Now THIS is how you treat your loyal employees!

  1. You don't have to pay taxes if someone gifts you money for a down payment on a home. And the gift giver can give up to $16K before they would have to pay taxes, which is why the two docs split it up and gave her $10K each.

  2. I hear ya. I’ve got doctors and dentists in my family, all with very $ucce$$ful practices and none of them have done this for any of their employees. Maybe I should send this to them...for inspiration ;)

  3. My brother won one money in a video festival and got a big check like that and we ALL played with it. My other brother has a picture of him with it that his friend terribly edited to read "For the biggest asshole" or smth to that effect and now I wanna make a real one with that. Its basically just cardboard.

  4. When my job (in big data) got bought out by a bigger company, they gave all of us a portion of the buyout, and I got 20k$ after taxes for being there for 6 years before the buyout, was an awesome company, and they did up to 20% match to 401k via profit sharing. Now it's just a 4% match under the new people. Their are good jobs and companies out there,it's not all doom and gloom

  5. I work for the services org in a medium sized software company, and we had a tough few months being under staffed due to unexpectedly high sales. Company wrote us all $5k bonus checks, told us to take free PTO, and promised it won't happen again. There really are companies that care, and want to keep good people around. 5k ain't life changing, but it's a demonstration of leadership that actually cares.

  6. My boss just gave his assistant an all expenses paid trip to New Orleans (where she has wanted to go forever). She is absolutely indispensable to my office and 100% deserves it.

  7. This is so awesome. A guy at my work told me that the boss told him if he stays at the company 30 years he would give him a $30k bonus (told him that something like 25 years ago). Last year he reached 30 years and reminded the boss about it, the boss denies saying it. The guy quit the next month lol

  8. I’m confused?? How has she worked there 20 years when she doesn’t even look older than 25-30?? Did I hear that right? Anyway congratulations to her I am so happy and I don’t even know her lol!

  9. "I know you're 20 years [anniversary] is not till next month but..." gives her ten $1,000 bundles. Other doc says "but wait you said 20, right?" Gives her another 10 bundles. He says the big check is just for show, she says she likes the big check just as much as the money.

  10. I have no clue what happened and I want to know what dog ears these other redditors have that they were able to decipher what was said

  11. Same here. The doctors I work for gave us all a small raise here in Austin due to the rise in rent/housing late last year. It probably isnt much to most people, but for me knowing they are paying attention to us and thinking about us, really made me really love my job more.

  12. Damn... here i am working at a shitty warehouse job from 3-10am in sweltering heat being told by our managment that "water is a courtesy" when we currently dont have a working water fountain... Im happy for her though!

  13. This is really awesome. The best I ever got was after 2 years of working on my own and not taking a single day off my bosses gave me $1k and a friday off. I was pretty happy about it.

  14. I have worked for a multibillion dollar a year global company, and I’ve made them at least 5 million in the last ten years. I haven’t even gotten an “atta-boy!”

  15. This is the wildest thing I think I’ve ever seen in terms of 9-5 employment. Wow God bless. May they make that money right back 4 times over.

  16. Fricking onions. They seem like solid MD's and a genuinely excellent place to work. They bonused her correctly to avoid the taxes. They care about their employees and can feel the love they have through the internet. I am very happy for her!

  17. One the other hand after years of COVID and more than half the staff leaving my hospital didn’t give us a raise and made us pay for our Thanksgiving cafeteria meal for the first time in 5yrs. STAY AT THAT OFFICE!

  18. My favorite line from almost anything is when this one character is hired to do a difficult task for another, and is thanked afterwards. He replies "the money is how you thank me".

  19. I've been at my place of employment for 6 years. I've always done a good job, everyone I work with appreciates my efforts and is happy with my service and support. I've always gotten excellent performance reviews from my supervisors.

  20. This is how all companies should show appreciation for 20 year vets. We are all living in a capitalist society where profit is king. Oh you want to give me a plaque instead?

  21. Employers don’t value employees anymore. Senior leaders used to give gifts for milestones, weddings, bonus’ if the company did well. Now they keep it for themselves. Everyone should post every kind employer here. We all dont expect $20k, but show us some appreciation. Congrats to this woman and her leaders!

