of money, but you also have to be okay with bunk dorm style rooms for the cheapest option. Since i’m basically there to sleep and get ready for the day i think it’s perfect for me.

  4. I traditionally get an AirBnB in a neighborhood I want to hang out in while not in the festival and just take the train in.

  5. Last time I stayed in the "Heart of Chicago" neighborhood (near the Mexican Art Museum) and took the worth it. It's easy to figure out and Ubers were so expensive that it wasn't worth the money I could've spent on merch and food.

  6. I mean one time when I stayed there a lightbulb flickered for awhile and then stopped working, but I chock that up to the building being old as hell lol

  7. From my experience it’s def nice to be close. Having to trek on a train or bus or whatever after long & hot days sucks

  8. I stayed at the Hilton which was a 10 min walk. It was absolutely amazing because some of the group would go back and others would stay in the park. I liked being close a lot.

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