[Official] UFC Fight Night: Dos Anjos vs. Fiziev - Live Discussion Thread

  1. Fights like this deserve a full crowd. Ufc is the only mma promotion that does events with 40 fans it’s so amateur hour of them

  2. Bruh im just glad they managed to put on fights the entire pandemic. Covid restriction are literally very recently dying down. Im just happy to see the fights tbh plus the fight night have already started to travel again Long island next weekend etc

  3. i literally came here to ask this. i saw his gloves were off. apparently he is about to speak at the desk at the post show so im staying up just to see what he says

  4. They hype up international fight week as this fucking thing but really it is nothing more than just another PPV. Seems like at least once a year we could have a month of PPV 4 weeks in a row. Too many ranked fighters are very inactive.

  5. RDA is a fukn dog for taking this fight in the first place, fighting down on a win streak. He looked better against Fiziev than any of his other opponents. Such a high risk fight. Fiziev is just younger, stronger, and faster. Got caught with a power shot in the 5th.

  6. After last weekend I really hope they do Charles vs Alex next and set Islam vs dariush up again I was excited for that one

  7. Lol you think Fiz or Gam are gonna get a shot after Islam? Guarantee it’ll be either Porier, Gaethje, Chandler again, But most likely Conor. especially since they haven’t fought in a while and will prolly fight soon and their performances will be fresh in peoples minds after This Fiz one. Those are the names that sell. No one knows Fiz or Gam except us. They’re gonna need two more high performances before they fight for the title.

  8. Yeah the old guard at LW is fucked with this new wave. Fiziev, Tsarukyan, Gamrot, Ismagulov, Guram. Fuckin insanity

  9. Fiziev is a force, that TDD was some of the best I’ve ever seen... won’t be betting against him again. I think he beats Charles. Islam gives him problems. Would love to see Fiziev and Porier, Gaethje, or Chandler. Or Fiz and Conor. But I think Conor gets smoked.

  10. Absolutely perfect stoppage. That single ground shot put RDA in wonderland. Next one would’ve been unnecessary.

  11. a knockdown and one clean shot but RDA did not indicate a lack of ability to defend himself. Questionable stoppage but not an outrageous one

  12. I feel like his team betrayed him with that awful fucking game plan. He looked sharp on the feet and faster than Fiziev at the start of the fight, and slowly wore himself down chasing pointless fucking takedowns that didn't really do a ton to change Fiziev's behavior on the feet. You're dealing with a pocket fighter who doesn't expend a ton of energy in his movements cause he's saving them for his actions. Wearing him down with aimless clinch work is a pointless strategy when YOU HAVE THE SPEED ADVANTAGE.

  13. it really pisses me off the amount of interviews they skip despite killing hours of time in between fights

  14. Bro chill, RDA battered moicano his last fight. That's a great win to have on fizievs record. RDA is still a beast

  15. I’m seriously confused as to why they would put that shit fight as co-main instead of Burgos vs Jourdain

  16. Well he ain't winning any fans in the bible belt. There goes the Spanish & euro tennis crowd. He gonna call out Khabib next. And he'll have no demo left.

  17. I thought the Nadal call out was funny. Obviously the dude knows he plays fuckin tennis lol. He eventually said he wants a top 5 opponent. Some of y’all are salty lol

  18. managers really gotta start telling fighters to go "this is who i want to fight next" and fucking do it. this ain't a time to be funny or cute, its a time to get fans excited about your next fight

  19. Eh I don’t think it’s that serious. He clearly thinks Shelby has done a good job with him till this point. So he just had a bit of fun. Not every guy cares about marketing and promos as much as fans do.

  20. People saying early stoppage but that goes 5 seconds longer and RDA just eats unnecessary damage

  21. Rafael Nadal, he’s a tennis player. Fiziev has a running joke that post fight he calls out someone who isn’t a fighter. After beating Bobby Green he called out Hasbulla, and after beating Riddell he called out Vince Vaughn.

  22. I don’t think it’s very fair to say he struggled. What I saw was Fiziev stuffing the majority of takedowns, escaping the clinch against the fence and landing good shots throughout. Only round RDA clearly won was the fourth, and the only other close round was the first. Two and three were clearly fiziev’s and then fizzy got the knock out. Seemed like he handled RDA pretty well.

  23. Struggled? I didn’t know the visually impaired watched UFC. Stoppage was not early at all either

  24. Yep, you can see on the replay the left hand really hurt him and the shot when he was on the ground just put the stamp on it.

  25. I mean it's his second language dude. I got what he was saying: He called out Rafael Nadal as a joke, said he trusts Sean Shelby to pick his next UFC opponent for him, called out those who doubted his cardio and ability to keep the fight standing then shoutout his dad. He was pretty funny with it too.

  26. I noticed that Fiziev wasn’t striking with his usual ferocity earlier in the fight, and I assumed it was because it was conserving energy by not throwing everything with power. Then he comes out in the 5th with that barrage, great gameplan.

  27. Yeah. Same foe me. At fiesr i was fk early stopage. But after aeeing the angle with the shot on the ground. It seems a good stopage maybe? Like that was one the hardest hits and he looked out of it 2 timws in 5 seconds

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