Brazilian priest João Paulo Araujo Gomes, from the Diocese of Caruaru, takes abandoned dogs off the streets, feeds them, bathes them, and then presents a dog to each mass, to be adopted. Dozens of stray dogs already have a home thanks to the priest.

  1. Would you belive me if I told you we have like, two of this good bois in each street in Brazil? People usually call them "Caramel Stray dog" due to their usual colour

  2. I have a story. In our street a man have many problems in his life.He's in a big debt. He has to pay many people.His wife always fights with him. He's in this problem because he buy a property but it is illegal or no one wants to buy that. But a mother dog has a delivery in front of his house. He always feed the puppies nd their mother and take care of them. His wife is jealous of that he's wasting money on them. One day mother dog is seriously ill.He bring a doctor to check the mother dog.Doctor is impressed how he taking Care of the dogs and asks him why u been in this condition he told his story to the doctor. I think god send this doctor to help that man. Doctor needs a property in middle of city to open a hospital and he buy his property. Now he has new car and a very nice house.God send help through dogs to that man.

  3. I really wanted to like this guy, infact I was loving everything I was seeing on him watching videos a couple months ago, but one thing he did REALLY bugged me. Overall I loved his approach on Christianity and he does seem like a good guy.

  4. All good (stray) dogs go to... this guy's church. What a lovely man. This benefits the dogs and the community, a loyal four legged friend can help beat loneliness and a range of depression/anxiety related mental health problems. The activity of taking a dog for a walk helps you keep healthy and just having a pet can help heal a broken heart. And the dogs get the loving owners and families they deserve. I love this so much.

  5. Not only that, stray dogs are a real problem in some countries and there’s nothing that the government does about it so some people resort to cruel measures to rid of them like BOILING HOT WATER AND THROWING IT ON THEM! This is a great idea!

  6. Damn, i wish i could have a dog. The thought of having someone waiting for me at the door when i come back from school just brakes by heart. But i can't have one because i often travel (4-5 times a year, one of which are for 2+ weeks) and i don't have anyone that could take care of the dog during this time

  7. Doggos also helps with PTSD so, if any person is suffering from it plz get a doggo. My source is research where doggos were given to former splider suffering from PTSD and these bros saved many of our protectors.

  8. omg search up his name: joão paulo araújo gomes, on google images and try to find a picture without him snuggling with a street dog i wish everybody was this genuine. theres so many pictures of him with dogs!!!!

  9. I’m not religious in the slightest but this guy gets lots of credit for me for doing the right thing and being a positive role model to others.

  10. This dude is featured in a whole hour episode of dogs on Netflix. He’s really more incredible than the photos let on. Dude is a living saint. Compassion and empathy to the max.

  11. Sounds great but is it sad? You made me want to watch it but I've got too much going on right now to watch a show about dogs in which everything doesn't come out okay

  12. Finally something to smile about. Front page is a hot dumpster fire. This is the cool water of relief. This is so awesome. I’m gonna go now and just let this be the high point.

  13. This is where my mind went. I hope he has a huge congregation. We have 3 dogs, no way we can adopt another, no matter how many times it comes to mass.

  14. Here in latin america we have a great thing that is liberation theology. Unfortunately neopentecostal influence from US are strongly reducing the influence of catholicism here. And the riches already got that this is good for them so, we are fucked.

  15. It’s always been a tool for good. The only thing is anytime a bad thing happens that’s what’s televised and ultimately remembered because people react and feed off of fear and negative energy. They’ve been trained to.

  16. If this isn't considered the Lord's work, it should be! Bless you João Paulo Araujo Gomes, for giving these animals a chance to have a safe, healthy and fulfilling family life.

  17. Side note, as a religious person myself I'd prefer if my religion was not in politics, it's the root of division and extremism. Secularism is a privilege, keep religion from influencing politics and keep politics from poisoning religion

  18. This is an example of why I wasn't comfortable with all the hate spewed from that atheist sub that used to be on the front page everyday. There are some very kind and compassionate people in a church. It's not just a world of abuse like they made it sound.

  19. And this is how people of gods should be, true follower will understand to respect and protected all the creation of god, which not only limited to humans but also all kind of animals and plants, trees. P.S I am an atheist but I love some teaching of religions like this.

  20. now this, this is something that would make me consider converting to that religion, that's how awesome this is, well done to that priest!

  21. This is what it means to he a Cristian and a Catholic. Not the whole entitlement of following the interpretation of a book that has been edited a million times

  22. This is the type of church activity I like to see. I'm not overly religious but I'm glad he's doing actual tangible good in the world

  23. We call them "Pavement Specials" or "League of Nations". Dogs, left to their own devices, usually end up looking like that one. It's obviously a dog, but no breed is discernible.

  24. Wow, that dog is the spitting image of my girl. She passed away in October, so this makes me a bit teary eyed. Glad he got a good home.

  25. Omg in Eastern Orthodox church they wouldn’t even let a dog come into the church, the building would have to have the blessing ceremony done over it again cause of dog. Cats were ok for some reason.

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