A creative way for gender reveal

  1. If you had sound then you would have known she was going to have a girl anyway just based on the song choice.

  2. This stand-up comic I saw recently had a joke about gender reveals, and one of the tags was “burn down half of California,” and I didn’t understand it until I saw your comment. Thank you.

  3. Istg people could throw an entire atomic bomb onto a city and the colour of the explosion would determine the gender of their child.

  4. Why Around 25 seconds when it could go either way did I say to myself “ah so it’s either a girl or boy” like, obviously😂😂😂😂

  5. At first you were considering the possibility of a draw... Which would actually be such s good way to reveal having an intersex baby lol

  6. I was more annoyed by the fact that the x's and o's on the front are apparently arbitrary and don't mean anything. They would have been better off leaving them blank or using a universal design for the front side of all of the tiles.

  7. I found out I was having a boy at the 12 week ultrasound. I was flipping through the photo printouts while my husband and I were checking out at the front desk. The ultrasound tech drew an arrow to what I presume was the penis and wrote “It’s a boy! Congrats!” And you know what? We were just as thrilled to find out that way.

  8. 12 weeks is pretty early! Our tech wouldn't tell us at that point. But we opted for blood testing and so found out that way around that time anyway. What's funny is that people keep pushing us for the name so much (Baby's name is private until she is here with us!) that I think we should have a "name reveal" party.

  9. Serious question: What is it I'm supposed to find thrilling about the baby's sex? I'm trying to be a father soon and people keep asking me "what are you hoping for?", and I just have no idea for how to even think about that question.

  10. A couple close friends of mine when they had their kids needed to find out just so they could get the right clothes and babywear ready. They kept it from their parents pretty well though.

  11. It was statistically probable I was going to have a boy. We already have 2 and for some reason the probability the 3rd kid will be the same gender as the first two is higher. Boys are already slightly more likely to happen and men who have been in war zones are more likely to have boys. My step sisters that really wanted boys ended up with all girls. So I accepted even though I really wanted a girl that my baby was going to be a boy. Had a name picked out an everything.

  12. People who aren't graphic artists or in the publishing industry, lol. I also really hate the fonts they chose. Yeah, the whole setup and the music is especially annoying.

  13. 2/10. No explosions? No injuries? An American Gender Reveal without at least 3 deaths is considered a dull affair.

  14. Pretty sure these are a relatively new thing and most people don’t do them, I’m American and tons of my friends and family have had kids over the past few years and not one had a gender reveal thing

  15. Kind of weird, but this world sucks ass in general so I'm not going to stand in the way of people in enjoying things. If they can make a good time and have fun out of something like this (without burning something down), power to them.

  16. It gets a lot of hate but honestly, its just another chance to have fun with something. Sure there are people that take it too far, but most gender reveals Ive been to never were super serious and it was them just enjoying a chance to celebrate

  17. man, in New Orleans we had a sinkhole open up in the middle of the city once on May 3rd. 2 days later there was already a massive Sinkhole De Mayo Party. Parties um… find a way

  18. The first Gender Reveal party actually had a point, the mother was having major troubles attempting carry a child to term and the fact that the baby lasted to the point where the child's gender was able to be determined was actually an event worth celebrating.

  19. Because some people live happy lives and enjoy celebrating the little things. Adding more joy to your life and sharing that with others is a nice thing :)

  20. I honestly have no problem with it. I think it’s become too fashionable to hate on them. Who cares if people want to find something to come together for and celebrate these days? Why should that bother anybody?

  21. I guess they are a new thing with social media? Idk I never heard of them until maybe 10 years ago, no one in my family ever did them and we are a big Mexican American family with like 40 grandkids lol

  22. Idk, I’m glad my friends are not into this. Standing there having to give a shit about some gender reveal would be so fucking stupid.

  23. If it works this way with 2 competent players there would be a whole lot more intersex people on earth...

  24. I think it's a great way to have a party for a second pregnancy, seeing as it's frowned upon if you have a second shower. Especially if the second time around you are having twins. Combine this with a diaper draw and you might get enough to last you the first couple of months. 😁

  25. In my culture we have a baby shower for the first one, and a baby welcome for the ones after. Idk why the distinction but nobody where I’m from frowns at celebrating more babies and giving more nappies

  26. Frowned upon for second showers? Maybe boomer age but all my millennial and gen z friends have multiple showers. ESPECIALLY if the baby is a different sex. Gotta get all those gendered items a second time.

  27. I went to a co-worker's "baby sprinkle" yesterday. It was put together because she joined us after her first baby but before her second, and we wanted to get together and give her wee baby things.

  28. It's a gender reveal party where a selected person, not the parents, learns the gender and then puts together a fun way to reveal it to the parents. Often times it's popping a balloon or cutting a cake to reveal pink or blue within. Here it's a tictactoe game, so though they're not really playing, when they eventually turn over three In row, that's what reveals the baby girl's gender. They could have solved that way before going to the last one, but probably were just having fun so kept going and turning irrelevant ones.

  29. I'm not a fan of gender reveals but honestly, I'm glad that they want the baby, that they have the disposable income to celebrate, and that in the face of the future that the kid faces down they find reason to celebrate. Just a sprinkle of positivity and optimism.

  30. I personally think these are really lame, but if they're having fun and not hurting anybody, then more power to them. I hope they have a long, happy future as a family ❤️

  31. The best gender reveal I ever went to was when my buddy nonchalantly told me during a phone conversation “oh, were having a boy,” and I said “oh cool, congratulations man!” And then we moved on with the conversation.

  32. Personally, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with gender reveal parties as long as you’re not harming the environment. There’s too little joy these days as it is, and if celebrating this rare moment in life makes people happier then I support it

  33. I have a soft spot in my heart for the "girl dads." Watching my husband show so much love and tenderness but also teaching our baby girl how to throw a punch has been the most beautiful chapter of this life.

  34. i was so hoping the last one would say "boy and girl" and that they were also revealing that they'd be getting twins ^

  35. Just because you don’t care doesn’t mean other people don’t…this is a fun thing that hurts nobody. Why are so many people against it?

  36. Good lord, the comments are so toxic. What they’re doing is harmless and fun for them. I think it’s a cute way to find out and they’re not burning down a forest so what’s the big deal?

  37. The comments are so full of hate. They hurt no one and are just enjoying themselves. There’s so much better to hate on in this world than a family celebrating their next child together.

  38. this comment section is really sadsack central lol nothing spells out reddit more than an innocent video resulting in a congregation of fist-shaking sourpusses

  39. I don’t get why these reveals are a thing, or would I care what a friend was having. If I’m not able to watch the conception, then don’t invite me to the reveal.

  40. Thanks for pointing out the 2 boys and 2 girls. My lack of basic understanding really had me struggling with the situation I was watching but her genius pulled me through. A modern day Stephen hawking

  41. She cheated and looked first. This game was rigged my man. If she cheats at tic tac toe, she will cheat with Joe.

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