State positions on the Iraq War

  1. Portugal position on the Iraq War was so uncertain they offered aid and support to USA by providing and letting them use Lajes airbase in the Azores, in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. Even let USA held a summit there with Spain and UK to discuss the situation in Iraq days before the invasion

  2. Afaik, the foreign policy of Greenland is officialy the foreign policy of Denmark, thus since the data exists for Denmark, it exists for Greenland.

  3. Some people might be too young to remember this bit shit was wild and important to remember. America, as much as it tried to pretty it up with protecting the US and seizing WMD, unashamedly was out for blood,

  4. And since then the majority of Americans hate France and keep repeating the same agenda of the Brits with “white flag”, “freedom fries” and “surrender monkey” memes. Still today.

  5. Yes, Spain participated directly. It was a very unpopular move and I remember being demonstrations against it for months.

  6. his government killed half a million people, you shouldn't get to walk away from that with a "whoops, sorry everyone!".

  7. I wouldn't call it that as much as he joked about how illegitimate the invasion was. Really gives you an idea about the value these warmongers put on life.

  8. Yes i remember USA shaming France for not supporting them, then almost every Americans agreed that it was a super dumb move with very suspicious underlying ambitions. At least all this is how it have been shown in french medias.

  9. Every small business I can think of in my area started calling French Fries "freedom fries", same thing with French Toast etc. Americans bought into that one hook line and sinker.

  10. Anders Fogh Rasmussen (our former prime minister) got his NATO job from this. There is this saying in the EU, that Denmark is the the diplomatic gateway to the US. And that's true - we bend over ro the US when we have to.

  11. Sadam was an awful individual who did terrible things in the 80s but the aggressor here is the US. Also I'm really surprised denmark was in support of this invasion

  12. The fact the US is attacking someone bad should never give you the impression that they’re attacking them because they’re bad

  13. As an American teenager when this was going on I never realized how much opposition there was, I thought it was more France being difficult and Middle Eastern allies, not half of Europe and the vast majority of the global population

  14. The invasion itself and the reactions from Americans to countries who refused to support (renaming french fries to “freedom fries”) set the tone of a lot of anti Americanism in Europe that’s definitely lingered

  15. As a Swedish teenager at the time, I was out demonstrating against the invasion every other week. We even held a school strike against it. I remember finding a shirt with the American flag in my wardrobe (I think it was a Gant shirt) and thinking “How could I ever wear this?”. I threw it away.

  16. Seems misleading. Was under the impression 27 countries deployed troops to Iraq. Actually just found that out refuting some bullshit in conspiracy a day or two ago.

  17. They always become emotional when you point it out lol. Sure Netherlands you sure have autonomy and aren't the usas bitch. That's why our politics is closely following their and we support almost everything they do without question.

  18. For sure. I was 12 at the time so not exactly an informed member of society, but I do remember these events very clearly. I remember freedom fries and all that shit lol. I was reading recently in

  19. Years later French/US relationship is still deeply marked by this choice. The public opinion of both nations has greatly diminished toward each other and never really recovered.

  20. I was there. I was in the US Army from 1988-2011. I hated why we went there and what we did. All for bogus stories of weapons of mass destructions. How many innocent civilians died because of that?

  21. I’m disappointed as anyone that we were lied to about the yellow cake uranium. Bush is a war criminal…and I voted for him in 2000.

  22. Hindsight is 20/20, and when Colin Powell declared Husain was pursuing uranium, lots of people bought it.

  23. Thinking back on how the entire mainstream media apparatus was pounding the drums of war even when it was very clear there was little to no actual evidentiary pretext to invade still infuriates me.

  24. Damn, I was young at the time but as a French I remember the US giving us SO MUCH shit for opposing the invasion (freedom fries and all...) it felt we were the only ones opposing the war.

  25. Umm no. Jean Chretien the PM at the time said about WMD, "A proof is a proof, and when it's proven, it's proof." At the time we thought this was hilarious but turns out he was right.

  26. As far as I know, there were some Canadian exchange officers who did participate in the fighting, even though Canada did not directly deploy troops. Canada's position on the war was contingent on UNSC approval, which Bush was not able to get.

  27. When you are the super power you can do what you want with little to no reprecussion. That is why almost every country who can will try to be one.

  28. Probably because no country wanted to risk their own economic well being to defend Saddam Hussein's government. Not to say the invasion was justified, but he was a brutal, genocidal dictator. That's not generally the kind of ruler able to gain strong, international support.

  29. Iraq had no allies that cared enough about them, so it's natural. There are no embargoes against China, no matter how many Uyghurs get turned into voluntary organ donors.

  30. No, more a "pls don't do this", and afterwards, they didn't really care. The opposition was more a virtue signal.

  31. Japan is one of the most powerful countries in the world, third largest economy and has one of the largest navies in the world.

  32. Both countries have heavy US military presence due to previous wars, and neither have full military sovereignty due to the joint command structure established with the US. They can't afford to say no.

  33. Did Canada oppose the war? I know most Canadians did but I thought our government was non-commental at the time.

  34. Iran is apparently getting better relations with Iraq, something which would have been considered unthinkable before Sadam. If you mean the Marshall plan and the chaos "they" (Western Invaders) caused, well, are you really surprised?

