What is the best, most critically acclaimed LDR episode of all time and why is it Beyond The Aquila Rift?

  1. The short story by Alastair Reynolds that this is based off is a really good read as well. There is also a compilation of short stories called "Beyond the Aquila Rift the best of Alastair Reynolds" includes this story as well as Zima Blue.

  2. Fully agree. Scary in its implications for runaway population growth. Funny I just realized what the Pop in Pop Squad means. I was thinking it was just about popping a cap in those kids. Duh.

  3. Unpopular opinion: beyond the aquila rift is overrated. Ok, yea, it has a sex scene i get it. But the outcome didnt exactly shake me as it was supposed to, since sth was off since the beginning. Animation was very well executed but realism is sth that might take a lot of time and effort, but theres barely anything unique to it.

  4. I dislike protracted sex scenes lol, so that's a point against it for me. But that element aside, I loved it on first watch -- 2nd for me in s01 after Zima Blue, I think -- but I felt it didn't really hold up as well on rewatch. The twist really makes it imo, but in a way where it's not as good the second time.

  5. I agree, i think beyond the aquila rift is good, but in a way it’s also kind of basic. It has a twist, but it’s not like a twist like that has never been done before in sci-fi. It’s very realistic in its art style and that is impressive, but not exactly blowing my mind with its creativity

  6. I’m personally fond of the drowned giant. I understand the author originally had a beached whale in mind but I think it works just as well for pop culture. New Thing is released People are in awe People are climbing all over it to examine it New Thing is getting old and only die hard fans are still on it New Thing is dissected cut up and the ideas re used

  7. My new favorite is Ice. It's just so cool [pun intended]. But seriously, wouldn't you like to know more about the rest of that world and other planets colonized like that one. Also it blows my mind that mods are that common that they allow regular kids and other poor people to just be modded to live in harsh conditions like that. Thought it was fairly one dimensional at first and then...boom. Mind blown. Also it's got to be one of the most beautiful animated shorts ever stylistically.

  8. Because it had to take a genius to think of that storyline. Same goes with almost all episodes from season one. That genius seemed to have not be present when making volume two.

  9. I think people take The Witness too literally. The director said it's more of an allegory about a dysfunctional couple.

  10. For me it was secret war, I just got to watching the show and Secret War was the episode I would see clips and edits from time to time on various social media platforms, and it always got me saying, “man where is this from I gotta match it.”

  11. It's telling that two of the best episodes from the show have been adaptations of Alistair Reynolds.

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