How did you and your SO start dating?

  1. We met online in 2006. He found me from his "musical neighbours", liked the nick and avatar and found out I am located to Finland by checking my profile. Then he asked if I could recommend him some music "that locals like". We replied and we kept talking over messages, on friendly basis, transferred to emails as character limits (10000 characters, I recall) started to annoy us and 2.5 weeks after his message I made him snort his morning coffee by telling in an email him that I loved him. To my surprise he loved me back. After 2.5 weeks. (We were 26 and 38, so not a teen crush.)

  2. He matched me on Tinder late at night. The next morning I messaged him. We hit it off so well that I canceled my other Tinder date and met him that very same day. We drove around the city for 7 hours. I dropped him back off at his hotel, and later that night while texting we agreed to be exclusive. Best feeling in the world. Unfortunately, he was only there on business, and was leaving the next day for another city. That was the first and last time we met. That was back in June. He’s from Indonesia, and I live in the Boston area. He plans on visiting for work again in November, and I can’t wait to see my boy again. We have such a close and intimate relationship. I could never have wished for something as good as this ❤️

  3. We met on discord on a mock government. Some drama went down and we all left that server for another and he was kind. We eventually got to talking more, calling daily, until one day we started sending one another wholesome memes and it became this challenge of who can send the most. We did this for days until the memes changed from friendship, to testing the waters, to eventual romance and "I love you" wholesome memes. After some time of this, flirting and teasing over calls, one of our friend asked us if we’d just finally date, and we talked and agreed that we had feelings for one another and wanted to date. Some short time later we revealed to one another how we looked, our full names, and the relationship became a lot more serious and it was very lovely. That all happened more than a year ago and we’ve been together, since. I love him very much. ❤️

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