Defense attorneys weigh in on Caine’s chances in court

  1. Yeah, people glazing over this part and saying its ok because it was retaliation make no sense to me. Cain Fucked up bad and is going to pay the price.

  2. Temporary insanity does have precedence though in some cases like this. I don’t know if that defense doesn’t exist anymore, but it used to, so acting like people are making up that possibility is a little misleading. There was a civil war general who murdered someone that banged his wife and he became the first to get off with that defense.

  3. Mm... Cain is a trained fighter. He is unique as compared to most people with legitimate professions. Without thinking, by reflex, when Cain is struck he strikes back twice as hard and fast. Even among people that are wired for that, a trained fighter is unique in that instinct is honed and turned into the source of their income, prestige and social standing. Cain is a 'killer' in the cage, meaning with no state of mind when taking a punch or dishing punishment. When he found about the alleged crime, he felt struck, and was hard and soft wired in a way to go off that few other upstanding citizens - apart from ex military veterans with combat experience - are. The key point here is does Cain represent a threat to bystanders if something happens again. The 7 mile chase and bystanders he struck in pursuit of the counter strike. Cain was in a state of mind that can be observed in other species of primates, like apes, and cats - a sufficiently provoked cat will climb out of its zoo enclosure and hunt you down through the crowd. a sufficiently provoked monkey may wait months before it can break loose of its lab cage, track someone down through a labyrinth of offices, and bite their hand if it thinks one has it coming. We are no different. The point is Cain's case should be considered in light of what kind of responses he has been trained for, paid for, praised for, and owes his standing for as a professional fighter - and how that professional conditioning and programming can be progressively changed through therapy - to give Cain the cognitive tools to step back and keep the train untracked as a circuit break switch.

  4. It's nice to see a professional opinion on the case, but I'm still holding off judgement until Anik comments and tells me the Draftkings odds.

  5. It's a super article, instead of just hearing from ex-fighters that "we'd have all done it in his shoes" as if that's how the law works.

  6. All you have to do is tune in this Thuraday when UFC HoFer DC and Super Bowl Champ Ryan Clark, two Louisiana boys who talk about their love for the sport.

  7. I also need to know if and how many custody battles he's in. Is his father in prison? Does his kid's babysitter have cancer? Is this court battle dedicated to her and her family? Where's Anik?

  8. He’s being honest. What Cain did was stupid. He could have just went box the dudes face off and maybe smacked his dad too. Inside he just fired off into a car. Sad, I knew after he got cut by wwe things would go south but I was expecting Cain in BKFC, not prison.

  9. CTE defense has been used a lot, it’s not particularly strong because the research isn’t conclusive enough

  10. If you plead "insanity" or whatever, that's doesn't get you off. That gets you into a hospital.

  11. Considering you can't prove CTE without a brain sample it'd all just be conjecture, and that doesn't fly in court. Maybe you can get some dementia-type diagnosis but there's no suggestion that was ever in play for Cain

  12. Cain is going to serve most of the rest of his life in jail, let’s not kid ourselves. I sympathize with him and why he did it but it’s still a crime, too.

  13. Seems like the best shot is that prosecutors go for less strict charges so they don’t need a unanimous jury decision.

  14. Think about it though, so you go out there and get your self righteous kill but then your family loses you for decades. So your family suffers twice, that doesn’t make sense to me and that’s why we have a criminal justice system.

  15. Honestly, and I say this sincerely. He should face jail. I think all American prison sentences are too long, for pretty much every crime - But he is absolutely guilty of a crime, and that's that.

  16. The fact he chased a car with two innocent people and ended up shooting one of them is not going to look good for him.

  17. No they wouldn't. The fact is he chased a man on a highway and discharged a firearm into the vehicle intending to kill or seriously injure him. Absent a threat to his safety there's no defense for what he did whether there were others in there or not. That was a stupid, impulsive decision on his part and now his own family has to suffer through it because he couldn't let the justice system do its job.

  18. if he had done EXACTLY what he did EXACTLY as he did it but while the person was alone, not with others, his chances would be comically higher. now they are probably next to none.

  19. At the end if the day, he was still on a road though. If it wasn't the guy's stepdad it could have been some random passerby. It's reckless behavior in any case.

  20. Goddamn I feel bad for Cain and his family but what was his end goal here? So even if he got the right guy and killed him he was ready to accept going to jail for life? Then let his daughter have no dad? He really thought that was the best option? How bout just beat the shit out of him at least you’d only get a few years if not less.

  21. Seriously. People are fucking dumb. Yeah go ahead and try to kill someone and punish your own family more. Just imagine the stress and sadness that family is having put on top of an already terrible time.