  35. The USA is not a member of the International Criminal Court. And the only other place they could be charged with war crimes is the UN Security Council, where they have a guaranteed veto...

  36. US actively opposes the ICC and has had a history of threatening its members if they ever tried to prosecute americans

  37. There were movements and voices oposed it. There was some information that we will not be as much involved, some have said that we need to prove ourself to USA as an ally as it was shortly after we have joined NATO and we are not in a possition to opose USA and we simply have no choice, but lots of others were loud against it.

  38. There are LOTS of countries that should be orange. Don't let pathetic semantics propaganda fool you.

  39. It felt like the majority of Danes shared the opposition of an invasion like Sweden and Norway, but the government felt they had to follow the US to be BFF.

  40. My dad is French and was working in Wall Street at the time of the invasion. The day after France started to oppose the U.S. invasion of Iraq, he walked into the office and was met with insults and neglect from his co-workers

  41. A warmongering superpower with nukes invading a country with natural resources under the pretence of being heroes?

  42. For me this the foundation of what is happening today. W Bush has killed the united Nation power by lying to it. Requesting it to approve the war which did not happen and then went there with no reasons. Starting a period where anyone with enough power can start war any place anytime. Puttin, China,... I remember talks @ united nations with Powell showing false proofs (he recognizes it as the worst period of his carrier today). I miss Roosevelt' s USA. I am not from US but from Europ

  43. I think you are giving Bush too much credit. The UN was already quite toothless in 2003. Hundreds of conflicts had happened since its founding without the participants caring or asking what the UN thought. It's true that the Bush administration misled Congress and the UN, but this war is not decisive in terms of wars happening without UN approval.

  44. Shame on Japan. Such a US puppet state. That honor and pride are nothing but a myth. Two nuclear bombs and they lick US balls.

  45. Because no one wants to impose sanctions and cause harm to their own economy over Saddem, and after he was dead and gone well the War's already done, why bother with sanctions now?

  46. This is wrong. Canada has been in Iraq for over a decade. We still have troops there, and the mission is highlighted on the Government of Canada website.

  47. They didn't participate in the invasion per se though, they joined "a number of non-belligerent nations in helping to rebuild the country post-invasion".

  48. At the time of invasion, Canada was opposed. Later on after a change of government in 06, we sent support for the continued occupation.

  49. America invaded Iraq against international law. They had no approval from the security council and invaded with false pretences causing the deaths of over 800,000 Iraqis.

  50. If you believe the invasion of Iraq was right, you have no reason to oppose the invasion of Ukraine. Both are unprovoked and brutal invasions of a country using lies as a pretext.

  51. Well it kind of is a justification in a weird way, like, nobody cares about Ukraine because it is an unjust war, nobody cares about the civilians being killed, or the war crimes, we participated an plenty of those things without any moral objections. People only care because it is Russia that's doing it, it's our natural enemy, that's why most of the world participated in the sanctions. The US set a clear example that it is OK to invade, kill and destroy anything you want as long as you are strong enough to do it, if we had made an example out of the US maybe Russia wouldn't be so confident going in

  52. The US' attitude in the 2000s was the reason so many countries tried to aggressively expand their sphere of influence as well as trying and sometimes succeeding in getting nukes

  53. I remember all of us who were so opposed at the time knew this would be exactly the result. Being a bad actor nation gives other bad actors a pass for being a bad actor.

  54. "Stone age thinking" = breaking a country's sovereignity and invading it, which is what the US and other blue countries did (regardless of whether or not Saddam did it also).

  55. WTF Israel? We bank role your invasion of all your neighbors, taking land from them, cover your horrendously racist policies domestically, then you do us like this... That's cold

  56. Lol Ukraine abstained and even sent some troops there after the invasion, and they want full support from the world now that they are invaded and shame anyone who becomes neutral on them,

  57. I would wager around 90% of anti-India and China sentiment and whataboutism is plain old Western supremacy and racism

  58. Now, the United States of America condemns the Russian invasion of Ukraine (also very wrong) while it has recently invaded Iraq and Afghanistan. God, the hypocrisy.

  59. You're getting downvoted because Americans and Europeans hate dealing with the hypocrisy of their own governments.

  60. This might be more accurately named "Official" state positions. There was behind-the-scenes participation that didn't get much press from some states, like Canada. ...

  61. A lot of the typical "puppets" were in supposed opposition. Granted, they didn't do anything against it, and some supported in a more non-direct extent.

  62. Look, can’t we all agree on one thing here. Saddams Presidential palace in the green zone had a bomb ass swimming pool with a sweet fountain in it. Playing large games of water basketball was awesome. Oh, and the ice cream sundae bar in the DFAC was always a good time.

  63. Not sure if this is a tinfoil hat moment but its interesting how the reddit account that posted this was inactive for 2 months and then right before the Ukraine invasion started solely posting map porn with political undertones. Thoughts?

  64. Afghanistan was invaded just two years prior and had a US propped government. Not really in a position to dissent the power controlling it.

  65. Afghanistan supported the invasion of Iraq? Seriously? Need another colored box for “States already invaded and currently occupied by the US.”

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