1. in elementary and middle school my teachers held assemblies to thank janitors. Our janitors were super nice and all the kids loved them. I think this is an exception

  2. Thats a good man. Well done. Always good to see janitors getting the respect they deserve. They do so incredibly much behind the scenes and keep people safe from diseases and keep places smelling at the very least somewhat fresh. He deserves nothing less.

  3. I remember when we were in high school at 8martz(women day) we bought 1 flower for each girl in our class, then 1 flower for each woman teacher(that teach our class), then we guys decided to get 2 more flowers, 1 for each janitor woman( one was cleaning the floor on our main class, the other was on the floor where we had practice class), we didn‘t even think about it, we just did it, women day=flower to the women you interact with. It turn out this 2 women were the only one to have receive flowers from all the janitors in the whole school, probably in years. We‘ve become the most appreciated group in the school and any time we needed something from the janitors for the next 2 years were like done by just asking.

  4. My first job at 16 was as a janitor for my grandfather's company. Most of his employees were immigrants and he structured things so that he basically passed on 80% of the billing to the employees and let them take on as many accounts as they wanted. Some cleaned part time, others were family operations that had multiple buildings. The later made the equivalent of six figures today. Most of them spoke little english and janitorial gave them opportunities few other industries would have. A few of them went on to start their own companies.

  5. He's such a gem. There was a news story made on it. He suffers from cerebral palsy but doesn't let it bother him, even views it as a capability! Wonderful man.

  6. Just gonna drop in to say that we shouldn’t idealize people because they “don’t let it bother them.” I’m sure this guy is in pain every single day of his life and I’m sure it bothers him very deeply. Disability isn’t a super power, and it’s actually pretty ableist to only like people with disabilities that “overcome” with that specific mentality.

  7. I’ve seen this so many times and it’s still my favourite thing on the internet, not often you see such pure emotional joy

  8. The mistreatment is absurd. Hard work, tough hours, low pay, poor work environment, sub-par equipment, low pay, low-budget, everything patchwork and piecemeal, low pay, but sometimes, just sometimes, the health/retirement benefits can make it worthwhile.

  9. That's awesome for the team to take care of their closest supporters! And that is a sweet ring. You are part of the school staff, so it's not uncommon for school admin members to get them. I've seen where SRO's and other got them too. Congrats bro.

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