  22. I mean she worked there 20 years and probably had a huge influence on the success so I personally wouldnt be jealous cause its a dammmm long time. I agree about the PR stuff though

  23. It seems like they don't have that kind of culture there. It can be seen as a motivation for the other workers. I think there was love in the room.

  24. After years of reading reddit comments whine about employers appreciating their employees with money, it doesn't surprise to see this is an upvoted comment.

  25. Amen brother. Comes off as a disingenuous PR stunt when you do it on camera in front of everyone. That is her moment, not everyone else’s - let her decide with whom she shares it. If you want other employees to know how great a boss you are, then make it a policy with defined criteria so everyone knows the target and the reward. That public display was self serving to make themselves look/feel like heros rather than to celebrate her being the hero.

  26. She's good! Two doctors gifting it to her, intended for a house downpayment, and under the limits for taxation. Nothing to see here, folks!

  27. One of my clients sold there house that I had maintained for 25 years and I got £40k. Invested it into a new house myself £70k mortgage instead of £110k.

  28. I've cried and felt like I have received a part of that joy too! thanks for sharing this moment I got so happy for her and I wish that this could happen more often to hard workers.

  29. Would have been nice for my husband after his 20. Company sold his location and two others two years ago. The workers choice: work for the new company or be jobless. If you chose not to work for them they would let unemployment know you “quit” do you couldn’t get unemployment. So, same job, different company. And, the last day, they decided he could keep all his bonus, since it was the end of the “year.” They we’re going to try and pro-rate it! Twenty years snd nothing. Well, they let him keep his 10 year old IPhone, factory re-set, of course.

  30. So fucking awesome. This has me a wreck. I’ve been trying to save a down payment for quite some time. And every time I’m getting there, something happens.

  31. She is very lucky to found an amazing employer. There's nothing better than knowing your efforts are appreciated at your company and it's a bonus if you get to receive incentives or gifts such as this.

  32. This sure beats the donuts I buy my staff every time I work. That’s very nice of them and she clearly deserves it. It’s rare to find someone that sticks around that long in a practice

  33. I can't for the life of me understand why if you could do this for your employees why you wouldn't. People are selfish in so many ways. Giving feels great! Give money great..Give time cool.. Give conversation awesome there are many ways to give it helps people know you at least care.

  34. The motivation for the other staff will be huge, to show that you are valued there (actually valued rather than a pizza party).

  35. Good on her! The woman and her employer are both keepers. The amount of respect and appreciation given is just so wholesome.

  36. I worked 17 years for a big company. Last month they wanted to move me to a bigger site with more employees under me but keep same pay. I quit.

  37. Meanwhile my company is like hey thanks for working 60 hours a week putting out fires left and right, here's a $10 Starbucks gift card.

  38. You know who doesn’t have a labour shortage? These guys. Pay your staff well and they will take care of your business and customers.

  39. If i made (probably) millions i would give back some to my loyal employees, but i know not all are made equally, some just keep on stacking watching theyr bank accounts grow bigger every month searching for a new yearly home or car.

  40. One time I got a giant check from a prize from a contest I won, I wanted to take it home, they told me I couldn't, they had to reuse it. :(

  41. Notice how you only see “heartwarming” videos like this from the US? That’s because shit like this isn’t needed in countries with progressive taxation, universal healthcare, living wage requirements, and a strong social safety net. It actually is possible for the entire population to have enough to have a good life. We just have to want that.

  42. While I tend to agree with you, context is important. She got a huge bonus for being with the clinic for 20 years. I don't think there's a systemic issue tied up in that. But generally, yes, "heartwarming" videos like this often gloss over systemic issues with the US economy.

  43. Coworkers often record celebration for the recipients and others that may be out. This is great to show how to reward people.

  44. Let’s get this underpaid lady and bring her out in front of everyone. Film it, count the money in front of everyone, like it’s a kids game. We are finally doing something that’s not considered fucked so let’s make a spectical of it and her.

  45. I'm happy she got the bonus but honestly, I would NEVER make this kind of spectacle when money is involved. This is extremely unprofessional imo.

  46. Awesome! We should celebrate those who bust their butts everyday!!! She is appreciated, cherished, and has the respect of her work family. Don't let "antiwork" get a hold of this.

  47. Or... and hear me out.... pay your employees a living wage instead of making their workplace a gameshow!

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