[SPOILER] Co-main loser gives winner the double-bird on his way out of the Octogon

  1. It's surprising and disappointing he kept that energy after the initial adrenaline dump like Jack's response

  2. Jack really improved his striking in a short time period. Before he used to have this weird herky jerky style, and whilst he moved a lot tonight, his actual striking technique looked a lot better.

  3. Yeah it looked like he's been really working on his it since getting outstruck by Strickland. I really liked the sequence where he went body kick, head kick, calf kick. It's great to see a fighter improve parts of their game after learning from losses.

  4. Jack put it on him for almost the whole fight and Chris got mad that he wasn't charging at him headfirst for the last 2 min of the last round? Get out of here man

  5. Man just couldn't understand that Jack doesn't have to let you have your turn in the striking, he can just kick you and move away and Chris just got more and more butthurt.

  6. Curtis was bitching from first round, holding his hands out to his sides and shit, second round he pointed to the center of the cage like they should stand there and bang. Hermansson should have tea bagged him at the end.

  7. Yesterday Chris Curtis was a lowkey fan fav with a feel-good story about making it to the ufc. Today he’s a childish cunt who can’t handle getting his ass handed to him. It goes that fast sometimes.

  8. I loved him walking away in the middle of the fight and complaining to Jack and the ref to make Jack fight him in the middle, reminds me of bad grapplers begging the ref for a standup the second they hit the ground.

  9. He's a very defensive striker who predominantly boxes, which means a bigger guy like Hermansson will have the advantage at kicking range. Combine that with Jack's constant movement, and Curtis' unwillingness (or maybe inability?) to pick up the pace and you get this — Chris plodding after a guy he can never catch while getting pieced up from a distance.

  10. Took a fight on short notice with a short turnaround from his last fight and looked gassed halfway through the second. He shouldn't have acted like a baby about it, but him sucking against a fighter who had a full camp and plenty of time off wasn't totally surprising.

  11. I feel the same way but I don't want to jump off the bandwagon. I really hope he apologises in the coming days. I really enjoyed rooting for the dude, hope he can acknowledge his wrongdoings today.

  12. Salty as fuck. Work on your striking and maybe this wouldn’t have happened. You got out played, and there’s no one to blame but yourself.

  13. It’s more his striking offence. Turns out if the opponent moves and is not there for Curtis’ second and third shot… he has no idea how to proceed

  14. And maybe don't waste your time on some troll street fighter and spar more with actual pro fighters

  15. It’s a bummer. He just needs to understand that dictating range is critical. It’s not running away when you get stunted on and outstruck by double

  16. This fight just made me like Jack even more. Even being completely disrespected by Chris like that, he was still nice and complimentary in his post fight interview

  17. The actions of a man who thought he was going to cruise to victory and realizes he just lost half his paycheck getting point fighted by a submission specialist and still has to foot the bill for his party to travel back to the States.

  18. Curtis has always been a sore loser, did it with Belal in a regional fight, did it in two Magomed fights in the PFL, this is nothing new for him

  19. Chris pissed off at Jack for Chris sucking. Come on fight how I want you to fight. Go back to beating up street fighters.

  20. I used to feel so sorry for him when he wasn’t signed to the ufc after his super back kick finish in Dana Tuesday’s night fights, and then he went to the pfl and got ktfo/retired. Now I wished he stayed retired.

  21. Classless fuck. Imagine getting your ass kicked for three rounds and then acting like your opponent was in the wrong.

  22. His outbursts after his losses explains why he lost. He can’t control his emotions. When you fight you have to be in control of your emotions at all times or frustration and anger will rob you of all your skills. It’s quite simple, fight, flight or freeze- he froze. Even after the fight, after the adrenaline wore off, he still doubled down on being an ass. He does not have self control, most likely he is contrite later on only bc his team intervenes and tells him do this now or you will loose fans which will lead to you being cut. Many are right equating his behavior to that of a toddler as it is that elementary. He took this fight bc he seen Jack as an easy way to jump the rankings, it didn’t go that way and he mentally could not adjust. Simple as that.

  23. I gotta say, this doesn’t really feel any different than anytime the Diaz Bros have been childish or disrespectful to their opponents following a loss/asswhipping

  24. Nick & his fans took this line against Condit, but I'd say the difference is that during the fight, Nick did the best he could to bring the fight.

  25. I understand Chris’s frustration as he took the fight short notice and was probably more frustrated with himself not being able to perform as best as he could. I don’t love how he acted but if that was Till in there acting the same y’all would have loved it

  26. I mean he really did put a lot of pressure on himself with all the talk of working so hard for this shot. Sucks to see it all go away like that.

  27. Guys, its a rude gesture but I’m sure Jack doesn’t care. Don’t let this become a moment that this sub uses to justify hating him for the rest of his career.

  28. I don't think people care about how it makes Jack feel. I think its just a red flag in terms of his mental capacity. This and the video of him freaking out on the "street fighter" in the gym point to him being kinda dumb.

  29. Couldn't land a decent combo, didn't dare a takedown and got outstruck 2 to 1 or something like that. Time to reflect on yourself instead of flipping the other guy off.

  30. Everyone seems to have missed that Jack screamed "FUCKING PUSSY" in Chris' face after the bell, and that's what pissed him off. It's also why Jack was apologising in the interview.

  31. He was pissed before the fight was over and flipping him off several times before Jack retaliated

  32. Jack was the dickhead. Chris filled in last minute with a couple weeks notice so Jack didn't waste a camp and still got paid. He got on his bike, used distance and fought a great fight that was frustrating for chris. As the bell goes its Jack screaming pussy at Chris after clearly beating him.

  33. if you look at his responses to comments and his lastet tweets he tries to explain or justify his actions but has calmed down and takes responsibility for his actions.. what happend after the bell sucked for sure but cant blame a guy for getting frustrated when u getting kicked and outpointed all 3 rounds and not being able to get anything going.. hope we see a pic of them together arm in arm shitfaced in a sketchy pub somewhere in London tonight

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