[Official] UFC 276: Adesanya vs. Cannonier - Press Conference & Post-Fight Discussion Thread

  1. Where was Dana for the belts and the post fight press conference? Literally no one gave one on the numbers or anything like that? Why was Dana not there?

  2. I swear Volk could put champions + contenders across 2 or 3 divisions on skates and leave them frozen like Elsa if he really wanted to

  3. After seeing Volk yesterday, maybe TKZ wasn't as washed as we all thought? Hes obviously still not in his prime but the loss to Volk has aged well considering how Max did.

  4. If Izzy beats pereira MW is really going to be in a tough spot. He’s beaten the entire top 5, some of them twice, except for Strickland who’s not going to be top 5 anymore come Monday. And I hate to say it because I’ve been wanting more grapplers in the top 5 but Muniz did not look like a future top 5 guy in his win over hall. He didn’t look bad but just not on Izzy, vettori’s, or whittakers level.

  5. Bisping. Guy had the most sig strikes of any UFC fighter period and had done that without ever knocking a guy out (he had TKO victories but everyone had remained conscious) e.g. literally the most pillow fisted fighter in history according to statistics. When he did knock finally a guy out for the first time it was to become champion.

  6. I think a bigger deal should be made about what volk said about usada waking him up in the middle of the night before his 2nd fight with Max. Sleep is such a huge part of performance and recovery, I’d assume that’s especially true after a weight cut. If that’s when they decide to test someone they should be required to test the opponent at the exact same time. USADA already sucks at their job, doesn’t mean they have to fuck with fighters performances as well.

  7. If magomed ibragimov, the guy who defeated in khabib in sambo, had come to mma and put together a win streak I would’ve been fine with the ufc fast tracking him to khabib.

  8. Are MMA fans the quickest to call someone the GOAT or P4P after every little win streak? I feel like other sports are a little more reasonable when it comes to stuff like that lol

  9. Every sport is like this honestly and it's probably all because Tom Brady actually became the best player in history and then ESPN needed talking points so started making all this GOAT content. They did the same thing with "definition of a dynasty is 3 SB in 4 years" like what? Why do we need this stupid argument?

  10. He doesn’t seem to love fighting enough to fight for a while on a bad losing streak. Im on the same boat with dustin, I think both guys will have a normal retirement.

  11. Why are people shitting on IZZY. This Izzy we saw today looked invincible, and put a lot of pressure. Was one of his most agressive performances. He completely out classed canonnier.

  12. Strickland wasn't supposed to be a favorable matchup though. He can wrestle okay and everyone raves on about his ground game, nothing was stopping him from shooting a takedown and imposing his fight instead of trying to remain on the feet with his clunky-ass style and lack of power against one of the best kickboxers in the world who only needs one shot. His skillset could have beaten Pereira, the problem was with the smoothbrain gameplan

  13. Sean standing in range and getting KO’d seemed like such an obvious ending that I’d actually convinced myself he would ploddingly jab his way to victory to spite me.

  14. I saw a couple of things Cowboy has acted in, he's not bringing any Oscars home but he's fine. With a beard he looks grizzled enough to pull off a stoic tough guy as long as you don't give him a thousand lines that require a lot of range. And the actual fighting skills he's got obviously help with fight scenes and stunts

  15. It's prob the 1st time I'm thinking of putting down a bet for MMA, in favor of Pereia against Izzy. He's legit scary

  16. Yeah We need to end this horrible izzy timeline. They promote his edgelord ass like he’s neo in the matrix when it comes to striking when in reality he’s just a more boring version of machida with less mma versatility.

  17. Volk’s post fight press conference is a must watch, dude is fired up with the reporters about doubting him and dropped a couple interesting facts about the second max fight

  18. I thought he would go after more people, but he mostly focused on Mike Bohn lol. I would love to know what he said that got Volk angry

  19. Tons of people on the turner riddel post crying about jalin being a size bully 💀 lmao bet its all ozzys

  20. I would like to see frame data breakdown on Volks defensive reaction at 276. His recovery from striking to defending was just way too bloody fast. Like he was striking then saw the spinning back elbow and blocked it, wtf...