  22. Can you imagine being in jail and your new cell mate is fucking CAIN VELASQUEZ? Nobody is fucking with that dude in jail

  23. Prison is packed full of people who are basically animals, this isn’t that crazy of a proposition. Imagine stepping into max and your cellmate is a guy who did a triple murder because some guy at a party called him a bitch ass and while in prison has committed a half dozen other violent crimes.

  24. If the youtube ex-con channels have any validity, nobody is too much of a badass to get fucked with in jail because they will gang up on him. Even if he can take on multiple attackers, he can't have his guard up 100% of the time and they will eventually manage to sneak up on him and jump him. That's why everyone has to join a gang, the best defense is in numbers.

  25. recent JRE with bobby green, the guy bobby came with had some interesting stories (he is also an MMA fighter) and even tho he got messed with, it seemed like the folks in jail started to realize fighting him is a mistake

  26. I can't find the video but I remember seeing footage of a famous boxer who was in prison, some guy just snuck up behind him and hit him in the head with a waffle iron (iirc). Hope Cain gets protective custody because I'm sure there are cons with nothing to lose who'd want to make a name off of him, and they aren't going to fight fair.

  27. I wasn't aware of the details of the case until now. He shot into the truck of Goularte and ended up hitting his father-in-law, who was in the car with him, twice. That's...not good. I can understand going after the culprit and beating the shit out of him but putting other people's lives at risk is a whole different ballgame. Hope Cain doesn't get hit with life in prison but it's obvious he's got to do some amount of time.

  28. Have zero sympathy for him. Obviously what the other guy did was disgusting but Cain was just thinking about himself and making himself feel better and putting other people in harm's way in the process.

  29. This really highlights that mma fighters arent the smartest people out there. Liked him as a fighter but he deserves a minimum of 10 years or this, life if the dude died.

  30. The article mentioned that Cain has used ayahuasca and helped him heal and become a better person, but also attempted to murder a whole family in a car chase. I feel so conflicted with Joe Rogan beliefs now.

  31. You almost always get bond before trial unless the prosecution can prove you are a flight risk or a danger to others. The case hadn’t gone to trial yet and vigilante justice is not okay. Remember he shot a random person attempting to shoot this guy.

  32. We are a long way off that. Case will go to trial probably or Cain will plead guilty to a lesser charge to cut down the time

  33. if I understand the situation correctly, and I'm not a legal professional- the problem with this situation is that cain may have targeted the pedo in the act- but he shot *someone else* that was in the car.

  34. people will not 'look past' a high-speed gunfight in public because a guy was 'very angry' for any reason, lots of people get very angry. knowing the guy was currently being investigated and there's no way it could work implies it was big man posturing that went wrong (obviously), a tragic event, a child's response, paranoid conspiracies with no basis in reality appearing as external agents of persecution, he posts bail, 'they're letting him off', the speed of thought reaches 100 mph, neurosis, can't let go, suddenly snaps and does something insanely stupid and reckless and fucks it up royally, Jorge Masvidal and co. turn up off the assault trials to tell us 'we would have done the same thing', a clown show, big-floppy shoes all round, the idiocy ends with a man in a wig slamming down a hammer and the wrestler never wrestles again.

  35. Just show them the clip of Ngannou breaking Cain with a single punch. The jury will understand. “Clearly your honor this man suffers from brain damage.”

  36. "I shot someone because I have brain damage" doesn't get you off. That just means you can never be trusted in society ever again. Unless you can fix the brain damage somehow.

  37. To say 'there's no defence for I got mad because he hurt someone I really love' is nonsense. Besides that, crimes of passion are a thing

  38. A crim of passion has to happen immediately after finding out what cain did was plan this out so that's defense isn't going to fly

  39. “Crimes of passion” are usually presented as in the moment and Impulsive. Like if you found your wife sleeping with someone else. And in that moment you killed the other person. That’s different then this case.

  40. A “crime of passion” doesn’t forgive a long car chase and putting two bullets in the wrong person.

  41. Your glossing over how Cain Velasquez shot the wrong person twice after engaging them in a lengthy car chase. You don’t get a pass to shoot the wrong person, doesn’t matter what happened to you or your family.

  42. While he may have been morally justified in getting “revenge”, he fucked up in engaging in a high speed chase for 11 miles chasing the car and shooting out the window, as well as shooting the wrong person.

  43. I just found about this. Wow. From the article I read, Mr. Valesquez's legal team argued that as a result of CTE he is not fully responsible in the same way as someone with an undamaged brain under the law. It seems like the Judge made the argument back that regardless of the cause, the central legal question for motion is whether he poses a threat. given the facts at hand, the answer is yes. In fact, the legal team's argument as it stands amounts to - 'Our client is a brain-damaged monster, so he should be free.' Things look bleak.

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