Iranian women burning their hijabs after a 22 year-old girl was killed by the “morality police”

  1. Rightly said, it takes immense courage to do what they're doing. Literally, Life & Death for these women. Hats Off.

  2. The absurdity of viewing burning a head covering as an an act courage should not be lost on us. These women are warriors of the first degree and I pray they start a movement throughout that country. [edit: typo]

  3. Precisely my thought. It's absolutely absurd that burning a head covering could lead to being gang raped and tortured to death.

  4. It breaks my heart that these ladies even have to do this, and it scares the hell out of me to think what can happen to them now that the footage is made public.

  5. Iran used to be a much more open and modern place to live before the Islamic revolution. Religious extremism has no place in governing people’s lives in any way shape or form. Religion or a lack thereof is a personal matter, not for the state to police.

  6. Islam demands control. its been fine for over 1400 years only last 100 it been failing because of western invasion in the Middle East

  7. Brave brave women. I hope this generation and the next take back the rights they had before the revolution.

  8. Iran is really awful when it comes to women rights, I cant even imagine being attacked for having a string of hair looking from my hijab. Thats absolutely absurd. They just treat women bad and try to use any excuse they can. Just awful.

  9. God speed you ladies. I hope this will be the turning point for Iran, a beautiful country with deep tradition skewed first by corrupt monarchs then a religious regime.

  10. I hope this video isn’t used to identify any of them by the same people who killed the girl they’re protesting for. Burn the hijab, but maybe hide your face while the movement builds.

  11. ...and all these PC "police" people saying that women WANT to wear a hijab and are doing it out of choice... Tell that to the 22 year old who was killed because her hair had slipped out from beneath the hijab or these ladies here, removing the hijab and now having to fear for their lives.

  12. YEAHHH!!! You go, warrioresses, show those murdering bastards your bodies are, always have been and always will be your own and nobody else's ever!! The whole world is with you, be safe and never give up!! 👏👏👏✊️✊️✊️💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

  13. There is a particular religion that offers an endless supply of men who want to push this system on women. It happens over and over again. Very sad.

  14. As much as I rip on Christianity, it's oppression of women is not nearly as severe as this. Finally, a positive!

  15. You pulled that right of your ass, instead of actually reading and learning what islam is from true sources. You let haters educate you about it.

  16. I wonder if and when they’re ever gonna wake up and come into the 21st-century that whole region is so stuck in the 16th century it’s not even funny

  17. Rigidness is what has been a constant problem with Islam and such religions. The misery is that most of the customs are imposed on women only. Religions should evolve with human growth. Every religion should walk hand in hand with society to give it an unshakeable hold. But, on the contrary, they are killing people in the name of religious beliefs.

  18. It’s not the hijab, hijabs cannot be oppressive themselves, it’s the morality police. Women should and do choose whether or not they want to wear hijabs, but the morality police say they have too and they have to wear it how they like it only. The hijab itself is an expression of self.

  19. It is oppressive in a couple ways, morality police or when it comes to Islamic familial pressures, at the end of the day it sucks for many but there are women who choose whether they want a hijab and that’s when it is beautiful and not signifying life long oppression

  20. you actually have a point there. Middle eastern man always portray women as the devil and are scared of an educated woman. Hence why some countries dont allow their women education. And yes, they have BIG insecurities.

  21. Few months back, one Indian state (out of 30) imposed a ban on hijabs in schools which have a uniform dress code. No religious attire allowed policy for anyone inside school premises. You're free to do whatever outside the school.

  22. Hindus are also killing innocent Muslims & destroying their property. This assumption that Muslims are somehow worse than other religions is a bit ridiculous. Islam certainly has problems, but so does Hinduism. And hindu fundamentalism is only going to increase in the coming years.

  23. It's a good thing we have feminism in western countries otherwise we would still be able to vote and we would have to ask our husband to open a bank account (btw in France, my country, women weren't allowed to have a bank account without the authorisation of their husbands in the 70s) or drive

  24. If western feminists have taught me anything its that Hijabs are an instrument of religious expression and are always the womens choice and basically harmless so I find this strange.

  25. That's the whole point. It's not the women's choice. They get beaten and killed if they don't wear them or even if they don't wear them correctly. Dunno what 'western feminists you're talking to but most feminists are against the forced wearing of anything and defiantly against the abuse and murder of women.

  26. Al QAEDA- oh……………………..for real? (This is not at all dark humor, these women are legit risking their lives in this vid)

  27. Read the room man, this isn't a meme sub, these are genuine legends fighting for their rights! No jokes, just badass' fighting the system of a corrupt country.

  28. Forcing women to wear hijab against their own will isn't Islam, Islam told us to do what u think is right, and if you saw somebody doing the bad thing, tell them not to, if they accepted it, good for them, if they didn't, leave them alone, and Allah will be the one to judge every single soul that He created.

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