Super condensed cut of a loooong manual job, mainly on an old Myford

  1. Thank you for saying so, was a solid 5 days in the shop that. There's some interesting bits in the full length video too.... and more than a few mistakes lol

  2. I like how you used a bushing as a template for filing the radius on the bent bar, I’ll be using this one in the future. Next level work!

  3. The knurling on that tiny part turned out really sweet, I don’t think I’ve ever done it on something that small

  4. Cheers, that's the smallest knurl I've ever done too. The 'How small can you knurl' challenge sounds like a good way to spend a few hours haha

  5. Incredible. Maunal machining is a dying art. We have a manual lathe at our shop that sits in a corner and does nothing. My supervisor has steered me away from it "outdated" as he says. Something is lost when everything is automatic i think.

  6. Yeah it really is! For me, I really enjoy the process of manual work and the attention to detail you can put into it, so when I finish a job I appreciate that piece way more than even the most complicated CNC job.

  7. for that reason every apprentice in my shop has to prove himself on manual machining first before making that step towards CNC, Which seems to get less and less everywhere i go unfortunately

  8. Taking a "subtractive processes" class in my engineering courses right now, and the lab has haas mini mills and leblond engine lathes from 1954. The lathes are so much more fun to use. SO much more fun. I was honestly disappointed that the milling wasn't manual too

  9. I think OP is from the UK but the Harbor Freight porta band frequently has coupons for like $100. That plus a table either hand-made or from SWAG Off road that turns it into a little verticle saw is one of the most used tools in my shop.

  10. When filling a radius, it generally gets more even if you start at the point furthest from you and move to the closest one while still pushing the file away from you.

  11. This was some Kickstarter replica tool of one found by a YouTube artist right? I presume you made a few manually but you outsourced the volume production for cost outside, or are you manually fulfilling the orders like this?

  12. I really enjoyed that. Looks like a super fun project. Kinda makes me want to get out of production machining and back to the job shop making one offs.

  13. I saw this on kickstarter but they wanted some weird kind of cryptocurrency called pounds and I couldn't find any on Coinbase.

  14. Man this is so rad. Did you make blueprints for this? That would be so sick to try in my off time. I’m 32 and have been a machinist for 8 years now and love making tools.

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