1. Isn't targeting inflammation just addressing a symptom? As long as the spike protein remains won't the inflammation continue? Or am I oversimplifying the entire pathophysiology...

  2. Can I ask how melatonin helps? I take it regularly but very small doses as it tends to knock me about the next day. I take 1.5mg at night and sleep better than without. I find my symptoms are a little better the next day.


  4. "The pathophysiology consists of any initiating event that causes an increase in acetylcholine release that will enhance depolarization at postjunctional membrane of muscle fibers. This causes a muscle contraction due to the increased release of calcium. As the same inciting event recurs, there is a continuous contracture of sarcomeres which forms a trigger point. It is also believed that the repetitive stimulation induces a sense of hypoxia within the muscle, which causes sensitization of nociceptors [4,5]. As evident by the traumatic nature of the disease, severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) has been found to have intermediate and long-term effects on fatigue, respiratory function and carditis. The pain-related symptoms including myalgia and arthalgias account for 36% in a recent study [6]. Along with these symptoms, it also has been shown to cause lower limb weakness due to possible sclerosis or hypoxia [7,8]."

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