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  1. The video is being shot from THE RIDE in NYC, and the dancer on the street is one of the cast. The tour guide/comedian/hosts on the bus can talk to the performers on the street as the bus drives past them, and all the seats on the bus face sideways so the audience is mobile and the city is the stage. Part tour, part performance.

  2. My brain makes me think that he’s rehearsing for something. I used to practice line dances I was learning while walking sometimes, so maybe it’s my bias showing lol

  3. My thought too. Even so. It's lovely to see an adult be joyous and free, just outside, randomly in the world. OP is correct. It would be great to have more of this.

  4. Omg there's a guy that gives off these happy vibes, he's gotten the nickname Mr. Rose/Rose Guy because he does nothing but walk around our city holding a Rose with a warm smile on his face waving to everyone that drives by

  5. This is one of the street cast for THE RIDE in New York City. It's a bus tour in a bus that has seats all facing sideways so you can look out the panoramic windows while driving through the city. The comedian hosts on the bus talk to and interact with other performers that are located on the street along the path the bus will drive. I rode THE RIDE a couple weeks ago and it was really cool.

  6. Saw this from a Youtube Short, but since sharing from Youtube wasn't allowed on here, I just had to screengrab it! Credits are in the video.

  7. This is why I love living in big cities, you see weird and awesome shit like this all the fucking time. I think this is NYC but I could be wrong, maybe Union Square park, near the best buy over there. definitely one of the big parks around the lower part of the city.

  8. I live in NYC, and I agree! Not sure where this is either, but I love that when you see a random, weird or amusing moment, people just let it happen and don't overreact. Definitely makes things interesting xD

  9. What's with all the "can we normalize" shit. it's already normal. Or are you expecting every happy person to act like that ? This is so fucking dumb.

  10. yeah like nobody acts like this in real life. its only lame ass people who get influenced by this hollywood shit and think real life works the same way.

  11. This is part of a "show" that goes on in NYC. You pay to ride a bus (I think it's called "The Ride") and as you ride thru the city on the tour bus, pre-arranged "performances" like this take place. The performers are paid; it's part of the tour.

  12. He's a performer for the tour bus that the video is being filmed from, called THE RIDE in NYC. It's pretty cool. I rode it a couple weeks ago and it was a different dancer dressed in the same trench coat on the same sidewalk.

  13. This mf get TWO compliments a year instead of one, the sheer power of his happiness can cure depression

  14. Whenever I make enough money to get out of my crippling debt I will make an effort to spread joy like this. But given the state of the world that could very possibly never happen.

  15. Imagine a dystopian world where everyone is like this except you. You wake up crying each morning because you dread putting on that smile and dancing down the street. But if you don’t, then they will find out that you are an imposter. Then the…

  16. This isn't real humanity can't be like that, constat happiness is also not as good that one thinks, we are meant to suffer grow and learn and then be happy

  17. As an autistic person, I get the urge to show my joy with my body like this. I never do , for fear of slurs, assault, and ridicule. But god god this video makes me so happy. Perhaps someday I’ll be brave enough to do this too. If I could see him in person, I would be. Shoutout to this man.

  18. Hey!! I do that TOO! I mean, admittedly I'm clinically insane. Do I'm doing it to appease the German lesbians living in my head with their 14...wait, 17 cats and four dogs....I forgot where I was going with this

  19. Yeah we can when the world functions in a way designed to make us happpy instead of its usual design of trying to su k the life out of us. Thats why i love this sub. A little light in the sewers of life.

  20. Ballet in a brown coat! Ah! the pleasures of giving two flying fishes to covid, climate change and war criminals!

  21. More people who publicly do this the more happy people walking by will be leading to more happy dancing and the cycle continues, this is how we solve global sadness

  22. How I felt when she said "duh I wanna be your girlfriend". I guess cheers to new beginnings? Idk I'm just trying to think positive but I gmcant get her out of my head

  23. I used to dance while walking home with my headphones and I'd get people in cars staring at me blankly. I didn't mind the ones who smiled, but the ones who just stared creeped me out

  24. What are you hiding in that backpack buddy? Could be on his way to do a drug deal or blow something up.. Who woulda thought!

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