Update: 95% recovered, list of INEXPENSIVE treatments

  1. Just pointing out that in the USA chlorphenamine is spelled chlorpheniramine, in case you're looking for it in a pharmacy. My store sells it OTC for about 4 dollars for 100 tabs.

  2. Wow that’s an amazing amount of research.It’s so tough to know what direction to go because I’ve spent so much on so many different things.I’m starting patterson protocol next week hoping it helps.Main symptoms are extreme fatigue and SOB.Thanks so much for taking the time to post all this info and I’m so happy your recovering well.

  3. I do think Patterson is on the right track and just chose a different antiviral. We want ________ potent antiviral + the support supplements (foundation) + neuro specific

  4. It definitely wasn't time, after 2 years things were only getting worse. It also wasn't just supplements, it was key medication + key support supplements

  5. https://labblog.uofmhealth.org/lab-notes/rogue-antibodies-make-cells-sticky-to-trigger-blood-clots-covid-19-patients#:~:text=The%20finding%20brings%20researchers%20closer,in%20severe%20COVID%2D19%20patients.&text=Scientists%20have%20discovered%20that%20%E2%80%9Crogue,lose%20their%20resistance%20to%20clotting

  6. Thank you for these recommendations and taking the time to share them. I also appreciate the words of encouragement! As far as staying active, were you pacing at a consistent level of activity or were you incrementally increasing activity very gradually. I credit the fact that I am around 100 days into this (not sure if I will be mid haul or long haul) and have not suffered a major crash because I followed fellow LH Redditors' advice to rest up - Extreme Rest. If I did overdo it a little, I'd feel sleepy and lay on the couch but later in the day or the next I feel recovered. Thankfully due to that, I have not developed day-long fatigue that is either annoying or debilitating. I walk my dog and take him to the dog park (I thank God for him, he helps my state of mind!). That is widely spread out over the day so in the end my watch tells me I walk 2 miles a day doing that along with walking in the house. I am a runner and of course have not been able to run with this and also do HITT workouts and traditional weightlifting when I am "normal." A pulmonologist (not that he knows anything) told me that he thought the virus ate muscle leading to weakness and doing some light weights in limited fashion makes sense but have not tried that. Thanks again.

  7. Chlorphenamine was by far the game changer. It relieved the pressure which in my case wrapped all the way around my chest into my neck and back. I could finally breathe all the way in. I don't have the words to describe the tightness, but the relief was incredible. Many others are getting the same relief (always within the first few days).

  8. Congrats on your recovery! Can you share how long you were bedridden for? Also, at what point in your long haul?

  9. VERY roughly 2 to 3 months due to the debilitating bilateral foot pain. There are no words for the excruciating pain. It was HELL and also a BLUR, especially upon losing a job that I really needed.

  10. You lost 2 teeth?? Which teeth were they? I've also been having teeth issues. My front, middle, and near back teeth no longer make contact when I bite down. Shit's freaky.

  11. I'd reduce to 1 meal a day, Pepcid for sure, any basic probiotic, cook all veggies, consider "alkaline diet" or similar.... the effective diets are the super boring ones example:

  12. Curious on your take about whether normal potassium, sodium, magnesium levels based on blood tests mean that further supplementing is not recommended. Are these nutrient levels in the blood fully available to other tissues? I've read speculation that there may be dysfunction at a cellular level uptaking these nutrients and blood oxygen at the destination tissues. Like, they're in the blood, theres just not reaching their destination so to speak.

  13. My levels tested fine but I still do a daily electrolyte drink with potassium + magnesium + sodium + vit c and it’s absolutely helped my gi and dehydration issues. Wouldn’t take them separately unless I wanted to try process of elimination

  14. I was lucky to find your thread. I've decided to give you an award, which hopefully is now showing as a coin gift in your account (let me know if not). But not because I've ever had LC. Let me explain.

  15. Great post. My one comment/quibble is about the Pepcid and alkaline environment for the gut recommendation. The gut needs an acidic environment to properly absorb B12, which is something that I have targeted for many reasons. One is that I have pernicious anemia, which is an autoimmune disease of the parietal cells responsible for its absorption. Pepcid creates an environment that is ideal for developing PA. Great job, though. Just not sure how many people even know about this since it's a pretty rare condition overall

  16. My remaining symptom is pots tachycardia upon standing I never had before. So what exactly do you recommend for this? I got lost in the text. I take 1 liquid iv first thing I. The morning and then supplements, follow antihistamine diet as some foods I noticed triggered tachycardia for two hours and take Zyrtec and pepcid twice a day.

  17. Update: Everything above still applies, with even MORE emphasis on Chlorphenamine and Agmatine Sulfate. Agmatine has the same mechanism as LDN and Memantine. As recovery goes well, even MORE emphasis on berberine (with meals) to battle altered glucose metabolism (pre-diabetes aka some symptoms of diabetes but no diagnosis)

  18. Would you say chlorphenamine is THE thing to try if brain fog and fatigue are the worst symptoms by far? Would you say that's what everyone should try first, even on its own?

  19. Are you still using chlorphenamine and what are your thoughts on it as an anticloreginic? I am reading conflicting theories on the acetylcholine mechanism, some reckon not enough is present.

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