Dude met online gaming friend of 10 years.

  1. I did this last year with a buddy i met on Day Z. Been playing games together for over ten years since 09 and i said fuck it one day last August and said what are you doing this weekend. Long story short i flew across the states, then we had one hell of a memorable weekend. I definitely get these vibs.

  2. I had a good friend who committed suicide due to overwhelming stress at a university. At his funeral, like 20+ random people were there that I had never met. Turned out they were all his gamer friends that lived all across the country (some probably even international). One of them spoke and was crying just as much as I, or anyone else was. It was seriously one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen. Say what you will about gaming but there can absolutely be some good and relationships built in that space can be so meaningful to some.

  3. People may laugh or scoff at gamer friends, but YEARS ago, while playing SOCOM online, on my PS2, I ended up meeting a handful of guys. We played regularly.

  4. Actually did the exact same thing! I met a friend on a super obscure Minecraft mod back in the day (11-12 years now), and we kept playing all that time. 8 years later, I drove from Iowa to Texas to spend a weekend in a hotel down there and hang out with him. 11/10 best friend I’ve ever had.

  5. Wholesome and all but I would probably get weirded out if a person were filming me the whole time while hanging out with a friend.

  6. Online friends like this (not the creepy illegal ones) know stuff about your deepest feelings and secrets more than your family.. it’s beautiful 😩

  7. If someone I only knew from online woke me up like that I'd be happy but only after the panic attack eased up.

  8. Not driving 4h in a decade? My wife thinks its super wierd with online friends aswell, have one that bought a game for me cuz he wanted me there with him online..wanted to invite him for a weekend sleepover with gaming and beer but she said it was creepy inviting a stranger like that. Guess they need to facetime or something before that happens?!

  9. Um somebody never played online gaming before because if you're not friends in real life is pretty much everybody out to f*ck your mom and drop n- bombs

  10. Bruh you can see how depressed the first guy is and then his buddy he just met irl came through to help him through it. If you find that "weird" there's something wrong with you.

  11. I cant wait for this and my bud, we met back in the black ops 1 days(2010) and we still havent met in person but we are across the us from eachother

  12. Ahhh come on, who else thought it was gonna be ‘she got to know the gamer friend and then left bf for him’ 😂😂

  13. This will be my online best friend and I one day! 4 years strong & I have nothing but admiration for her. She’s the best person i’ve ever met <3

  14. My local friend and I played Nazi zombie quads with a guy who we came to know very well, who lived about 6 hours away. After like 3 years, he ended up being in our area, and we all got together and hung out. Was just as awesome in person as he was over the headset.

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