[Official] General Discussion Thread - July 07, 2022

  1. In five years, Queen Weili will be pfp #1 just cause the other women’s divisions are shallow

  2. There’s no argument that volk is pfp 1. I’m sorry but in what world is Colby 2x, Jorge 2x and burns a better run that aldo, mendes, Holloway 3x, zombie and Ortega?

  3. its not even about resume at the end of the day. yes competition level is some kind of yard stick for their performance but what it is truly about is skill for skill, overall, who is the absolute best fighter in the cage today. and its volk.

  4. Funny how you leave out the entirety of Usman's pre-title opponents but so graciously put in Volk's Aldo and Mendes wins 🙄 nice agenda setting tho too bad I see right through it 👁️

  5. People for whatever reason massively overrate Colby. He looked good against Usman but has absolutely no good wins against top wws

  6. sean o malley really thinks he won a round by checking kicks… not only won the round but that pedro was looking for a way out because of the damage of him checking kicks.

  7. Didn't Yanez say that a lot of the UFC staff fucking hated Kelley too? I presume that had something to do with him getting cut despite being .500 in the UFC. The dude was probably an absolute chore to deal with.

  8. How are you going to change a high kick to an axe kick in the middle of the kicking? I have never seen this.

  9. On the topic of non-Buffer announcers. Who's the guy who says every fighter's last name twice. He was in either Bellator or early UFC. Diamante?

  10. Which fighters wear damage the worst? I feel like Conor wilts pretty bad when the fight isn't going his way. Every shot he eats seems to rock him.

  11. That'd be a massive step up for O'Malley in terms of skill level. But a significant size advantage for Sean.

  12. I know there's some losers out there saying not to read too much into O'Malley's performance during the Munhoz vs O'Malley fight, but let's be real man.

  13. I’m gonna counter with another hot take and say Magny is less scary than Munhoz, Strickland is not scary but most people would lose to him, but Bryce had a legit claim to having better opposition than O’Malley did and got the job done.

  14. Munhoz took the first round, for sure. I do think it looked like Sean was starting to make reads and get going during the second. There’s this ‘one side or the other’ mentality when it comes to guys like Sean and Conor. Sean lost the first round, but he was looking decent in the 2nd when the fight got stopped.

  15. Does Volk always walk out to Down Under? Never noticed before if he does but his last walkout was awesome

  16. just woke up after Izzy knocked me out. Can't believe he got so upset by losing a dance off to his latest opponent Romero then defended his reaction on twitter.

  17. Not random at all tbh. Both same-ish generation. Both about as (polite word for washed). Although I want to Tony to retire.

  18. I don't know who he's got behind the scenes but YouTube has been flooding me with Alex Pereira recommendations. The hype is real

  19. So what the hells going on with Dustin? Is the ufc not offering him fights or is he being super specific with who he wants? I can't tell

  20. For whatever reason the Nate fight never went through and maybe the UFC doesn’t want him to fight a 170 guy right now. I imagine he’s going to fight Chandler in a couple months but since Poirier’s lost to Oliveira there hasn’t been too many openings. I doubt Poirier is gonna fight Islam if it’s not for the belt, Dariush is injured, Gaethje was booked and lost, Fiziev & RDA have been trying to fight for like 6 months now. Gamrot is his friend. He won’t fight anyone below that

  21. If Max performed like Izzy and won the belt, there would be heaps of praise for his ability to neutralize and outstrike Volk while taking next to no damage.

  22. UFC should grant Volk a title defense in Australia then give him the opportunity to move up. Man deserves a home crowd. Do it against Emmett too, a guy he’s got no shot of losing against.

  23. If they could find a way to force him to fight or for the UFC to have more leverage, yes. Right now I think they’d rather make sure he will never EVER compete in another organization until he has no chance of putting on a good show. I think if he fights again, he can compete elsewhere.

  24. Sean would not fair well against Cejudo, he'd get ragdolled. Dont see the UFC letting Sean "People's Champ" 1'Malley get run through.

  25. Of all the up and comers at 145 right now, and there are quite a few, I think Evloev is the biggest threat to Volk. His striking looked like it had hit a new level against ige. I’d like to see it tested against someone like kattar or maybe even max if we’re feeling froggy. But I think he’s one good test away from a title shot, and with his grappling I think he’s a tough out for anyone at 145. I just want to see that striking tested against the best

  26. In light of the Izzy-Jared fight, and the argument that champs develop a risk averse boring style that leads to uneventful decisions, I had to go back and watch the Jon Jones-Santos fight. Jon had also developed the reputation over his last few fights as a champ who looked to just be defensive and not look to finish his opponents, content to fight at range and win a decision on strike volume and controlling the distance.

