Homeschooling is the only option.

  1. How on earth can people think this is normal? The commies must be giddy; they were definitely playing the long game by infiltrating every level of education and slowly normalizing degeneracy to collapse the west. They've turned our society into a cesspool right under our noses.

  2. What's crazy is the boat is driving itself. The communists infiltrated, but then the USSR fell, so who's stearing the boat? No one, it's literally ran off with itself, with no goal in mind. People are just engaging at this point in learned behavior. (Second generation flea in a jar problem)

  3. Which is so funny to me, as the socialists practiced the complete opposite when they were in power. East germany as an example.

  4. Bold move. Why you asking my kids shit anything about sexuality? Ima be honest lil homie, ain’t fuck all gunna keep you safe, including your ‘classroom’, when the wrong father gets a hold of that ass. Gtfo with that shit. And go buy some fucking adult clothes.

  5. His clothes are fucking painted on him lol... He must have put them on 5 years ago and forgot to change, otherwise I don't even see how you can put on stuff that tight

  6. Homeschool while pushing for school of choice with voucher system so we can eventually have a dual school system. As is there is a zero percent chance I’ll put my son in public school.

  7. I make less than $100k household income but my wife and I are willing to pay $1,000 a month to put our daughter in private school because of this. We live in Portland (right now, probably going to move a couple towns over in a couple years) and I do alarm response and patrols for Portland public schools. I cannot believe the shit I see on the walls and classroom doors of those public schools. One time I saw a poster that said “Fourth grade gender and sexuality club 🌈”. My jaw dropped and I decided to go private school all the way

  8. Yes, the vouchers would be a game changer. Another one would be a state fight to stop the state from micromanaging school policies.

  9. I’m struggling with that decision right now, I refuse to put my kids into the public school system, the teachers are so fucking predatory.

  10. If you don't think you can pull off home schooling, look into co-op home schooling and see if you have a group in your area.

  11. Honestly it’s shit like this that makes me want to be a teacher less and less, fucking deranged psychos. Teachers don’t need to know about their pronouns and sexuality, school should be a safe place, as well as teachers should be there for a student if they need help. But this shit is ridiculous.

  12. I hear ya. My daughter is an only child and I think the social aspects of school are very important so I sent her. I had to deprogram her after school every day, but she made lifelong friends, got to be a cheerleader, go on field trips, to school dances, etc. For me, the way to fight this is for the parents to unite against it. I'm seeing more and more of them do that, and we have to keep at it even though they're trying to call us terrorists etc. They do that because they're afraid of us. Let's show them that they ought to be. We're paying for these schools. Why should they get to do this stuff?

  13. Homeschool- better education, no school shootings (except during firearm safety class), bullying is addressed by the teacher, no sexual predators, critical thinking, and the teacher sleeping with the principal is no big deal. Wins all the way around.

  14. The left is trying to make it appropriate because sexualizing kids at an early age is part of the communist agenda. The goal here is making morality ambiguous and subjective. If no one can tell right from wrong anymore, it becomes easier for the state to dictate what’s right and wrong as the state sees fit. Moral relativity enables perversion of freedom.

  15. Because hes a public school teacher. Public school teachers trying to fuck minors under their influence is one of the most prevalent and commonly looked past crisis in our country. Every knows about the Catholic Church or Scientooogy, but no one is saying shit about public school system.

  16. WTF? No one's damn business, especially a teacher, what your sexuality is unless you're trying to fuck them. Like when is that EVER appropriate to tell a teacher?

  17. These people are sick. Why on earth are you wanting minors to talk about their sexuality and gender identity with you? I was hesitant with using "Grooming" when some people started because I felt like it took things too far but I'm there now. We have a bunch of teachers grooming kids.

  18. He’s supposed to be a safe space for children? He legit looks like he’s posing for grinder. And he’s in a classroom with kids. Wtf is going on these days wow

  19. People need to start treating the use of the word "gay" or anything relating to sexual preference as though someone is literally walking into a room/up to people & saying "I PREFER TO PUT MY PENIS INTO BUTTHOLES OF OTHER MEN!" Because that's exactly what it means & you don't see straight people going around telling people where they prefer to put their genitals.

  20. The schools are great in my small conservative town. My kids have had a teacher or two that tried to teach them about BLM or transgenderism but for the most part their teachers are mostly conservative. It really depends on where you live

  21. I dunno...I grew up in the 90's in a heavily conservative community in the south and we had weird shit all throughout school. From our 3rd grade teacher grooming and having sex with middle school aged dudes (I remember on Mondays she would come in and tell us about the dates she had over the weekend and even thinking that was odd) to our D.A.R.E. officer, who was an actual cop (I don't know if that was standard), trading coke for handjobs to cheerleaders. All were the outwardly "I'm a God fearin' family man/woman"...especially the high school football coach who had team members over for alcohol parties and who knows what else.. That hypocrisy drove me away from wanting to be a part of any congregation and anytime someone is outwardly aggressive with how family/God oriented they are it sets off my bullshit alarm.

  22. It's a weird hill to die on when every time you talk you sound like a pedophile. If you're talking to other people's CHILDREN about their sexuality, you are the problem. Full stop.

  23. Wtf is happening? If my kids male teacher says anything to my daughters about sex and their sexual preference, I’ll be going back to prison. Believe that.

