Tony Ferguson opens up on KO loss to Michael Chandler and his Past/Future (Great Interview)

  1. Fuck, wish he did it in his prime. How much farther would he have gone. He already is one of the greatest LWs being his own head coach..

  2. So good to hear him grounded and focused, and more than anything lucid. I want to see some more of that 1st round Tony. He was loose, confident and having fun again with success.

  3. For a long while every Tony interview felt like he was only hearing the negative things people were saying, and none of the positive. In this interview it was nice to hear that he was able to listen to the positive too, and was feeling loved. It’s nice to see him in a good place.

  4. Tony sounds amazing here.. He even said he hadn't been taking his own advice regarding having a proper team/gym behind him, getting in the sparring rounds with fresh bodies and the importance of having a good relationship with your corner, trusting them and listening to them so that you stay safe in there. I never thought I would hear him admit something like that. He talked about having a good team behind him this time and he also mentioned he did his BJJ training with Eddie Bravo.

  5. Good way of saying it, I still remember when Tony was on his run and it felt like he was invincible, the pressure he put on guys was crazy and it felt like he melted everyone

  6. Loving this new mindset and clarity from Tony. He's being more objective and postive than I've ever heard before. Combined with the vesion he showed in the Chandler fight, a version that would have won if not for a perfectly timed front kick from a guy who never throws front kicks, glad to say that for the first time in almost three years, I'm excited for his next fight.

  7. Controversial opinion, he’s not a HOF and if we just put everyone we like in the HOF it will ruin the value of the concept of a HOF.

  8. Tony is a real life meme he actually came out with one of his most coherent interviews after suffering one of the most brutal KOs in UFC history.

  9. Wow. Thank you for sharing this! I love to hear from Tony like this. He's got some real good takes on the Mike fight where I think he's spot on. Very, very interesting to listen to.

  10. Idk if there’s much overlap here but being a tony fan feels so similar to being a Kanye fan lol. I wasn’t even into MMA during his prime but I have grown to love tony so quickly and understand the appeal. Their quality have both dropped recently and coincided with mental health issues that were prob there the whole time. This feeling of oh he sounds so clear here it’s nice to see is very similar to Kanye interviews. Also the shit they say sometimes making no sense and them being a dick but at the same time it being in lovable way because it’s so Kanye/tony to say some shit like that.

  11. He mentions he worked his BJJ with Eddie Bravo for the Chandler fight. I think he’s training with 10th Planet, just that Eddie won’t corner him anymore.

  12. That interview was really weird in how non weird Tony sounded. I dunno maybe Chandler brutally knocking him out like that recircuited his brain lol.

  13. I’m excited for Tony’s future. He showed a lot of good stuff in rd. 1 and also in the lead up sounded clear headed. Let’s go Tony. Even if he ends up losing another few, he could definitely do alot of good work outside the UFC.

  14. listening to tony do interviews is like listening to villains in movies when you know they are off their rocker but they still have a point/make some sense

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