What's the secret to still dancing at 106?

  1. It’s incredible when you think, everyone can comprehend that the first black president is a big deal but I must be on another level when you live that long, probably accepting it won’t happen in your lifetime. And then it does.

  2. To think, she was born only 6 years after the Wright brothers first flight. She was born the same year that the US got their very first military plane. It's wild. She was 33 when the first

  3. It would be an honor to see the person whose shoulders you're standing on. It would also be an honor to see who's standing on yours.

  4. The things this woman would have seen in her life can explain the Joy she had seeing Barrack Obama as President. She was born at a time many black people were considering fleeing to Africa. There were even political activists trying to appeal to The League of Nations (precursor to the UN).

  5. Malcolm X did not call for violence. Just black people to use and own guns like white people. I highly recommend the Autobiography of Malcolm X, it was wild to learn what happened vs what I was told. Yes, it is amazing that she lived through such times and then was able to meet the first black president.

  6. Even more than that, she was born in South Carolina in 1909. She worked in the fields as a child and was alive as Jim Crow laws were established and lynching rose. Her parents probably couldn’t even vote when she was a child.

  7. Just looked up Emmet Till case. This is so fucked up. Black boy is accused to have offended white women in supermarket. Gets abducted and later on lynched. Murderers get acquitted in the end.

  8. Not wanting to take anything away from this comment, because this woman has obviously seen a lot, but quite a lot of the events you mentioned happened within a ten year timespan. Someone born at the start of this period would be in their 60s. Teenagers from the same period are in their 80s now. Probably around 50M Americans still alive who were born during or prior to the events mentioned.

  9. For starters, not being shoved into a bad nursing home where you aren't allowed to leave the common room where soaps play on the TV 24/7

  10. It's wonderful to see clips of the Obama administration again - the Obamas represented such class and grace as President and First Lady.

  11. I’m crying. We went from this president…to that other one. Wtf is wrong with our country? Why can’t we elect and be worthy of good leaders? What a beautiful old woman this is. ❤️

  12. They elected Trump because we elected Obama. Reactionaries will always take advantage of change and will use it to strike fear for at least a cycle. This has been happening for ages, and will continue until our education system advances and cures people of their misplaced prejudices. Action AND patience are necessary to see great progress. It feels like everything could heal all at once because we see things so differently from them, but history has taught us it is quite a slow process.

  13. damn, imagine being her. She has seen all! Black people as slaves and as president. So good that she witnessed the good things in life too

  14. Imagine. This woman is witnessing what they told her would be IMPOSSIBLE. This meant a lot to black ppl to see that someone just like them could make it to the highest level of success. Representation matters

  15. I remember having pride in the leadership of our country…. I guess that happens once a lifetime if you’re lucky.

  16. This made me smile big. That lady is so damn happy. I can only imagine the life she lived and what it took to see this day happen.

  17. I can honestly say this, as far as being president goes…I wasn’t a fan of Obama. I just didn’t agree with how he handled some things. As a person. I really miss the guy. He seemed very likeable, and charismatic, and like he actually cares about kids and the elderly. It’d be nice to have that back in the White House.

  18. This melts my heart with joy. What a powerful statement she made when she said “I never thought I’d live long enough to get in the White House.” Think about this special moment. She has seen it ALL. This moment is why it was so good for Barack Obama to be elected, regardless of politics.

  19. This lady’s grandparents were almost certainly slaves and she lived right through the height of Jim Crow America. For her to see to a black POTUS and FLOTUS must be something of a miracle.

  20. We need another cool President like Obama. Say what you will about how he performed as a president, but you can’t deny how cool and friendly he was.

  21. Why sully your comment in that way? If a white person did literally everything he did or didn't do everything he didn't do, they would have gone down as the world's greatest leader. He was as fine a president as anyone could be, but especially as he was allowed to be.

  22. The secret is living a life where her parents or grandparents age may have been enslaved, the oppression, Jim Crowe laws, the Tulsa bombing, share cropping practices, freedoms schools in Missouri, MLK, The Panthers, the civil rights movement, prejudices I could never even imagine facing, “separate but equal”, Rosa Parks, Rodney King in LA; gaining some rights but watching the country/society look down on black individuals, the slogan “if you’re white you’re alright, if you’re brown stick around, and if you’re black turn around” then a black man becomes president. I bet she never thought she would see it in her lifetime. What a beautiful moment in history and in her life!

  23. Imagine growing up as that lady during extreme prejudice and racism and segregation. And now we have/had a black president. What a feeling

  24. I love this, and I truly love how genuine the president and First Lady are. Just so happy to welcome her into their home.

  25. God, just imagine how much this lady lived through. She went from being unable to vote, to being embraced by the first black president and the first black First Lady.

  26. Damn man. That lady lived through a lot of shit and still has that postive energy. Must be her secret.

  27. Can only imagine how excited she would have been to see a black president, after all the shit she would have gone through and witnessed.

  28. Would she have had immediate family who were born into slavery? And then she was in the white house dancing with America's first black president and his wife.

  29. Old enough to have seen and remember pretty much the entirety of the US civil rights movement, right? I can’t imagine what it is like seeing a black president after witnessing it all.

  30. I miss Obama so much, it’s insane that she lived through segregation and lives to see a black man become the most powerful man in the country. This warms my heart

  31. The two term limit is probably something that's worth holding onto, even if we only added it on fairly recently. Barack's memoirs also make it seem like Michelle, while supportive, was never a huge fan of the demands of his political career. I'd say they earned a place outside of the spotlight to relax.

  32. Ah, back when the white house still had any semblance of respectability, before it became the stage for a poorly written, half assed reality show.

  33. You can’t tell me Obama is a class act. He was one of the best presidents we’ve had in a long time. No i definitely don’t agree with many of his stances but you can see he is a good man.

  34. If she'd visited during the Trump years she would have had catered hamberders from mcdoolys and a red cap they would have billed her a c note for.

  35. That's easy. The biggest secret to dancing at 106 is to live til 106. Anything less than that is going to make dancing kinda tough to n do.

  36. You dance at 106 and then you park. I'm just jealous I'm at 31 and I can't dance. I hope mama keeps dancing and spreading her joy. We need more of it

  37. Look, just because those 2 were bad doesn't make Obama great by any means. Yeah, he was fine in the grand scheme of things, but drone striking hospitals in the middle east isn't very nice.

  38. Now I don't know if it's just because he's on camera, but Obama seems like a chill dude to hang out with

  39. I know this lady is short, but every time I see Michelle Obama she looks so tall, she’s gotta be like 6’4” in heels at least.

  40. Imagine born in 1907 and had to go through all the shit black people went through to finally meet the first black president. Man no wonder she's so darn happy. God bless her!

  41. How in the hell is this the first time I am seeing this?!?! Should have been viral immediately. Cutest thing I have seen in months

  42. im listening to music as i watch this muted. its weird seeing obama, michelle, and a 106 year old woman dance to power and the passion by midnight oil.

  43. The Obama's were (and still are, I'd guess) just the kindest, classiest people. The most personable we've had in this office in modern times. They're so damn charismatic.

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