30 seconds of Greta

  1. I can’t believe it 😂 they went and took Greta from ❤️💀🤖 and made her into a real thing! 🤣

  2. I don't fucking care that she was a spider. Damn she just was sooooo hot. The ideal portray of a space-cyber woman.

  3. I wonder what the other crew was like? Did they have fantasy of their old flames coming back? What if she snags a bunch of say...Klingons?

  4. The “spider nest” is in a completely different galaxy where some routing error in the ancient technology randomly sends ships once in a while. Greta’s ship was the first to arrive with self-sustaining tech, and she and her surviving crew (those that didn’t commit suicide) set up a colony for other “lost souls” who can never return home. She eases them into their new life to cut down on the suicides many contemplate.

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