Survived my second suicide attempt and I couldn't be happier to still be alive today

  1. A friend of mine's son committed suicide and I overheard someone say that suicide is a long term solution to a short term problem and that has always stuck with me for some reason.

  2. So glad you are still around! You are a beautiful! Keep that amazing smile on your face, it can brighten a room!

  3. You amazing, wonderful and important op, I love your smile and I'm so happy you are still here ❤️ no matter how hard it gets know people love you, I love you, I have those feelings sometimes, if you feel alone message me if you want. Keep smiling 😊 even if you done believe in and in time you will

  4. You are important and you matter. I’m so happy you’ve survived, your smile lights up a room. 💜 take care of yourself and I truly hope you never get back to that place. 💜

  5. I’m at work and just showed my buddy this…we’re aware that we don’t know you, but we’re so happy that you’re still with us. From one troubled soul to another, I’m so very proud of you!!

  6. Congratulations and so glad you are still here . Mental health is a struggle but I hope you are on a road to recovery friend!! I am so happy for you - random internet dad

  7. Glad you are still and you failed at suicide. Thats a good thing to be bad at! Be happy and have a great life!

  8. Thankfully you’re still here! I am proud of you for pulling through, keep on fighting and alway remember you’re important, worthy, unique, and that you have the ability to make strangers crack a smile over the internet with that great kind smile. Keep it up

  9. You gotta outlive every hater and every person who ever hurt you. That how you spite them. You gotta have the last laugh.

  10. I am so happy for you OP. Shit happens but you are still here, life can't have it's up without its downs. Glad you are still with us :)

  11. Stay strong and happy living...❤️❤️ To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world ❤️

  12. I love that dress and I love that you’re twirling in it! One of the best feelings. You look fantastic and I hope you continue to feel fantastic!

  13. I know the feeling. It’s there every day trying to fight it’s way to the top. I keep pushing that fucker back down. Easier some days than others.

  14. You are beautiful and brave and deserving of happiness and love. I am sooo thankful you are here with us today!! Don’t ever give up the good fight because you aren’t fighting it alone! ❤️❤️

  15. What a lovely smile and dress, you look amazing :) I'm glad you're still with us and I hope you keep lighting up the world with your presence for a long time to come!

  16. Even though we are strangers seeing your pictures and knowing you are still here has made my day better. Thank you and keep smiling!

  17. I’m happy that you’re still here. As a survivor myself, I am so thankful to see you here. You have no idea.

  18. I’m so happy that you are still here! You have a beautiful smile and look at the way your dress spins!!!! Have an amazing day!!

  19. glad you're still here(: I know how that can feel, my messages are always open if you need to talk to anyone!

  20. I'm happy that you survived! Means I got to see that beautiful smile of yours, and it brightened my day :)

  21. So glad you are still here. Your radiant smile just made me smile, and I'm having a rough day. So thanks:)

  22. You look so happy, it's hard to believe you could have ever been so down. This stranger is happy to hear you came out the other side!

  23. Thank you for keeping on through difficulty. There is always someone who is happy that you still are around, no matter how little they mention it.

  24. As a 2 time attempt survivor who is still struggling, I'm glad to see you are doing well, it gives me a tiny bit of hope that one day I might possibly be okay

  25. Find the people who love you unconditionally and cling to them when the days grow dark. Together you will always find the light.

  26. Keep going! You don't know what the future will turn out. You never know what you might contribute. You might cross path with someone who have those thoughts and save them because you have experience with hardship. Take it from me who was part of someone's life that I was one of those factors for their change and help them achieve success. Life is funny that way.

  27. I just wanted to offer a huge congratulations for getting this far! Here’s to the next years to come!

  28. Lovely to see you on here. You and your dress are very pretty. My father committed suicide, people don't recover from that loss .You will always be missed by them. No one will ever understand. Stay strong and stay with your loved ones 💞💕💞

  29. Stick in there, it’s hard and I’ve done it a few times but I’m glad it never happened and so are my three daughters that never knew.

  30. Thats the reason why im still live... I have hope that someday everything will be alright and ill find my love(which one will not abandon me in hard time...) Happy about you!:)

  31. Congratulations sweetness. Living here is hard, everyday we make it to head meets pillow, eyes open on new dawn is a check mark in my book . Try to keep collecting check marks. They mean a lot.

  32. Aw honey🥺 you are so beautiful and strong. I’m so happy you are alive and thriving my friend

  33. You spread happiness by solely existing let alone when you vibe with friends. People smile when thinking about their friends in their lives to themselves and it helps them push through the day. Keep on shining!!

  34. As a parent of a teenage daughter who struggles with anxiety and depression your post really hits home. I’m going to go spend some time with her tonight. Thank you for sharing.

  35. A twirl and an amazing smile. The world is being tough on most of us. Let's stick together and kick it's ass.

  36. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY THATS SO EXCITINGGGGGGG 😁 Super duper happy you are still with us!!!!! Keep it up dudette :)

  37. Whatever the reason was that pushed you off the edge nothing is worth your bding your life. You are a beautiful person and remember we are All limited edition. We are all unique. Keep fighting the good fight and don't let go of life. After the long night, the sun always ends up rising and shining stronger than ever

  38. Thank you for posting this. Thank you for being a semi-colon, which is used when the writer could have ended the sentence but decided to go on. Please reach out to someone, one of us, me the next time it gets to be too much. You’re too valuable and we’re here to help. 💜

  39. The most important step is always the next one. I am glad you are still here, the World is a better place with you in it

  40. As someone who’s had his fair share and still struggles to this day with over a decade fighting this shit…. Good fucking job homie. Never forget that life is precious, even if it sucks sometimes.

  41. I'm glad youre alive. Stay alive as long as you can. What do you have to lose by living? Nothing. Sometimes it can be miserable but death is forever and irreversible. Play out the hand you were dealt. You never know what the next card might be. Stick around and see what comes up. Were all going to be pushing daisies one day, no one gets out of life alive. No sense rushing it. See where life takes you and dont take it too seriously. It all just a adventure. Keep on smiling.

  42. You’re so pretty and full of spirit, the world would be at a loss without your presence. Stay gold!

  43. Reading this made me smile. Your smile made me smile. But mostly the thought that if even one other person sees your post and it helps them keep on keeping on - that's what got me the most.

  44. You look pretty when you’re happy. Don’t ever stop being pretty or happy, even if it seems like you can’t.

  45. As a parent, Mom, I sincerely want nothing but the best for you. You are a beautiful young lady, and you do matter to this world ❤️🙏🏻 This is coming from a Mom, while her youngest daughter, 14, was Baker Acted monday at school because they found her arm with cutting marks.. she is indeed needing help, and I’m grateful to be able to get her that help instead of the alternative, planning a funeral . Would be crushing my soul forever . If you ever need someone, I’d be glad to ease your mind and just listen. You are courageous, You are strong, and You are LOVED❤️❤️

  46. The sheer amount of people who upvoted this post care. So far that’s over 6,000 people who are glad to see you breathe. We’re proud of ya. Stay safe.

  47. You are young and beautiful… no problem can’t be solved… life is not always what we expect but we can make good out of it! Cheers!

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