Wedding ring prank

  1. I like how their brothers, so right away he’s like: “don’t play” because he KNOWS his brother! This is great! Congratulations to everyone!

  2. This is the most wholesome content to a comment formated this way I have seen. Usually article markdowns are the most depressing shit you'll read all day. Thanks OP

  3. As a younger brother best man if you don't pretend you've lost the ring for a few seconds what even is the point?

  4. According to OP's comment below, the Best Man is the Groom's younger brother. I blame this on the Groom. He picked the one person who has been waiting for years to get him back for all of his torture.

  5. A few of us had written “ help me “ on the bottom of my best friends shoes the night before so that when he was kneeling at the front of the church we would all see it in the front row since it was too low for most people to see. Years of torture disappeared for his little brother in that instant

  6. And into this ring (pop), he poured his cruelty, his malice, and his will to dominate the ceremony. One ring to rule the (wedding) day

  7. Both their facial expressions just make it so much funnier. Like in terms of comedy they really played the parts

  8. The groom is like “I paid good money for that ring, yo goofy ass better not have lost it” I know the feeling man! Well, not this exact situation but you get what I mean.

  9. My husband and I were married in November of 2019. It was a small wedding, in his grandparents house with a few family members and our best friends. We get to the ring exchanging part and my husband looks at his best man… who pats his pockets, shrugs, and looks at my brother in law. BIL does the same thing. At this point I’m thinking: “Oh honey, today is not the day to lose something”! Even my grandmother looked worried. Husband pats his pockets and finally pulls out my ring… and a blue raspberry ring pop (my favorite!) His mom about fell out of her chair laughing, I started laughing so hard I could barely stand up straight. “Pick one!” He tells me. I picked both. I wear the gold ring and keep the ring pop in a case in my jewelry box. :)

  10. My friend got proposed to like this. He brought her to the bar she worked at and they met at. Family and friends came to witness it. She walked in the door and was surprised to see everyone there. She then turned around and he got on one knee and popped out a ring pop for her. She was happy and kissed him, thinking this was a month early birthday party for her. He then reach into his pocket and gave her the real deal. She became a living bobble head shaking her head yes.

  11. I can't get over the gorgeous bride. She don't care about the ring - she's just ready to marry the love of her life. Good feels all around. Would watch again.

  12. Every single one of these people is unbelievably attractive. Even the preacher and that man looks like a happily married father of 5 in his late 50s who's most exciting night in the last decade included a particularly competitive game of Wii bowling.

  13. Friend of mine did this. Him and best man are both electricians and work together, best man pulled out a roll of electrical tape instead of the ring. Weddings are best when not taken too seriously.

  14. Friend of mine did this at another friend's wedding, except with a Ring doorbell camera, I have no idea how he hid it, but it was legendary.

  15. Does ‘sense’ of humour also apply to the visual experience of watching a guy perfectly play his part as the straight man and still not see it?

  16. His reaction actually makes it funnier because he knew his brother was up to something, and probably warned him early on. He actually played the straight man role to perfection.

  17. The Bride is so freaking cute! Obviously stunningly beautiful, but she also has the sweetest face and energy 💛

  18. At my dad's wedding when it was time to give the ring, he randomly asked my brother (who was not the ring bearer) if he remembered to bring the ring. The look on my brothers face will stay with me forever:)

  19. This is second only to when that guy was getting fitted for a suit for his buddy's wedding and the tailor handed him a child's suit.

  20. These two have been a comedy duo their entire lives I’m sure. Love the genuine laughter from the bride at the end too.

  21. I was in no way expecting that, and it gave me a genuine laugh I haven’t had in a while. I’m so glad everyone was laughing. THAT is a good prank! I hope the couple is still happy💖

  22. The groom pauses with his hand over his mouth when the ring pop comes out. He’s trying not to laugh… and then he slides right into the straight man role.

  23. Am I the only one who thinks a wedding ceremony is maybe not the right moment for a prank, even an “innocent” one?

  24. I was working a wedding last week where the pastor asked for the rings and the best man and the ring bearers had no clue where they were. This brought back a moment of panic it was done so convincingly.

  25. My husband decided to buy a band and diamond separate when he was ready to propose but it wasn’t finished being made when he planned to see me. So he used a ring pop and I wasn’t even mad. I thought it was hilarious.

  26. My husband's little brother was our best man for our wedding. When he gave his speech at the reception he just broke down in tears and hugged his brother saying he was so proud of him.

  27. This was so wholesome and funny. I love everyone’s reaction! The best man was like “just kidding” only seconds later. That’s how all pranks should be.

  28. This was my sister’s wedding - her husband proposed to her with a ring pop, so they both decided (secretly) to give a ring pop to the MoH as a joke. BiL actually gave two so that they could both wear one, so MoH ended up pulling out three ring pops when asked for the rings!

  29. My ex father in law did something similar by stopping the ceremony and presenting us with a very old picture of us kissing. I was mortified inside but I laughed outwardly. Don't do this friends.

  30. I actually proposed to my now wife with a ring pop. I pulled the real ring after she said yes. Those wrappers are so loud. I thought she could hear me trying to unwrap it from across the whole arboretum.

  31. How awesome to see a bride having fun & going with the flow... as opposed to the bridezilla gals we hear so much about. 💜

  32. Hilarious!!! Dude like “Don’t play man, don’t play. “ Out pops the pacifier! 🤣😂🤣😂

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