[Official] UFC 276: Adesanya vs. Cannonier - Live Discussion Thread

  1. I wouldn't be as mad if Izzy (or his fans for that matter) just said " I'm gonna out point my opponent, both of us will come out unscathed, but my hand will be raised in the end". Instead he says that he is in the GOAT discussion, that he will show us how great he is, only to give us boring point fights. When was the last time you saw him throw a three hit combo ? The guy just plays it safe, he and his fans love to pretend he is immensely gifted fighter. He may be, but sure as hell haven't seen it.

  2. Why doesn’t volk fight Izzy ? Like Aussie vs NZ it would be great for the sport plus I could grill shrimp all night at the crib

  3. i thought max looked like trash. the max who fought volk the second time would have for sure at least won a round or two last night. he just plodded forward like in their first fight.

  4. Volk just looked too good after round 4 max knew volk was levels above him and max is levels above the other fws. Volk is the fw goat 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐

  5. To what degree did Max look bad because of the heavy combos that Volk landed early? Max looked healthy and extremely hyped but he took heavy damage very early.

  6. Great card man. The main event was anti-climatic. But I can’t wait for Izzy vs pereira. UFC got what it wanted tonight. Highlights for their next big pay-per-view.

  7. Why is everyone down voting? seriously must be gynobender fans your queen with glossy nails won but still down voting someone who is joking come on gynobender fans you can do better than this

  8. Izzy is a beast but that’s bit of an overstatement. Mayweather was calculated with his opponents, he would never move up a division unless he was sure he could beat everyone in that division.

  9. i remember the GSP days and people calling his fights boring.. Izzy getting that same rep but both fighters have a specific game plan and it works for them. it’s the same as Mayweather in boxing.

  10. GSP never came out and talked about how he was going to show the world something they've never seen before. He never pined on about wanting to try out new techniques.

  11. People can hate on Izzy all they want but his job is to win. If jabbing someone for 25 minutes is the best way to guarantee that outcome, that's his opponent's fault.

  12. Thats fine but don't run around like you're the Undertaker and talk all this hype before the fight just to win on points via leg kicks with his massive reach

  13. idk people may disagree but i can't see him defeating pereira, he's not going to be able to take it easy and if he gets overconfident, well we see what happens and what pereira does to guys who think they can just stand with him and take it easy. he's already knocked him out before.

  14. Maybe retire? Or just keep lapping the division. He doesn't have the build to succeed LHW. At least not without sacrificing his speed and agility which would put major holes In his game.

  15. Another run at 205. I love a dominant champion, but once you've run through the challengers, and especially when Rob is picking off whoever he doesn't, I get bored

  16. Had my girlfriend watch Izzy fight for the first time so she would know who the fuck I'm talking about when I rant. Her response to the fight "that shit was fucking boring compared to the last two."

  17. Anyone else here that would have had no idea his walkout was based on the Undertaker if not for this thread and DC?

  18. it's not the craziest thing in the world but i think the venn diagram between mma fans and people who recognize the intro music to one of the top 5 most famous wrestlers from the last 30 years has like a minimum of a 70% overlap

  19. To be fair man it’s not like Jared did much. He didn’t go for the knockout. It’s almost like he was ok with surviving

  20. He's always been cringe on the mic. He's got a knack for saying the wrong thing and making you think he's a weird little boy. And that was before the pearls and french nails and cartoon porn. Back when he was a really exciting fighter, we forgave it. Now it's like, what exactly are we being a fan of here? He has the skills to stunt on anyone and we'd all love to see it again. Maybe Pereira will drag it out of him.

  21. What was Cannonier doing the whole fight ? If Adesanya is gonna point fight and win then it’s on you ( Cannonier) to make them do something different , he should have tried taking him down, trying to pound or submit him below.

  22. Yeah you can be mad at Izzy all you want, but Cannonier should have shown more urgency, especially in the last round when his corner literally told him he was losing.

  23. This was the first card I streamed in a while and let me tell you, it was better quality and I found it within like 30 seconds of googling it.

  24. Izzy won a good decision vs. Gastelum. That was an awesome fight. This wasn't a good one, nor was his last against Whittaker. Lay back and point it from the outside. Both were boring and not worth the time. If all fights were like this, the UFC would go out of business.

  25. It’s amazing that these slopeheaded fucks think this is real but then again all the comments over the last couple years make it so believable.

  26. Swear he didn't have a plan. How many more guys are gonna go in against Izzy with the thought of "yeah I don't think he's actually that good, I'm just gonna wing it".

  27. Honestly this one isn't even his fault. Cannonier basically had no plan other than to swing hard. Izzy cut him to pieces and JCs only answer was to back up and reset, maybe look for a big counter if Izzy kept pressing.

  28. As an actual fan of Derek Brunson I am fucking psyched that he has a very realistic path to the title now. Pereira beats Izzy, he beats Pereira

  29. He was really good tonight but he was tripping for real during the last 2 fights. I love Rogan but his brain is melting really fast because of all the drugs he's taking. He's no CoCo Diaz!!!

  30. That's why you always watch it for free up front and then just mail Dana some cash at the office later if you liked it.

  31. I mean, tbf my main event was Hollway vs Volk and I was actually fairly entertained by my boy Max trying his hardest to get it done and the phenom Volk tuning him up. Some of the other fights were pretty enjoyable too! But yeah, Adesanya won't get my money anymore unless the rest of the card is aces

  32. I genuinely don't think Pereira can get a fun fight out of Izzy. He's just gonna walk forward flat footed looking for the left hook and Izzy is gonna circle away and leg kick him for 5 rounds.

  33. Izzy always has a distinct height and reach advantage in his fights except against washed-up Anderson. I don't think he can get away with exclusively peppering Perreira on the outside.

  34. I still don't understand why people go in flocks to watch Izzy's PPVs. Do people still believe the hype that he spouts?

  35. I'm not saying it's the cleverest thing in the world, but everyone who talks shit about Izzy's Frozen line is missing the "put him on skates" part and that he's talking about Disney on ice. This is ignoring the fact it's just incredibly silly to analyze it in the first place.

  36. I think nobody cares because he's always saying stupid shit. As great as he used to be in the cage, he's always made himself look like an awkward child on the mic.

  37. Why does izzy always have to run? He gets cornered and again runs to the centre and resets, and repeat, also he doesn't start first or take any risks, and when he engages he gets countered. What a boring counter striker. Anderson silva's fights were never as boring as izzy's

  38. Anderson Silva has a very interesting style that lulls people to sleep and then explodes out super aggressively. Also, he didn't take the approach of "I'll win by mastering the rules"

  39. Tricky style to fight against He's so much taller and longer than his opponents and knows how to use it very well. Closing distance is hard since his footwork and awareness are very high level. Also the eyepokes seem more frequent in his last few fights and those nails are dangerous lol

  40. Because it honestly isn't his job to take risks he takes a why take a risk and risk brain damage loss of money and respect and legacy just for some online points

  41. Izzy just isn’t going to risk making mistakes. If the opponent also fights conservatively, it’s gonna look like that.

  42. Exactly. The champ has everything to lose. It's up to the challenger to drive the excitement and put the champ in the position to take risks.

  43. Everyone who says we can't have open scoring because fighters will just cruise should watch this fight.

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