What is a great restaurant that the average Louisville local probably has not heard of?

  1. ‘European Bakery’. Bosnians are some of my favorite Europeans. They have a damn good donner kebab for the price and the fries are good. They have imported drinks, sweets, fresh baked bread, lunch, dinner… There is a cola from Bosnia called ‘Cockta’. If I made an ad for ‘Cockta’ it would be like ‘Pop a Cockta in your mouth now!’

  2. Well said, from Beuchel to Iroquois between the Watterson and Snyder are dozens and dozens of great little places. I can waste half an hour on Google Maps browsing for lunch.

  3. It is called Lee's Korean Restraunt if we are thinking of the same place? Off Newburg rd in some random office building? Thats place is awesome. Went there for the first time a week or two ago and left a nice review on google. The hot stone bowl meal was so good! I had an experience in Colorado similar to this. Was an amazing Pho place just in some random hotel that was adored by locals but if you drive by or visit you probably wouldn't even think to go in.

  4. My in-laws moved to Indy about 10 years ago and my FIL missed Luigi’s so much that he tried to get us to have them cater our wedding lol. I’ve only been there once or twice, but it’s a damn good slice.

  5. Cottage Cafe on Main St in Middletown. It is a lunch place. The food is excellent. The people who work their are wonderful. And they have the best desserts in town. Seriously, they have these cakes that are crazy and they give you a huge slice. A great little place.

  6. Barcelona Bistro is one of my favs- as good or better than many places in Spain. broad menu, item are well done, and service is great. In Jeffersontown KY

  7. Las Gorditas or Tacos El Titi food truck (although it may be in the know solely from the fact that I harp on them so much)

  8. Peking Bistro Express (off Dutchmans) is the best Chinese food I've ever had, it's not even close. They specialize in Sichuan, but even their American-Chinese cuisine is stellar.

  9. Their beef noodle soup is really good and enormous. Enough for 2-3 people! The broth was so rich and full of noodles / bokchoi / beef I actually had to ADD water to it. I have heard to stick to the authentic menu. The photos I've seen of the american chinese dishes didn't look all that good.

  10. Maira Mediterranean restaurant. 4th and Cardinal. Used to eat there every time I did my laundry. Food is quick, consistent, quality, and the price/portion is fantastic.

  11. KATHMANDU KITCHEN….it has taken over the top spot for me…Nepali cuisine, although there is a lot of Indian crossover, and their Indian dishes are better than at the Indian restaurants….

  12. Tokyo sushi near holiday manor. The best and freshest sushi in Louisville, hands down. Also very good service. It’s in a strip mall so an unassuming location, but it’s absolutely amazing. It’s small inside and has an intimate feel.

  13. District 6 in St. Matthews has amazing food- it’s a pho/Vietnamese style set up and it tastes so fresh and authentic. Their decor and bathrooms are super cool too.

  14. The Headquarters BBQ truck. I haven’t seen it around during the winter but come spring, boooooy that’s the best bbq I have ever had. If you get there early enough, you can get the desserts too (they sell out fast). The brisket is melt in your mouth, and it’s seasoned so well you can eat it without sauce. But the sauce is also excellent. All the sides are perfection, and it’s the first place where I’ve had bbq nachos and thoroughly enjoyed them.

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