  21. It’s pretty important, but also guys who get to that level usually have amazing awareness in exchanges and positioning, which lowers KO risk immensely, while not being anything intrinsic (look at someone like Dustin Poirier, who was not regarded as a super durable guy but virtually became unkillable because he learned to keep his vision unobstructed and to stay in a strong stance during exchanges)

  22. It's sad how Korean zombie was one of the most beloved, well liked fighters in the ufc prior to his title fight with volkanovski, but now gets treated like some bum. Almost everyone had picked him to beat Ortega, and prior to that he was on a great run. He loses that,fights ige and wins convincingly, and then steps up to fight volk on fairly short notice after max pulls out. For some reason this turned a large portion of people against him? I don't understand.

  23. People were biased prior to TKZ vs Ortega because TKZ flatlined Edgar and Moicano while Ortega was basically forced to take a year off after getting his ass whooped by Max. Only now we know that Max and Volk are just a level above Ortega, Kattar or Yair. On top of that there was this translator drama which added more fan support fro TKZ. However, Ortega proved that he's not to be underestimated. not just in that fight but also against Volk where he came very close to a finish.

  24. Ian Garry looked like a real prospect last night. I wasn’t interested in him before but if he keeps getting better he’s got a bright future

  25. Could really care less what he says outside the cage, the guy looks promising. As long as a fighter isnt overtly a pos, then who gives af? Clearly a lot of casuals who get worked up over him.

  26. I agree with all the adesanya criticism. Just wanted to add that you're a madman if you expected fireworks. This matchup screamed boring and volk was right on embedded. He was a better choice for the main spot.

  27. Hindsight is 20/20. Even Eugene Bareman though Cannonier would at least take risks. Adesanya thought the same saying it would be Silva-Griffin. So I guess Eugene and Izzy must be madmen too

  28. I know it wasn’t recent but Dom Reyes ko’d cannonier and Whittaker dropped him. I’m not surprised at all by what we got but I did expect Izzy to style on him a little more.

  29. I wonder which fight short type has the highest winning percentage: muy thai, board short, or sexy man short shorts

  30. I would rank Oliveira higher than Volk on the P4P because he actually finishes his opponents. Tony, Chandler, Dustin and Gaethje are fantastic wins. And if he beats Islam it's more solidified.

  31. Lol you casuals overrate finishes. They do matter but a masterful performance like Volk yesterday was a lot more impressive . Charles is winning by the skin of his teeth while Volk is putting on master class after master class.

  32. Strickland thinking he had figured out Pereira is so goddamn funny. He just kept marching straight into the meat grinder. Top 10 negative fight IQ moments.

  33. Sean just can't wrestle. Probably should've tried anyways but you can't learn something like that in few weeks. His striking is also quite basic but besides wrestling that's his only option.

  34. I'm surprised that Mel Gibson took that photo with Valentina. You wouldn't think he'd like a woman that can fight back.

  35. The fact that a degenerate like him is being cheered when they show him on the big screen and the commentators announce him as any other popular celebrity says all you need to know about the MMA fanbase

  36. am I the only one who didn't think the main event was bad? Like obviously it wasn't Teixeira vs Prochazka but I thought it was entertaining to watch and Izzy showed some pretty cool shit at times. Nowhere near the Romero or Silva fights

  37. yeah but being 6'3 kinda adds an inherent layer of defense. Plus he's 24. Reddit doesn't wanna say anything good about him but I think he's got a bright future

  38. Dudes a beast. If he really wants to move to lightweight I think he needs to take a year off and gain weight properly and size up. But honestly id love to see him just hold down the featherweight division. Double champ is completely overrated IMO

  39. I love it when Israel fights because it turns everyone that usually just makes uninteresting boomer posts into absolute psychopaths on here for a couple days.

  40. Against Volk I think so. Certainly less of a difference than Volk against LWs. People bring up his rugby days but guess what those days are over.

  41. Imagine you are pereira and have spent countless hours of every day drilling takedowns and grappling defence and then your opponent doesn’t even bother trying a takedown

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