An elderly woman in Iran joins the protests and defies the mandatory hijab law by refusing to wear the hijab

  1. She's swinging that cloth like she's ready to bend one of these whippersnapper 'morality police' over her knee and give 'em what for

  2. As an other aging women, she is there to protect the kids not the other way around. She knows the risks better then most. She's an inspiration to not let the kids stand in the damn front lines every single time.

  3. Elderly usually go into protests to protect the young protestors. It is extremely bad optics for a regime to beat up granny, which is not that bad if it was a young, healthy guy.

  4. Yeah, taking pictures in situations like this is dangerous for the people you’re photographing, and might even put you in danger from your own side if you’re walking around indiscriminately shooting.

  5. So far the videos I’ve seen have done a fairly good job of protecting the womens faces. I know that can’t be said about the men, since they are video taping them indiscriminately. However, most of the videos I’ve seen have always been from the back side of the womens head or has made sure the lighting hides their faces.

  6. She was around before the revolution and remembers the more liberal social norms. The Shah wasn't great but Iran used to be far better than it is under theocratic rule

  7. Iran was even better before the US/British Coup installed the shah. Let's hope that the west can stay out of it this time and let the country develop on its own terms. Let these brave people achieve a victory that is theirs to wield how they see fit.

  8. I heard they shut down the internet so theres no communication. I think its super important we share these kind of videos to bring more awareness.

  9. 💯 … we need to get our hands on every video and post where we can. I also saw some info regarding partnering with signal to help get videos from Iranians fighting, giving them internet access. I’m not that savvy, but feel free to explain it to me, and please do what you can.

  10. Internet has been back up for a few hours in iran now but the anti riot units are going more extreme now breaking into houses where people have given shelter to protesters who are being chased and theyre braking door and glasses litterally

  11. Hey I’m Iranian, the internet hasn’t been shut down at least till now, but it’s been 2 days since both Instagram and WhatsApp have gone out of access for obvious reasons but can be accessed with a vpn though other social media platforms still work just fine like Reddit..

  12. Brave. I very much hope she’s ok. She’s probably seen a lot of women killed for nonsense religious bs. I’d be angry as well, I am angry, I don’t know that I have as much courage, as this lady. I’ve never watched women beaten to death by morality police though. Regular cops in the USA do murder people, women included, I’m in no way minimizing what happens here in the USA everyday, it’s disgusting and justice is hard to get here if you aren’t wealthy. But, a 22 year old woman beaten to death by some religious so called morality pigs just because her hair wasn’t in her hijab as perfectly as these policemen liked so they beat her to death is sickening. I don’t blame the people for rioting.

  13. How about being beaten to death for having an abortion? Or being gay? Because honestly, with the way things have been going in the States, you are well on your way to becoming a real life Handmaiden’a Tale country.

  14. Yes, not only the adults are being killed. My close friend from Iran has told me before the internet cut off that there were even 15-16yr olds killed there.

  15. These women are all so fucking courageous. They are literally in a fight for their lives in the face of evil and they aren’t letting anyone stop them. It makes me so proud to be a woman.

  16. Yeah I'm thinking the same. I saw an awful post of a woman being whipped for doing this, yesterday. For the sake of a piece of clothing. What the actual fuck

  17. What’s scary is that the Supreme Court here in the US could actually start a theocracy, Handmaid’s Tale-style. I’m so much more terrified now that Roe V Wade has been officially overturned. I don’t feel safe as a woman in this world anymore and it fills me with sadness and despair.

  18. Man this is so sad, i can imagine my very own grandmother being oppressed and marching out there. I'll never understand why people would want total control over others, makes me so angry just thinking about it

  19. She remembers that it didn't used to be like this. There's pictures from the 60's & 70's in Iran that look like downtown New York, with young hippy types shopping at record stores. None of this religious craziness happening. None of the women told how to dress.

  20. Please remind me of a news report a couple of months back about these old people in Japan who volunteer to go clean up radioactive waste because they know that they won't develop cancer before they die anyway I wonder if something similar is going through the head of this old woman

  21. This happened after the catastrophic tsunami that damaged the nuclear plant in Fukushima. Here’s a story about the seniors who volunteered to help:

  22. From behind this woman is my grandmas twin. I hope shes just at home safe in her apartment but if she felt the need to join in the streets I would understand and be proud.

  23. I'm actually really happy to see this stuff is happening. People should always be able to stand up for their rights and what they believe in. Sad that the middle east has been in this state of disarray since the 1960s (if I remember the date correctly? That's when the soviet's said yo right?)

  24. You might read up on the coup against Mosaddegh in the 50s. He was a democratically elected leader whose turn towards socialism resulted in intense interference from Britain and the US to engineer his overthrow (the CIA has publicly admitted to directing the coup). The Shah was responsible for modernization of Iranian culture—the westernization that was the focus of his own overthrow by Islamic traditionalists—but his regime was also tyrannical and violent.

