for the first time in 17 years i want to live.

  1. Im so happy for you, op. I saw your post history and damn, thats a lot to deal with but youre so strong for getting through it all :D i hope whatever made you feel this way will stay with you forever and make sure youre never alone :) all the best with your future op :D

  2. Awesome, was there a thought process that changed your view? I was deeply suicidal for a very long time and my breakthrough came from realising nothing matters and nobody really cares about you, so why not do the cringe shit you think will be fun? I don't really care about the cringe shit my family or friends have done, so why would they think differently of me?

  3. for me, i realized i want to teach. for awhile i was going to drop out or just not go to college but then i decided to go to film school. and then i got interested in early childhood education and thats my plan. it changed everything

  4. Doing that right now after 6 years and I have had the best year of my life. Never too young to do anything, start a bucket list and enjoy yourself! <3

  5. You have too much good and too much love to share with the world. I am glad that you want to live. You never know what kind of impact a random thing you might do (whether if it's a good deed, a random act of kindness or even just a casual matter fact smile) can have on someone's life. It just might make their day. Or even save their life. You never know how big or small of an impact you make on the planet at any given time.

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