Season 2 Episode 2 Discussion Thread

  1. I'm surprised that as an Indian woman Deepti isn't a bit more apprehensive of a machismo Indian man because there can be a lot of toxic masculinity in the Indian culture (saying this as an Indian woman). It was interesting to see a different side of him this episode, but he was awful in Ep1 and aside from the body insecurity conversation there didn't seem to be much of a connection between then besides similar backgrounds. But hopefully trying something different for both of them will work out!

  2. Ugh I’m an Indian woman too and I can already tell she is waaaay more emotionally mature then him :/ i could be projecting bc I’ve dated guys like shake (down to even the DJ part LOL) thinking he we would change but the insecurity always creeped up!

  3. I can't fathom why she said yes to the proposal. Pressure maybe? But the faces she was making, practically cringing. Not the look of someone in love or even remotely happy. So hard to watch honestly. Dude deserves better. 😬😬😬

  4. My wife is religious and I am not and we both were cringing so hard at that. They both said the worst things and are way too defensive to survive together lol

  5. I like Kyle... But if a man told me I wanna marry you because I want to marry someone like my mother.. No matter how wlel meaning.. I'd run lol

  6. Kyle is giving me too many Mark flashbacks, and not in a good way. At this point i’m betting that they are gonna be the Mark and Jessica of the season.

  7. Whaaat?! I can’t believe Shaina said yes! The faces she was making were not the faces of someone who is in love or excited to get married

  8. She's this seasons Jessica for sure- messy, more into someone other than who she says yes to, reluctantly engaged.

  9. I’m only on episode two but I have a feeling that when they get to Mexico, Shane will be more into Shaina than Natalie.

  10. She was about to put the ring back on the seat right before she said yes. My theory is that Shayne and Shaina had their conversation before each of them talked to Kyle and Natalie, and they went into those conversations in their feelings. The producers just edited them in different order.

  11. also the way she was like oh you need to keep this conversation between us. It could be editing but that felt very sneaky of her. She doesnt want this convo to go back to Kyle who is 100% her "back up"

  12. This was some producer shit, right?! Shane seemed to think he was going in to speak with Natalie - he launches into his speech and then Shania starts taking….

  13. It looks like it. And this is why I never liked her, she gives religion a bad name too, she was so strongly pushing faith above all and moral compass, except the rules don’t apply to her. Turns around after already accepting Kyle’s mothers ring and confesses her feelings to Shayne. I think Kyle really does like her a lot and she can’t even be honest and is just playing with peoples feelings. Honestly Shane and Shania deserve each other but they need to stop hurting those around them

  14. How is Shane asking “who cares” when asked if he has a girlfriend. Why would he ask someone out (to be exclusive) and then be disappointed when the other person he is talking to doesn’t want to continue??

  15. Right? How did he expect Shiana to be ok to play the role of a side dish. I'm glad she walked away from that. What a dude.

  16. Why when they were playing never have I ever and she said she slept with someone of the same sex, did he not ask if she was bi? He took it more like a fetish saying it was R rated.

  17. This girl doesn’t believe in evolution of the Big Bang theory but we couldn’t keep the real plus size girls ….. pls 💀

  18. Ya and the guy proposing to her even though they both think the others' way of thinking is delusional?! Like they are gonna get into some arguments.

  19. I mean how is that so surprising, most Christians don’t believe in evolution. No let me correct that, a lot of people from different religions don’t believe in evolution.

  20. Shayne obviously subscribes to the Madonna whore complex. Natalie is the woman he would marry, Shaina is the woman he would sleep with. Dude needs to grow up.

  21. "Here's my mother's ring. My mother is religious and I love her. You are religious, so you must be like my mother. I want to marry someone like my mother. Will you marry me?"

  22. I loved the science / religion conversation between Kyle and Shaina because we rarely see that kind of conversation on TV. But girl doesn't believe in evolution?! That would be a quick dealbreaker.

  23. I feel like I learned so much about what we have lived through the last two years in that conversation. “God is science…you’re brainwashed.” Wow, so that’s what we’re up against.

  24. Technically no Christians truly believe in evolution…theirs no monkey evolving theories etc in the Bible just that god made a man and a woman from man.

  25. Honestly, she seems way too insecure IMO. She’s going to need ALOT of validation and that’s not fair to her partner. I’d suggest she goes to therapy.

  26. The shake/deepti meet is not as creepy as I thought because he prefaced it with her before hand. I actually think he was genuinely excited about her. And deepti is GORG.

  27. Omg yes! As a fellow South Asian woman I was cringing because she has lovely features but they've fucked up her skin tone and eyes. You can just tell they don't know how to work with brown skin.

  28. Are the make up artists putting makeup on them? I thought deepti was doing that herself? If the MUA is doing that , that makes it worse, it’s 2022 you should have all shades in your case

  29. Ugh I hate to be this person, but I think she does her own makeup bc her makeup on her Instagram isn’t much better :( she has suuch pretty features so it’s a shame!

