What can I do for under eye creases?

  1. I currently use the maybelline age rewind concealer and have been for years. Do you have any recommendations?

  2. I struggled with this a lot. I have genetic dark under eyes but really dislike wearing a lot of makeup because it results in creasing or cakiness. Found my favourite product:

  3. Are you talking about fine lines from aging or the natural crease created by your eyeball being round and slightly pushing against your skin? Fine lines can be covered with makeup but creases should be avoided altogether so just try to go around. Gold or white shimmer in the in error corner detracts attention.

  4. Mainly just from the shape of my eyes I guess! I have veeeeeery few fine lines that I guess are from ageing but I can never really notice them unless I’ve baked 😕

  5. It might be your combination of products, or just the amount you’re using. I use the maybelline concealer and it doesn’t crease on me. I use the Dr Jart Ceramidin Eye Cream, just a blob about 3mm across for each eye. One eye at a time, moisturise, then take a small amount of concealer on a little brush and feather it across my under eye. Tap out with my ring finger until it’s invisible, then a tad more concealer right at the inner corner where the shadow is darkest. Do the other eye, then set using my ring finger pressed into a very light amount of powder. Press and roll into the concealer, don’t go in heavy. You want to make everything meld with your skin. RCMA is fine for this.

  6. I’m going to try this technique out today, I’ve heard that using your own fingers to melt makeup onto the skin is much better than a brush or a sponge but for some reason have always been a bit intimidated by it?? I’ll try it for sure though! Thank you!

  7. I was the same as OP using maybelline age rewind concealer and it ALWAYS crease..ever since I changed it to giorgio armani luminous silk concealer there’s no more creasing!! I find them setting pretty well under my eyes and no setting power need as well! I don’t use foundation but I’ve been trying Armani’s neo nude..I’m after the natural look it gives me..So might consider of getting that too

  8. I've struggled with this is the past too, and what I found works best is to use an eye primer before the concealer, and then setting it with powder and a setting spray. I use the Smashbox photo finish hydrating under eye primer, MAC prep+prime translucent loose powder and Urban Decay all nighter spray, it's pretty much solved the issue. I'd also make sure to wait till your moisturiser has completely absorbed before you apply makeup, since you want the area to be moisturised but dry, hope it can help!

  9. Ahhhh thank you so much! You made a very good point about making sure moisturiser under eyes is dry before concealer. I’ll make sure to remember this.

  10. Too faced Peach Perfect on top of your concealer or Laura Mercier powder will sort this out! I swear by both of them.

  11. I used to use Laura mercier but switched to RCMA since it’s a lot cheaper! Do you just use it to dust over instead of baking?

  12. I use glossier stretch concealer, not too much, once my eye cream (not too heavy, so it sinks in) has dried. Then set with a squirt of setting spray on a the pointy end of a beauty blender pressed once into the corner of the under eye.

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