  25. All the Nanas are gonna have to come out for this one! They aren’t going to concede until they start killing their own mamas….

  26. This makes me so sad. Our grandmothers shouldn't have to fight anymore. They should be able to relax happily knowing that their hard work made a safe world for their granddaughters.

  27. What's happening here is beautiful. I have nothing against the hijab, I have had friends who chose to wear it. But that's exactly what it should be - a choice. Seeing this older woman join in makes me feel emotional. I hope these brave women create some positive change in their country and culture.

  28. Why do people think not wearing it is punishable by death or whatever cruelty , up to my knowledge that ‘punishment’ goes against the islamic belief

  29. And then there were "hijab" protests in India over school asking girls to wear their uniforms, not the burkha. They had been following the rules till February, but then out of nowhere they wore the burkha. Thier insta pics are still out there without any hijab or burkha.

  30. As wonderful as this is. Please be careful when showing pictures of protesters online. We don't want to put them in more danger

  31. The beauty of Iran WILL be seen and appreciated. We stand with you and send a nice FUCK OFF to the chicken shit leadership

  32. This woman is not only protesting for their generation, but her generation as well. She and many others knew what living with freedom and democracy was like, only to have it torn away from them by an oppressive theocratic police state. Iranian democracy fell to revolution, Iranian democracy will be restored by revolution.

  33. I think it’s time for the majority to tell the few minority to go Fuck themselves. This should happen all over the world! We’re done listening to the crazy few that dictate how we all should live and act! Why do we all allow these madmen to rule us?

  34. Hell yeah. I just read that hijabs are "worn by Muslim girls and women to maintain modesty and privacy from unrelated males." Wtf? This just sounds like a rule created by some possessive insecure fuck who thought it was a genius idea that hiding hair makes a woman less attractive, and by doing this it will deflect men from hitting on his girlfriend/wife. Shit sounds toxic

  35. Religion is what started this mess. We're sick of it, if u wanna show your support please just wish us luck.

  36. Yeah.... sad. The entire issue can be traced back to 1953 US and UK meddling, which installed a dictator who was later overthrown by a Islamic fundamentalist shah.....

  37. I am so helplessly sad. I often feel this…. helpless. If I go about my day and am happy I feel helplessly guilty. If I worry but can’t do anything about the horrors I see everywhere I fall into a helpless heap. I am helpless to do anything about our world and our people suffering. Why does it go on and on. What good is evolution if we do not evolve into higher consciousness that we are all helpless and need to help one another. What else would we be here for if not to rise above our helplessness.

  38. I legit feel like crying. She looks a lot like my mother from behind. Seeing people that age having lived a life deprived of their most basic rights is devastating.

  39. this protest is also for someone named "mahsa amini" wich died because she wasn't wearing hijab and police arrested her. as far as i know she got beaten and after that she died due to the damages she received

  40. The US has more then one thing to fight for. Which make it seem like they are more divided. But i think a lot of people are fighting for several causes right now.

  41. How the fuck can someone smile on this? This is just sad and disheartening that problems like this still exist and even old people have to fight for it.

  42. Meanwhile in Russia people are too afraid to protest against being sent to a war where they will die for nothing. Happy for these Persian women though. I hope they’re okay.

  43. im from iran and they removed access to internet for most of the people. fortunately im not one of them. but there is many people that died in this protests and a 10 year old kid got shot as well (i think).

  44. Some corners of the world are burning, people are resisting and shouting. Maybe history is moving forward in twists and turns. Maybe a better tomorrow will come eventually.

  45. Hope this spreads around the world. So tired of the bs being pushed that it isn’t oppression making women wear the head covering.

  46. I hope she is safe. I see a lot of dead people in this protest. It is insane to think that someone values something more than human life. It is just clothing after all.

  47. It shows people are really united when at the end the woman says “don’t take film from faces, they ll be arrested”.

  48. Go grandma! I’m for real afraid for her and all the people out there protesting, but taking a stand is so brave.

  49. I feel if most Iranians had a choice between going back to the rule of the Shah or keeping the current Islamic government, I'm pretty sure they'd pick the Shah.

  50. The irony of this is that in France it is banned to wear hijab and people want to still wear hijab but in Iran hijab is mandatory but still no one wants to wear the hijab.

  51. I'm glad to finally see it, but I remember for years people saying the hijab and full body coverings were NOT a form of suppression and it was a choice. Can we liberals/progressive finally going back to being liberals/progressives and stop pretending when peoples rights and freedoms are being violated?

  52. I am Muslim myself and it's sad to see how iran is displaying our religion. Wearing hijab isn't even a must ...

  53. I'd like to imagine all the angry men opposing the women's freedom of choice, going weak in the knees at the sight of granny's hair.

  54. This isn't a men vs women protest, all the Irianian people, men or women are united, protesting against the dictator government.

  55. I don’t think we should be forced to wear clothes at all! It should be my choice if I want to run around naked in front of your children wives husbands and parents. Modesty is oppression

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