  30. Oh Kyle and Shaina are done. Not sure how you overcome that fundamental difference in beliefs. You really shouldn’t have to.

  31. After watching the Kyle proposal, I don't feel bad for him. I mean it is basic knowledge you can't marry someone who has such core difference and Shania even pointed out to him. This chick probably doesn't believe in vaccines and maybe thinks her kids need to be home school.

  32. I agree! I was curious if she was vaccinated for covid and did some Instagram digging and she was in Greece over the summer so I think she would have to be.

  33. I think these little overview/compilation shots of the men and women working out is so unrealistic lol like show me playing on my switch in my sweats on the couch and then that’s realistic

  34. I am watching this alone while my fiance is out of town. And I desperately need to just say that Mallory is fucking gorgeous. I love her.

  35. Omg these girls go crazy for the bare minimum. I'm only in the beginning but why the hell would Natalie take Shayne back? After he literally got mad at her because HE called HER the wrong name? Smh

  36. I genuinely don’t understand why she stuck around when he PHYSICALLY SAID “Shaina? I hope it’s you”; he HOPES it’s someone else! Leaaaaaaaave!

  37. I’m rooting for shake and deepti, I think all his shallow questions about weight and looks were just a defensive mechanism to hide how he feels about himself and I feel like she really sees through him and has compassion which helped him open up. I think they could really work out if they stay true to themselves

  38. I’ll give him credit for doing some introspection and realizing that he was projecting his own insecurities. Not everyone would do that or admit it.

  39. I wonder how much growth he would have been able to do outside of this environment. Being alone, no distractions from the real world and no social media seems to have worked great for him. I really felt like his epiphany was genuine, and the fact that he could be vulnerable and was able to communicate this to Deepti was a relief.

  40. “You make me feel some type of way.” We are just meeting and speed dating… can you tell me exactly how I make you feel, sir?

  41. it’s just crazy to me that other people on the show managed to date multiple people without hurting each other or being so dramatic but shane just .. 😑

  42. Am I the only one who is super disappointed that Mallory doesn’t seem to be interested in Sal anymore? In my opinion they look like a cute couple together and he seems just so nice. And I do think he is good looking. I felt so bad for him that she isn’t attracted to him and that it causes her to have doubts. The way she said „There is nothing wrong him“… ouch

  43. Same… Mallory To me is the typical latina who likes black men in sports or sports athletes.. I’m latina I know the type.. sal is honestly a real man!!! Any woman would be lucky to have him. A man like him especially Mexican one is very very rare

  44. OOF, homegirl doesn’t even believe In evolution, dude! That’s like next tier Christian. Maybe if she was like a science-believing Christian, but best of luck to them. I’d be very surprised if that works out

  45. That’s not even true…Christians believe in evolution. The misinformed ones, don’t. She gives me MAGA right wing vibes so I’m not surprised by her response to this.

  46. It's simultaneously cringey and cute for these people to be declaring their love to each other after a few days. Especially after knowing that some of these relationships could actually be great (Cam and Lauren 😍)

  47. I can’t believe they brought in curvier women but then didn’t follow them at all? Last season they were criticized for only picking attractive fit people. So to throw a few curvy women in the mix and then have them just fade into the background is disappointing. Even if they didn’t click with anyone you could have shown more of those conversations/journey

  48. I reeeeally wanted Shake to end up alone, the way he was superficial from the beginning to the point he met Deepti (grabbing & talking abt her butt) but I am glad he found love.

  49. I would like to vouch for Catholics that learned that evolution IS REAL. 9 years of catholic school over here… we took all the sciences - chem, bio, physics etc. Science is science and we believe in it.

  50. Thank you! I went to catholic school for 8 years and was taught all the sciences as well as religion. And I come from a catholic family - all of them believe in evolution.

  51. Anyone who has been an a relationship with a gas lighter- don’t you get anxious just listening to Shane talk to Natalie? “You don’t need reassurance from me all the time” had me SHOOK. Like if this is the woman you are going to marry you give her that reassurance. He is a trash human.

  52. shake GROSSES me out. Where's the CONSENT??????////// He just grabbed the ass of a girl that he's never seen before, without asking at all- HELL NAH

  53. Shayne is giving Life of the Party Bisexual Boyfriend vibes. In addition to his personality and appearance, I feel like it's further reinforced by his constant "what are you wearing?" questions lol. I don't think it's 💯 bc he's trying to picture Shaina, but because he's genuinely curious and into dressing fashionably. He also looks and talks like one of my old bisexual guy friends, and I swear it's true.

  54. I'm with Iayanna on kissing. It's weird but that's exactly what I think about when sharing any body fluids with a partner. I just think of all the foreign germs lol

  55. Lol. I'm really starting to think that you're a troll. "i'm not a racist, but"?? Come on. We're not all falling for this schtick, are we?

  56. Okay you have GOT to stop bullying Natalie. I'm deleting your comments that keep getting flagged. I think you made your point with why you dislike her so we can keep it civil now.

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