My wife and I met a year ago, and just got married. We're both 19 :) (OC)

  1. Two major red flags while reading through the replies here but then I noticed the username and almost fell of the chair holding my sides.

  2. I did that once. We were divorced in 6 years- but before you go thinking at least we had 6 happy years- we hated each other for 5.5 of them.

  3. Together at 16. Married at 20. Divorced at 32. Holy shit we had no idea what the hell we were doing 3/4 of the time. I wonder if we would have hated each other if we had ever gotten out of the "just surviving" phase.

  4. I'm in Finance, if only you can imagine how many guys come in a week to change their martial status from married to single is mind boggling

  5. I would assume she will be giving birth in 9 months from today. Their first child will be born before their first wedding anniversary.

  6. People don’t get married this young and then wait to have kids. They’re going to have kids as soon as they possibly can, whether or not they’re financially stable or emotionally mature enough.

  7. Not bashing OP and i know many friends married at that age, but its crazy to think that the government allows for 2 people to make a (potentially) lifelong commitment both financially and in health in their teen years, when they don’t even trust teens to make logical decisions with alcohol before 21…

  8. Don’t wait until it’s bad to go to counseling. If you do it individually and together now you’re significantly lowering your chance of divorce. Good luck man.

  9. And then I wondered why I saw so many 22-23yo divorced women with 2 children on Tinder back when I was 25 and I moved from Europe to rural Indiana. I'm an optimistic person so I will root for you and hope it works but God damn, marrying at 19 after only 10 months together sounds so wrong on so many levels.

  10. This is literally the duality of the post; should I celebrate what’s commonly considered a very great milestone or bring out the harsh reality lol

  11. I love that everyone thinks marrying someone you barely know super young so you can have sex is a trick the guy who created the universe hasn't figured out yet.

  12. First thing I thought of when I saw this. And I know this happens because I was raised in a super evangelical household. Church five days a week, no non-Christian friends allowed, no sex until marriage, etc.

  13. My religious friend is also getting married after knowing her boyfriend for a year, and guess what she’s the most excited for? S E X 🙏🏼😂 Thats an expensive way to get it but okayyyy gurllll

  14. Right? Like it’s probably important to do it before you decide to get married. See if the chemistry is there? Haha

  15. lol op's profile is absolutely hilarious. religious right-wing gun nut getting married at 19 so he can boink without christian guilt.

  16. I'm 31 and I can't imagine marrying someone after only a year. Like, even with everyone around me getting married, ain't no way I'm rushing to tie that knot till we've got way more time invested.

  17. Careful tho- OP scrubbed his posts before this one blew up. It’s usually full of guns and ammo and according to his username lots of mistrust of the government.

  18. I'm sorry... but wrong subreddit. Marrying someone after just 1 year and at such a young age at that... I mean, good luck, but I don't like your chances.

  19. You’ll learn things that only time can teach you. I think as long as you stay in a bubble and maintain your childlike innocence and naïveté you guys should be fine and should be able to have a successful marriage.

  20. I met my husband at twenty-four. We didn't get married until six years had passed. We got dealt a bad hand - I had a stroke within nine months of meeting. I then had to learn English again, and also the brain injury had my anger turned to eleven. And usually I was mad at myself - because I couldn't speak my native tongue.

  21. I’m only 20 years old but I couldn’t agree more with this statement. I’ve changed more since I turned 18-now than I have my entire high school career and before. I’ve matured, learned more about life, etc. Hell I’m more level headed at 20 than I was even a year ago at 19. And I can definitely tell I’m not all the way there yet even. I can’t imagine getting married now. You age and grow up and suddenly you’re married to someone you really barely even know because neither of you had even come into yourselves yet when you got hitched.

  22. Congratulations but I'll be honest, gives me anxiety at the thought of it. Everyone dramatically changes who they are between 18-25, I hope you both change together for the better.

  23. everyone’s so negative about this, but maybe she’ll actually enjoy running a Christian mommy blog and selling Plexus when she has an identity crisis at 25

  24. with that location and that dress? not a chance. christian? hell yeah. “waiting til marriage”? hell yeah

  25. Barely adults marrying without knowing each other even a year doesn’t make me smile. But the comment section does

  26. I’m just curious why they mentioned how long they knew each other and their age. As if they deep down know that it’s not a good idea or they’re farming downvotes?

  27. Because sex outside of marriage is still a big no no as far as Christians are concerned.

  28. Just hold off on the kids. You both are going to change a lot over the next five years. The statistics are what they are. Prove them wrong. And if the statistics prove right, well you took your shot and had fun while it lasted and no one else got hurt.

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