[Official] UFC Fight Night: Blaydes vs. Aspinall - Live Discussion Thread

  1. From blades perspective, it's like meeting an awesome girl, taking her home and having her pass out during foreplay, leaving you to knock one out in the bathroom.

  2. I was there tonight and there was no atmosphere in the stadium after the mo fight. Molly and paddy got a bit rise but it didnt seem genuine tbh. Very disappointing considering last ufc london

  3. This mentality is everything that is wrong with Molly. It’s just a win against a mid level can and she’s acting out like this

  4. She she was drinking fireball from the bottle at ringside during paddy’s walkout…I’m pretty sure it’s both.z

  5. I feel a bit assured that everyone else finds Goldy so fucking attractive. I normally hate the muscly women but I'll be taking note of her weigh in days from now on!

  6. This has happened so often now I think if I was a UFC fighter I'd seriously be looking at kicks that don't target the leg, anywhere around the knee

  7. Nathaniel Wood just showed how effective and immobilising leg kicks can be tonight! They're too valuable to disregard.

  8. Knee injuries suck ass. Tore my MCL when I was 17 in the military and permanently lost range of motion in that knee, then blew my MCL and ACL in the same knee at 29 years old again just playing in the pool.

  9. Let's hope not - it's always great going into an Aspinall fight knowing it's not likely to go to the judges

  10. People thinking this should be a NC are out of their mind. Blaydes didn’t do anything illegal - it’s not his fault Aspinall’s knee yeeted itself - it’s like checking a kick and having someone’s leg snap in half. If you could get a NC due to injury fighters would start dropping to injuries left and right to get NCs instead of Ls.

  11. It was originally the "Millennium Dome"- I went as a school kid because they held a load of educational exhibits there like a big one about human physiology etc.

  12. Word around the o2 arena is they are now building a medieval pulley system to move Tom... No news of this platform on wheels known as "stretcher" at this point..

  13. Further digression: everything bad about that Hermansson-Curtis fight is 1000% due to fight pay not being guaranteed. Hermansson doesn't want to lose his full pay, so he fights conservatively. Curtis knows he cannot do anything to stop him from doing this so he gets mad because he knows he's about to lose half his purse on an expensive short notice fight.

  14. It's because the UK is still boxing dominant all the fighters go into boxer rather than MMA, although it's slowly changing

  15. This is correct but to be clear in this fight there was no check. In reality, it doesnt matter if there was a check or not. Blades committed no fouls so its a TKO win

  16. Had to have been. Felder was thinking the step back did it but his knee was stuck bent as he fell back. I believe the kick itself is what did the damage.

  17. Recovery is different for every person and will depend on how severe the MCL tear is. According to the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), it may take 2 weeks for a minor injury to the MCL to heal. A more severe tear could take 2 months or more.

  18. Man McCann and Paddy really made this card, along with Krylov. Quite a few lackluster fights, would have been awful without those three.

  19. Idk usually a doctors stoppage is when they call a doctor in to examine the extent of an injury, in which the fighter could potentially go on. Aspinall can’t even stand up here so that’s a TKO imo.

  20. Doctor stoppages are like a subclass of TKO. If it's a doctor stoppage, then it's a TKO by doctor stoppage

  21. Curtis looks down and sad but inside he is extremely happy, he got the win,no damage,took out a championship contender for at least a year and a half,and he'll be able get another fight this year thus he will be getting paid again

  22. Ehh, maybe. But as he said, he wanted to prove something, and he didn't get to do that. I don't think he was acting.

  23. I would imagine he's mostly disappointed at the moment tbh. He made a good point that a strong win here would have gotten him into the title picture. As it is, he's stuck in the exact same place. So while he's gained the financial benefit of a win, in this moment, his entire camp probably feels like a waste.

  24. This is the kind of thing that always makes me feel bad when watching sports. Zverev's injury on Roland Garros is another example.

  25. Could they get a stretcher or wheel chair for the guy. It’s like they werent prepared for someone to get hurt. That was tough to watch

  26. I jumped out of my seat when I thought Blayde's knocked him down until I saw the injury. I hope he properly recovers. This kind of thing kills careers. Hopefully it's not too serious.

  27. I'm glad Blaydes didn't do what his corner was telling him to do during the post fight interview. They were trying to get him to talk a bunch of shit on the mic, but that's just not the move here and I'm glad he recognized that.

  28. Can’t believe two fucking busts of main events in a row, I’m in shambles. London 2 did not live up to the hype. Molly, Paddy, and Krylov were the only good fights

  29. My girlfriend who knows next to nothing about MMA even said “i feel like that shouldn’t even count as a win”

  30. I share that thought, but at the same time MMA is probably the one sport were an opponent's injury should count as a win to the other fighter

  31. I never thought of Bisping as a genuinely big dude when he was fighting. But man stuff like seeing him next to a legit upper end sized heavyweight in Blaydes hammers home that yeah, Bisping is a pretty big dude himself

  32. I'm surprised the UFC don't have a way to quickly remove the cage steps and replace them with a ramp for situations like this.

  33. jesus he had to walk down the cage, medical stuff didn't really seem prepared for that. There's a lot better leg immobilizing casts they use in the nfl

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