Mom's spaghetti

  1. He's nervous, but on the surface he looks calm and ready to buy a watch, but he keeps on forgetting what he's earned now, his manager laughs so loud, he opens his wallet and the notes all fall out; he's loaded now, time's on - Rolex, wow!

  2. What pisses me off about this so much is that you probably hardly had to try. Honestly, this probably comes naturally to you. This comment would take me upwards of 20 minutes, and I wouldn’t get nearly this close to gold.

  3. Linkin Park gets a lot of shit but they wrote some real heartfelt bangers. I am very happy to hear that their music helped you through the hard times. Keep smiling when you hear them!

  4. Yea Eminem's music has gotten me through so many low points in my life. I enjoy a lot of different types of music but his art will always hold a special place in my heart. Also he's funny as hell. One day I hope to meet him and just share how important his music is to people. I'm sure he's heard it already, though.

  5. I grew up in the same area he did and he has a really stellar reputation around town. Super nice guy, saw him at the mall a few times too. He’s pretty much the definition of humble and will do anything for his home town. He also has a restaurant called Mom’s Spaghetti in Detroit and from what I’ve heard it’s pretty good!

  6. Wow are you me? I had a tape (yes, a tape) I listened to every day in college while I ran on the indoor track. One side was Eminem, the other Linkin Park.

  7. Great to see he's gone the opposite way of most people in his field who idolise a materialistic lifestyle. Seems to have quite a level head on his shoulders even with millions of dollars in the bank.

  8. Instead of that Kardashians show I wish they had Just Eminem where they follow him around with cameras but he's not really into it so he doesn't do anything. I still wouldn't watch it, but I bet other people would.

  9. I totally agree with you on this, and it goes to show because you never see him on tv, in front of the cameras, flashing what he has etc... That's the way to go 👍 (Oh happy cake day dude)

  10. Well, he learned from experience. It's not like Em haven't splurged millions on houses and stuff. He had time to taste everything life has to offer the wealthy before he started to humble out.

  11. I love hearing the stories about how Eminem treats it like any other 9-5 job. I think it was Akon who told the story of them being halfway into a track and Eminem just looks at his watch, "It's 5. I'll see you tomorrow." And leaves.

  12. Other rappers don’t idolize a materialistic lifestyle. The fans do. Rappers, and celebrities generally, are in the business of wish fulfillment. The product is the ability to live vicariously through someone else.

  13. For some people, if you grow up poor, you learn how to live and be happy with a simple cheap lifestyle. And then no amount of money changes that. Always love those kind of people. They’re living the Real Life. Buying fancy things is fleeting and fading.. it doesn’t last. Case in point: EM can’t even remember what fancy watch he bought.. that’s how “important” it was..

  14. Yup, my parents grew up dirt poor. My parents have everything paid off and live comfortably. They still go out of their way to save a couple of dollars. My mom thinks paying for streaming services is a massive waste of money. They are the biggest penny pinchers in the world. My mom still hand sows any holes in her clothes.

  15. People who grew up poor and earned themselves 'fuck you' money are the best. Completely cheap, frugal yet incredibly generous people

  16. Imagine spending your whole life being poor. Then working hard perfecting your talents, in a field where you're a minority, and busting your ass to change your own situation to provide for yourself, you child, and the children of relatives who were unfit parents. All of that, only to be made fun of for not wanting to be wasteful with your money and buy overpriced luxury goods that are essentially status symbols.

  17. Question, why is Eminem blowing up recently? I log into twitter and Reddit and all my feed is, it’s just Eminem…

  18. A lot of people who become successful in one area of their life assume that they’re good at everything (ex. celebrities who start giving medical and political advisement). From my perspective, with the way he was answering the question, it sounded like he was aware of what he was competent in/capable of and what he wasn’t. He wasn’t someone who grew up with money and didn’t assume that he’d know how to make the right choices and/or appreciated it enough to not just blow through it like most people in the same situation. He asked for help from someone who could help and that’s great. Stressful life/traumatic experiences can also affect people differently- some might want to over correct and some might take a while to feel safe/secure enough to acknowledge that they, for example, can buy the watch and be okay. I’ve always been a fan- this was cool to see!

  19. If you pay attention, he doesn't actually say he BOUGHT the Rolex... merely that he asked his manager if he could afford one. So I would deduce that when he found out how much a Rolex cost - he went and bought that $100 watch instead. ;-)

  20. Fun story: so Eminem grew up in Detroit which isn’t far from where I live, and one night I was at a bowling alley in kind of the metro-Detroit area. A couple lanes down from me I keep seeing this girl who I think I recognized from somewhere but I’m not 100% sure from where. Eventually I have to go home but she stayed there and she’s talking to some people who went to my high school. I later see on Instagram from those people who I went to high school with that that was Eminem’s daughter. It’s funny because I guess the world is a bit smaller than we realize.

  21. i have several dope timepieces but consistently rock my matte black/gold analog g-shock more than the others.. som’n about em, i swear

  22. Bro Eminem owes me a sandwich bro frfr I’m going back to moms spaghetti soon! Much love to the goat though

  23. I remember I had a G-shock back in high school and kids made fun of me bc it was yellow/mustard colored, so I stopped wearing it. Man, if I just knew Eminem also wore a G-shock back then...

  24. Rich people stay rich by not spending tons of money. Rich people that spend tons of money often dont stay rich.

  25. I used to make my roommate and I Mom's Spaghetti. He named it after the first time I made it. It is literally the laziest way to make spaghetti.

  26. It's funny because the people with diamonds in their forehead and boasting about how many millions they have are usually dead by the age of 25. Maybe it's because that outlook on life is increadibly toxic, self centered and dangerous?

  27. I don’t mean this in a bad way but, what is he? He’s apart of a different strata of human being. There’s just something undeniably special.

  28. I've seen a lot of celebrities hit it big, blow their wad, and end up as broke as they were before they got famous. It's nice to see someone avoid those pitfalls.

  29. The mentality sticks with you. At least it should. When you can buy something without looking at the price it’s a lot easier to trick you.

  30. Honestly, good on him, a fool and his gold are soon parted. Plenty of people have made millions of dollars and gone bankrupt within a decade. It's much better to be too careful than not careful enough

  31. Its all about perspective. Its good that he has maintained a level of frugality, its probably a good way to stay anchored as a celebrity to your roots.

  32. Bruh, I got my Casio G-Shock for $20. As a small story, I’ve thrown it as hard as I could against a brick wall, and not a scratch was on it.

  33. Man had a good taste in watches. G-shock fan myself. Rolexes are good if you got money and want to be flashy, but G-shocks are rock solid and last forever

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