The worst thing happens to me everyday is that Maladaptive daydreaming constantly giving me fake happiness and satisfaction of virtual world while totally cutting me out of reality and my time is passing like a plane and I'm not even in my senses to take control of PRESENT .

  1. Facts can life just take me honestly I would rather die than continue to live like this because this drives me insane

  2. Oh that's clever. Usually someone who MDs also has other mental illnesses. MD is so under researched but the other ones may not be. And they go hand in hand so instead of trying to stop MD, it might help to try methods that stop the other mental disorders one might have. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. No one controls anything. we are controlled by many different other stuff...kije words...rues...yes, fantasy images..symbols...many many other elements in life.

  4. So this is what I do to deal with it because if I can’t stop it I can at least contain it. I go on long drives and play music really loud and let it take over. I do it especially on interstates and it’s relaxing I also drive a safe car with auto lane assist, and a bunch of sensors so I can be safe while doing it. That’s how I safety contain it. You probably have a way of doing it but you just didn’t realize it. So try it out and lmk how it goes and if you have questions I’m more than happy to answer them

  5. omg this is exactly how I feel. It’s so terrible to have I can’t stand it. I honestly think MD was the only thing keeping me alive, especially during lockdown and that’s just sad

  6. Ngl reading stuff like this on the subreddit got me daydreaming a lot less these days. I have a very healthy social life even with my MDD. Ain’t no way I’m letting my daydreaming block me from being extroverted

  7. Same like its so annoying. I hate that I live in this fantasy world like its so annoying. I need to find a way to keep myself entertained in the real world as opposed to only be entertained in the fantasy. And luckily i’ve been doing some things to keep myself entertained and not slip into the maladaptive daydreaming as much. But still I slip into it much more frequently than I should, and I hate it.

  8. I have the same feelings... maybe I'm wrong, but personally for me, i think that the only way to overcome this stuff and MD in general is to start transferring these dreams into reality. But it's so hard. Especially when mental (and physical) condition is on the deepest level

  9. And especially when your expectations are high asf because of this perfect life I’m living in my daydreams. It’s hard asf. Also I doubt I can become a famous actress HAHA

  10. Hey I felt the same way too but trust me, it all went away at some point, just keep trying one day you'll get real happiness :)

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