1. Recently in Tampa Florida, a man came home to find his daughter, his wife, and his father in law dead in the pool. The daughter fell in, the mom jumped in to save her, then the grandpa jumped in to save them. None of them could swim so they all drowned. I think they were from India.

  2. There is a go fund me for him to help with college. It's raised a ton of money which I think is wonderful! He deserves it. He's been swimming since he was 3yrs old apparently. Those girls are very lucky he was there when he was.

  3. Backpacking this to comment on how important it is that Corion is such a strong and capable swimmer. Many Black Americans never learn to swim. This has some deep ties to segregation in America. What a hero. Thank you for mentioning the GoFundMe. I’ve donated.

  4. I hope he can go to school. He deserves a college education just like everyone else. Its sad that our countries priorities have made it so expensive for every day working class families to put their kid through school.

  5. 83K is not really a ton of money unless he's gong for a degree in dog grooming and even then I think he will come up short.....Good on him I hope it grows.

  6. In the article it says how he also rescued a police officer who was responding to the scene. The cop got swept under by the current and he had to bring him to shore.

  7. Yep. Waterlogged clothing is no joke. I’ve had to haul people out of Lake Superior that thought it’d be funny to jump in with jeans and a hoodie before.

  8. My guess is the cop didn’t take off his gear before jumping in. If you haven’t practiced swimming with it on, it’ll be difficult to stay afloat. It’s difficult even for a good swimmer with practice.

  9. At the very least learn how to float on your back. It could save your life if you're ever stranded. Just swimming will tire you out, laying on your back floating takes minimal effort. A side benefit is if the coast guard is looking for you the best thing you can do is stay put if you're not close to shore.

  10. This young hero selflessly risked his life for people he didn't know. While in Texas heavily armed and "trained " cops stood by while teachers and children were slaughtered. I would be honored to shake this man's hand.

  11. Young Hero. Well done! No regard for his own safety, and saved three lives at 16. This young man has an incredible future ahead of him.

  12. These types of people we should invest in to make this country better for generations down the line. These are heroes along with drs nurses garbage men/women, military those are heroes. Celebrities, politicians, and rulers should never been honored.

  13. Oh what can " GoFund Me" do for a young man such as this instead of the many useless and entitled who plead for free money!!! Hero.... HERO!!!!!!

  14. I thought they were talking about the old guy jumping into the water until I got to the end. Now I'm not even sure which would have been more impressive, a young kid jumping into the water and saving the girls or the old guy. Either way, very impressive!

  15. Awesome kid. I actually wonder if a teenager would be more likely to make such an attempt just because they still have that young immortal feeling and don't make a lot risk/benefit calculations the older adults do. Not trying to diminish his heroism. That takes serious courage regardless of age. Just wondering.

  16. Dang this reminds me of Shavarsh Karapetyan. They were both just living their life when a vehicle crashes in a body of water. They both go right in with courage and purpose.

  17. Props to this guy but this is what people do everyday and instead all I hear about it some jackoff who’s being a racist piece of shit. This should be normalized, not what the media is peddling every fucking day to us.

  18. I sincerely hope if ever faced with similar situations, I could do the same. This is an amazing fest, and I'm so proud of this young man's courage and selflessness.

  19. Right wing people on twitter: "Oh so he gets a participation award?? Any self-respecting person would have done that!!"

  20. Truly a hero, it's sad cause honestly I feel most people would keep driving, maybe if your lucky they'd call the police

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