A disturbing question about Beyond The Aquila Rift

  1. Probably not. At the end he wakes up in his sleeping pod, implying he hadn't moved from there. It was all mental. Also he's standing up when he confronts Greta and then wakes up from a laying position, further implying some sort of hyperrealistic dream.

  2. Hmmm... I wonder if this is explained in the novel on which it is based? I haven’t read it myself. But someone who has hopefully will come along and answer. I thought it was a simulation projected to his mind.

  3. You are correct. It was all a simulation projected into his mind by this benevolent alien creature. That's the really interesting part of the story (although the visuals this adaptation provided, like Thom's emaciated body and horrified eyes, REALLY punched the story up quite a bit and made it look fabulous); we've seen aliens as invaders and enemies and had the occasional friendly ET or Roger on OUR territory (Earth) but we've not often seen an alien who is horrific to our own eyes but wants nothing more than to help humans, in this case by easing the passing of the people who get stranded in her nest, all due to a legitimate routing error with the syntax codes used on the ships. The surge points and the method of hyper travel are something alien and still somewhat misunderstood by humanity and it's implied early in the story that Ark Angel loses a certain percentage of ships and pilots to some destination unknown, even if most crews (like Thom's) treat those stories more as rumor than fact. But "Greta" is never shown to be any kind of malicious or harmful towards the people she encounters. If anything, it seems she and the smaller alien bugs subsist off of the materials the ships are made from. She really wasn't lying about wanting to help him.

  4. The implication in the written story is that it wasn't physical, doesn't make it much less disturbing IMO but it's more or less directly stated that the Awful Greta Monster was just manipulating his mind from the shadows.

  5. It was literally stated that Greta actually wasn't an awful monster and she truly felt sorry for humans who got lost in space and was just trying to give them the best life they could hope to have now that they've ended fucked in a situation where they can never return to human space.

  6. At 5:33 if you look thru the glass you can see her "legs" as they are sitting on the couch. I think this means Greta can sometimes have the simulation also be moving around IRL. The body reveal was also interestingly positioned. Her "face" is probably where a vagina would be... Just saying... And remember when she pours the beer all over herself? In the reveal it looks like there are parts of her that are "wet." Maybe it's a symbiotic or parasitic relationship? Her simulation is keeping "lost souls" calm and alive while they are "feeding" her sustenance thru sexy time

  7. Good job noticing the legs! I didn’t even see that. Idk about the rest of what u said, but u found a pretty nice bit of foreshadowing.

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