Guess I'll play mono black again

  1. Funny. I just played 8 games in standard on my lunch break. Every single one was against the green enchantment variant. Red/green or green white. All 8 in a row.

  2. That's what Arena standard is about, no? Grinding cards until you can craft a mono white or enchantment deck so you can be competitive and grind cards to craft an original but innefective deck to play against these two same decks, is it not?

  3. I'm actually so sad its this saturated. I didn't know how powerful it was, I just saw Day9 play the deck and thought it looked cool.

  4. Yeah I was running into enchantment deck so much at one point this standard I was mainboarding fracture and 4x portable hole in my esper control deck lmao.

  5. Play what ever you want in ladder, what pisses me off is playing a casual fun deck in the play queue and everyone is playing top tier decks.

  6. This pisses me off the most. And it's incentivized by "win 15 times everyday", ruining the experience of those just trying to have some casual fun getting trampled by T1 decks.

  7. Quickplay is more sweaty than ranked in a lot of games and I think it's cause top players get bored of the same people and want to play more variety.

  8. 100% agreed. Everytime I want to ask my opponent, why does he play Azorius Hullbreaker or the Rune Pile in freaking Play mode. You can't lose with those, might aswell rank up on the ladder... Leave my Katana wielding Vampires alone.

  9. God, I hate playing against any of the mono white life gain decks lately. I feel zero shame in running my dungeon deck and absolutely walloping then.

  10. I'm playing the lifegain decks mostly as an answer to aggro. They also hold their own against a lot of midrange decks. Do I like it? No, not really. But I'm grinding wins, man.

  11. This drives me crazy. Notice “8 games at lunch, tired of the same decks.”… if you want games to be more interactive just play 3 games of BO3. It makes you way better at the game being once you understand what to bring in and what to cut. BO1 is always going to be mono aggro because it’s people who are just booting up a game while having a poop.

  12. How am I going to progress on the ladder, quickly, if I am playing BO3 and not just jamming my mono white deck, huh!?

  13. orzhov midrange is pretty good against aggro. maybe u count that as control because it plays 5-6 sweepers, but compared to UW it's quite midrange-y because u use cards like Wedding, Restoration, Agadeem's etc.

  14. With the exception of metas where Midrange was overloaded, Midrange decks are generally pretty weak in BO1 - which is where aggro is strongest. The best strength of Midrange lies in its postboard flexibility. Just strong enough to stake out a 50% WR preboard and then pivot to counter the decks they're facing in games 2 and 3. Go try Midrange in BO3 with a good sideboard plan and you'll fare much better.

  15. Was that ever really true in Bo1? Aggro decks have historically been one of the archetypes that benefit the most from Bo1, while midrange decks have historically been one of the archetypes the benefits the most from Bo3.

  16. Both the mono black and mono white decks are beyond stale at this point. Those two and the enchantment deck is all there is to play on Arena.

  17. Mono-white, Naya Humans, and Boros Humans (which, let's be real, are all basically just mono-white) made up 26.6% of the Standard Bo1 metagame on Arena across all ranks according to Untapped. Please, somebody explain to me how control is the thing that's unhealthy for this metagame, because I don't see it.

  18. Have a link to the mono black deck? I haven't encountered that many mono blacks in standard, maybe I'm just missing them

  19. Historic arena is fun or whatever it's called. Plat arcades, light paws, and making another deck soon

  20. I have made a black/white deck with board wipes exiles and destruction cause of so many G G/W army of lifelink and spawners

  21. I’ve been having good luck against these decks with UG tempo. [[Delver of secrets]], [[stormchaser drake]], and [[dragonsguard elite]] make up the creature suite. [[you see a guard approach]], [[tamiyo’s protection]], [[wild shape]], [[blizzard brawl]], [[decisive denial]], [[jwari disruption]], [[winterthorn blessing]], and [[quandrix command]] make up the rest of the deck. It’s really fun to beat someone down with a single delver that they’re trying desperately to remove.

  22. It would be fun for the guy playing that deck sure, it it’s infuriating to have a 1 or 2 CMC creature pew pew pew you to death whilst being denied the chance to play anything.

  23. Wizards: Hey Mono-White, we heard you didn't have enough life gain, so here are some life gain cards.

  24. I did that with my garbage rakdos modified midrange deck and I got divine purged on turns three, five, and seven.

  25. This is the number one advantage of Alchemy, things just can't get stale. Coupled with casual archetypes, like elves, being buffed to perhaps playable, Alchemy is the superior format.

  26. Pretty much why I've run Orzhov or Mono Black socne S22. Decks vomit their hands on the table, just begging to be swept

  27. I liked the game way more when we had Eldraine, I am dead serious. Current standard made me migrate to Yugioh, bot sure if was only due to novelty effect but it feels so much more refreshing

  28. I play monowhite to nail 15 wins in a couple hours when I have time. Playing standard bo1 ranked gets me to platinum quick... then I grind for wildcards to repeat the process for next rotation.

  29. Do you want a tip? Stop playing best of 1. I know it's the easier of the formats, but these super aggressive and super greedy decks are what sideboards are made to stop. These decks are game 1 killers, only to have much harder game 2 and 3s as the opponent is ready for their strat.

  30. Last month I was grubbing around in Platinum and finally got so fed up getting matched against the exact same angel deck that I built a mono-black discard deck to address it. I shot straight up to Mythic 89%. Now for the new season I’m dropped back down to Platinum Tier 4 and of the 3 matches I played today, 2 were against the new meta R/W/G runes deck.

  31. Between mono white and the weirdly huge number of mono black discard decks I get matched against (somehow?! ) it is a very frustrating time.

  32. Competitive net decking is the reason I got out of Magic. It’s just so boring playing against extremely meta shit nonstop- nobody looks at niche cards anymore and says “fuck it- I’ll make a deck out of this.”

  33. I found only esper/azorius/orzhov/izzet control who can barely let me play. And obviously, once in a time i managed to get them on the lose, PUFF, wild farewell/hullbreaker appers and devastate my Board. Indeed I'm boriny to death playing standard.

  34. Started running into mill decks and quit playing, it doesn’t feel like I’m playing a game of magic when someone puts out two ruin crabs and then mills my entire deck by turn 6-7 with Tasha’s and maddening cacophony. I’ll lose to mono white and orzhov midrange all day happily. But it feels bad to lose to a deck that’s not really playing the game.

  35. I swapped to an Izzet Turbo Mill for early ladder climbing because of all the Mono White. Those decks don't like to pack many expensive cards. Turn 4 double Tasha with a cacophony waiting as a follow up and it's gg most matches. I see anything interesting and I slow it down and see what they got probably even concede.

  36. As a mono white player this season, that scenario doesn’t happen all that often lol. Often it’s “stuck at two lands after a mulligan with 3 wandering emperors in hand.”

  37. There was no midrange in the competitive meta before NEO unless you count izzet dragons and it wasn’t competitive

  38. If MTGA is still around in 2037 when the kids go to college, I'm totally switching to BO3. I'm fucking hyped about it!

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