  24. Homeschooling is an option for people with the time and resources. Unfortunately, many do not. My advice to these parents is to get to know your kids’ teachers ahead of time. Ask for the curriculum and stay in contact with them throughout the year. In doing so, you’ll be much more likely to spot an issue and be able to address it proactively.

  25. Since when did teachers start shopping for outfits at baby gap? My teachers all dressed very professionally in public school. Then again, they also weren’t sharing their sexual orientation with me either.

  26. God have mercy on the teacher that tries to indoctrinate my kid with this trans-philosophy trash, we're gonna have what's called an "old fashioned Come to Jesus meeting".

  27. So if this kid is gay and he felt comfortable enough to share his sexuality with you, does that give you license to broadcast that information to the entire world?

  28. 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 nope. I'm not sending my child to public school. Currently up in the air about private school. Literally trying to convince my mom to retire early so she can homeschool my daughter. (Shes a teacher-been a teacher for the last 30 years). I just cannot handle this bs. The ONLY thing that holds me back from the whole homeschooling thing is I worry how it will affect her social growth and development. I think school is super important for that aspect. But everything else NOPE. Absolutely NOPE.

  29. I started HS my kids 8 years ago and never regretted it , especially now. It is truly frightening what’s going on.

  30. Sexual fetishizing of children has no place in the public school system! Schools that push this sexual deviancy need to be defunded!! Parents need to Fight back.

  31. "When I create a system that rewards children for approval seeking behavior and use it as a means to groom them"

  32. What's bonkers is that straight male teachers are always treated like potential offenders while the ones doing the grooming don't face any consequences by the government as long as they are from the Rainbow gang

  33. We live in a fucking clown world. Never let your kid/s around these people. Claiming oppression to justify their sick perverse agenda apparently gets you ahead in Brandon’s America.

  34. Holy shit. What a fucking creepy, twisted person this is. When I was growing up, this weirdo would've been run out of town for saying this. There were a lot of rumors of sexual predators but they always seemed to disappear. We need to go back to a time like that. A time when creepy, disgusting predators were made to disappear if they even looked at a kid funny. Nowadays, these same predators teach our children. This has to stop.

  35. I wonder if they'd be so "loving and accepting" if their students said they love their country and think sexuality should be discussed w/ parents, not some gay teacher.

  36. "Hey kiddo! You've shared your pronouns with me so now I'm going to show you what those pronouns do with my pronouns.". This guy looks like a creepy raper. He's the type of teacher that dresses to attract his students.

  37. This is why pedos become teachers or other professions that brings them close to children because they want to be close to children to groom them and then molest them

  38. I used to dress like this... Tight polo, obnoxious glasses, gelled hair. No one told me I looked like got damn tool. I eventually grew up and stopped trying so hard.

  39. this pedo turned off the comments for this tiktok post. he teaches in los angeles can anyone get his school name? tiktok bio says hes a middle school english teacher in la

  40. As a high school teacher, I don't celebrate them when they share their sexuality with me because that's none of my business. I'm an adult; it's not appropriate nor relevant for me to care about who they are attracted to.

  41. So glad that we have a Catholic school board here in Ontario, Canada. Our public schools are just as insane but so far my kids in Catholic school are getting a normal childhood education with none of this insane crap.

  42. That is an incomplete sentence, but I imagine it goes something like " long as they're male I'll put my dick in them." Teachers, please keeps your dicks out of our kids.

  43. This is the exact same tactic the left used for defund the police. Pick out some of the bad ones and say the whole system is broke. It's far from perfect, but there are a lot of good teachers out there too in public schools. Id bet most of us went to public schools. I did. I had good teachers and definitely had some bad ones too. Finding one bad one online does not make me think homeschooling is the only option.

  44. If you ask a liberal if they would be OK with the lizard man (the guy that's tated up and cut his tuoung) if they would be fine if he became a teacher they tend to clam up and say it's not the same thing.

  45. put them in Catholic school not homeschool. You want them to be in a social environment from very young and around normal people

  46. This is what happens when you allow pedophiles to teach at school. One’s sexuality like religion should be left at home, not in the classroom. No issues teach biology & real science but this woke nonsense has allowed predators to thrive in our communities.

  47. Hearing the old timers in my area talk about logging parties back in day with folks like this used to seem archaic and barbaric. Now that I'm an adult with children of my own, I get it somewhat.

  48. Delusion secluded is delusion that doesn't spread easy. Delusion indoctrinated is how you throw away millions of years of evolution.

  49. I chose a local Christian school for both of mine. Got them out before the freshman year and it’s been the best decision I could have made. If that option wouldn’t have been available a co-op or home school would have been the next choice.

  50. Stop talking to k-12 kids about their sexuality and pronouns in school as quickly as possible and inform the parents. That's the only way.

  51. That's the most punchable human I've seen in a while. I like how he's trying to frame it like he's coming from a place of decency, yet poses with a seductive expression and body language while talking about children and their sexuality. Fucking vermin.

  52. Is it just me, or is that a chick? Hard to tell sometimes from a picture, but that appears to be a woman. No bulge in the jeans, narrow shoulders, no apparent Adam's apple, which you would normally see clearly on a skinny guy, looks like wrapping/binding under the shirt to flatten the chest. Muscle structure looks feminine as well. Defined but without bulk and no traps.

  53. I dont think the pronouns are the problem, its the fact that society thinks its okay to teach this shit BEFORE HIGHSCHOOL. Teenagers know somewhat what theyre doing but kids are fucking clueless. A kid should not be told about sex and gender before AT LEAST grade 8.

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