You’re becoming your current Love Nikki avatar for a month.

  1. My avatar is inspired on an oc I made 13 years ago (that oc being me turning into a mega Digimon like in Tamers 🙈), also where my reddit name comes from, so hell yeah, I'd die of joy 😭

  2. Well... there's two dragons that are surrounding me, I look scared as heck, but other than that everything's cool. I get a cute puppy, an outfit that I wished I had irl, and some dope wavy hair

  3. Thrilled that I get the hot guy appearance I’ve already seen wanted, but extremely upset it only lasts one month

  4. I'm frozen I guess??? Because my avatar is a mash-up between Blood Lust and Dark Verdict, and she wears the shortest shorts possible..... on the other hand, the boots are pretty high, so they will keep me warm. and hey, at least i can fly!

  5. Same! I'm mermaid, and forgot the tail - I'm in bikini top, when in my country is early spring, but still very cold XD

  6. I live in Portland, OR so this is basically how I dress anyway minus the ability to balance a bowl on my head. I'm also not usually followed around by horn tooting stuffed animals.

  7. I'm a stunningly cute cat girl holding a fish bag with a giant inflatable Momo behind me! Guess I could deal with it for a month.

  8. I'm "lively" and "cute" but somehow dressed as a clown and I'm on a ball. Hope my balance doesn't fail me and I will be safe from everything other than people looking at me as a psycho or maybe giving some money for my "performance"?

  9. Shoot. While I like "gamer look" I have right now, I'm not sure if I want to continue to wear a sweater dress for a whole month. And do I have to carry my fence with me everywhere as well?

  10. …I try to make my avatar look as much like me as Nikkily possible. It’s hard to do with so very few natural toned red hairstyles or dark black-brown eyed makeups to choose from, to say nothing about the lack of nerdy graphic t-shirts, oversized cardigans, and cat/space/colorblock/ANY leggings…

  11. So I get to become the Angel of Music? Alrighty. The wings might be a bit of a struggle in everyday life though.

  12. My avatar is just a prettier version of real-life me, so I'm pretty happy. The self-esteem hit after a month will be painful though.

  13. I’m sitting next to a piano, reading a book and drinking tea, while the spirit of my cat who is in heaven is next to me, I’m more than happy with that

  14. I'm gonna have so many cats dude. My avatar has got as many cats as I can get in there. I've got one round my neck. I'm holding 3. There's 3 on the floor. Cats.

  15. My avatar is the Wind Warchant and my country is in the war rn so welp I guess it's useful :0 also there is a horse and minding the troubles with gas, I could ride it and also it could help me with the farming :0 also there is a cute hair, I love cute hair :0

  16. Kinda thrilled?? My current avatar is Arataki Itto from Genshin, hopefully I just get the body and fashion sense and not the lack of brain cells 💀

  17. Mine is a mix of my best animated pieces - the archer from True Road paired with techno Ruin moving pieces...basically a goddess of epic ness. I'd love that, yeah. 😁😝❤

  18. I am thrilled, I have my avatar as Medea from the webtoon Your Throne. I'll be super smart, clever, and powerful physically and mentally. But I might have to switch bodies unexpectedly so there's that😂💜

  19. Ecstatic! I'd *love* to be that skinny/fit! I already have my avatar look and dress like me, so I'd still, just.....a more ideal (to me) me.

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