  27. Lmao. Tony Kelley got cut. That stupid motherfucker was bragging like he was being a heel on purpose for views instead of just the ignorant dumbass he is. So confident on 'who's next.' C u later. Or maybe never

  28. So Fiziev 100% real ass dude. Talking about Conor, a little sniff sniff and taking a shit while he's twitting.

  29. It's gonna be glorious when Fiziev retires this bum RDA and people can finally stop worshipping this has-been

  30. Self taught striking can be possible. I think Suga said that’s how he got where he was before he got coaches. Could be wrong

  31. Poorly. Quite poorly. Idk if you count sparring partners but the timing and nuances of practice are important. You can train in bad habits by accident.

  32. Who had the most petty and puzzy mods in any sub? The type than ban you for cursing and report you for harassment when you reply to their messages?

  33. I honestly feel thats a mismatch, Hakeem is reaaally good. Sodiq has a suspect chin and isn’t really impressive outside of being a very big puncher at the weight

  34. Whenever the ppv does a shot of the ring girls sitting next to each other, i see Jens Pulver, Bj Penn, Chuck Liddell and Rich Franklin...

  35. Cody vs Cruz was the best I’ve ever seen, just watching a legend and stalwart of the division get masterclassed by a 25 year old with 10 pro fights elevates it so much.

  36. Don’t think he’s one dimensional, he just doesn’t build on his game at all unless he’s forced to. Many guys will start to build off their initial tools and provide more threats once the opponent starts reacting to them, while Izzy will be doing the same thing in round 5 as he did in round 1 unless the opponent really forces it out of him. Unfortunately, the majority of his opponents either try and close on him super recklessly and get killed, or they just try to avoid that and do nothing else, so he can just cruise control for free.

  37. I just want McGregor - Diaz 3. I think McGregor vs Olives will be massively hyped and then just be a dud, Diaz fight would be more competitive. I guess Conor is just keeping that in his back pocket for when he's lost so much that Dana won't hand him top 5ers anymore

  38. What do you mean dud? Either Conor somehow chins him early (highly doubtful) or Charles applies his patented pressure and taps Conor. Still sounds fun, although maybe a little uncompetitive

  39. War endures. As well ask men what they think of stone. War was always here. Before man was, war waited for him. The ultimate trade awaiting its ultimate practitioner. That is the way it was and will be. That way and not some other way.

  40. I think the speed and technique difference on the feet will become very obvious very quickly. I think RDA will need to take him down or pin him to the fence to open a path for victory.

  41. Friendly reminder that most fighters have to give up roughly 50% of their purse to their gym, coaches, managers, taxes and medical bills (plus housing, cars, food, etc.)

  42. one of my biggest MMA-world regrets is not watching ariel and the bad guy. ive become such a big fan of both of these guys in the past 6 months. I would love if they did a few official crossover internet show/podcast together. (host/host not guest/host).

  43. I think people would care far less if Izzy didn’t talk like he was going to tear through competition like Ngannou. Being allowed a special walkout themed after The Undertaker then playing super safe to a decision after talking a huge game means he isn’t backing up his shit talk.

  44. I've seen him model for some clothing brands too. Kinda crazy how much visibility simply being in the ufc has given him.

  45. You guys rememeber izzy getting a sponsorship for puma after yoel called him usain bolt? Or remember when he appeared on Elder Ring after beatin Rob?

  46. Imagine Oliveira waits for McGregor. UFC book Makhachev vs Dariush for vacant title. McGregor ends up fighting Diaz instead. Oliveira in shambles. Lost title and lost money fight. Welp.

  47. I know it’s against cowboy cerrone but between the stance and the little head shake when cowboy throws his headkick and gets blocked, prime conor returned for one night only

  48. Got to go all in. Tattoos, long lean look, plug with perks, pure unearned confidence. That man would get tons of chicks.

  49. Man I’ve always hoped conor would get an offer to train with another camp. And then he finally gets one and he takes offense cause he’s #SBG4L

  50. when he retired lmao . They are both still in their prime. Anyone can retire early to try to keep themselves looking good, but goats are active winners for years on top.

  51. I don’t recall a time where Darren Till was good. I’ve seen every fight of his but only remember him getting choked, getting ko’d, and getting exhausted.

  52. He looked good against Rob. Imo he deserves the top 10 ranking (if he could stay healthy) but will never be better than that

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