Can I please have some chicken nuggets?

  1. As a joke one day we were looking for something to watch and CBS had all the seasons of survivor. No one could make up their mind so I said "Fine, we'll watch survivor until we decide what to watch."

  2. No cold feet at night seems worth a small portion of any meat that's being prepared. Also that whole companionship/protection angle.

  3. I have never had a dog so I don't really know but isn't it bad for dogs to give them food that has a lot of seasoning?

  4. Just because someone has to be the guy that's fun at parties, you shouldn't give the dog a nugget in this situation, in fact, it's best to ignore him completely. Because if you do give the doggo a treat, the begging will only get worse and worse.

  5. Most dogs will love them but a lean protein will become a high fat protein. Grease, butter, and fat (foods that contain a lot of oil) aren't really healthy for a dog. Too much of these substances can lead to a really upset stomach for dogs, and can lead to food poisonings.

  6. Ye I was gonna say, it must be annoying if this is every time. I wouldn’t tolerate begging like that in my house

  7. These humans are stupid. I obviously want a nugget and he keeps pointing his listening and speaking device at me. Either give me a nugget or show me where you put the car keys and I will get some myself.

  8. Survivor playing at the back made me smile even more. Can't believe this show has been on for over two decades and still manages to remain interesting and compelling.

  9. My son aged 3; 'Daaaad! There's a Donalds! We could go and not tell mum and you could have a hamburdler, an' I could have some nuggets! And Chips! Chips chips chips chips! Chips!'

  10. Nah I’m good don’t care how nice a dog can be, don’t bring your hot breathing,stingy, food greedy ass near me at all when I eat

  11. I recently read that dogs and humans have the best understanding of what it means when you point to something. Other animals supposedly don't have the same innate understanding of what it means. There is no animal I'd rather co-evolve with.

  12. So gentle and polite. She respects your authority. You should reward her with nuggets, and belly rubs on the couch.

  13. I would always stop by McDonalds on the way home from the dog park just to get my dog McNuggets. Miss that poor little fella.

  14. "A thousand pardons me lord, I humble myself before you to ask that I might have a tiny taste of that glorious nourishment found in this container."

  15. Your pets won’t beg if you never give them people food. It’s so annoying to go to someone’s house and not be able to eat in peace.

  16. Um hello, hoo-man? Do you see how polite and well mannered I am being? I am not begging, I am politely asking….. Tap, tap, tap! I know there are goodies in that box! I can hear the difference in an empty box VS one full of goodies and well of course I can SMELL 👃🏻 them! 🐶🐾🐾🐥

  17. Oh man, yesterday I left to take my oldest two kids to the park while my wife stayed home with the baby, and I guess my dog didn’t realize she was still there, because as soon as I closed the door behind me she jumped up and stole a bite of a snack my toddler left on an end table.

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