How old are you players?

  1. A good friend of mine is 15 years old, I was basically grinding in Vikings in Ludi when he was born, lol. He said his cousin introduced him to this game.

  2. I’m 14, & I’ve been Infatuated with Maple since I was 8 or 9. I got into it from Pocket Maplestory (RIP), & ever since then I loved it. I used to despise MaplestoryM since it replaced Pocket, but I got used to it & started playing that one. I didn’t have a PC until I was 14, so I only got to start playing actual Maplestory around October of last year.

  3. im 20 and i got into it when i was around 6. its weird, i didn't realize there aren't as many players my age but nostalgia can be a hell of a drug for anyone i guess.

  4. in 27, but i started playing in 2017. I do have a guildie who just turned 17 this year. She started playing cuz of her older brother

  5. That's so sweet! Maple does have a more equal spread between male and female players which is rare in other games

  6. Lmao finally I'm not the oldest 🤣 😭 in the comments thanks for that!!! Lol funny to think this game is older then my teenager! I'm 39 so you don't beat me by much!

  7. Wow I feel old (39)...I was I college!! I have 14 yr old now!!! I just restarted again for what feels like the 100th time and each time I'm more lost.

  8. The game is still a grind, I love old maple I really do. But this version of the game is definitely better. Just kinda hard to get in tonif you missed years of content. Hfhf

  9. 34 here, I've been playing since before GMS and MSEA split into two separate servers. I don't play nearly as much anymore, but I still come back every now and then!

  10. 30 now! Having disposable income now makes the mushroom game experience much more fun than being a broke teenager begging your parents for nx cards

  11. I'm 32, you and me are a bit older than the majority but generally speaking it's definitely not teenagers, most are in their twenties I believe.

  12. When I was 13 barely starting out the game everyone I seemed to talk to was in their teens. When I was 19 playing the game everyone was in college. Now that I'm out of college I find it weird when I see people college age or lower playing this game

  13. Doesn't surprise me the fan base consists of mostly nostalgic adults, if these comments are anything to go by.

  14. I just downloaded for the first time 2 days ago I'm 26 and I've been grinding pretty hard, probably playing super inefficient but it's fun

  15. Turned 31 last month, played this game for the first time in 2005 or so when I was 14 and still lived with my family in our little Brooklyn apartment. Now I'm married and live with my husband in Australia. Both my life and the game have changed so much lol. Although it's not my main game anymore (moved to FFXIV 4 years ago) it's still really cute and a lot of fun to come back to when I can.

  16. 17, started playing with my brothers when I was 7 or smthing but didn't understand shit and kept quitting and returning, been playing actively since 2018 now

  17. was introduced to the game when i was like 4 by my siblings (one was 11 the other was 14) back when we'd wait all day to go back home just to do spiegel's pq, took some breaks and now i play it much much more as an 18 year old

  18. I've been playing since Jr. Balrog was the only boss in the game but quit a few times, I came back when Mercedes was released in KMS just to make some mules to prepare gear for her. Since then I've been playing Mercedes as my main. I am now 39 years old.

  19. I was like... 26 I think when i started in '06. I'll be 43 this year. I take Ibuprofen now before I try to use a totem.

  20. i'm 16 turning 17 this year, i played maplestory around when xenon was released so,,, around 2013? i played on and off since my sister and i played maple on one computer so she had most of the play-time. i fully stopped playing last 2021 because of school and the pandemic. my pee-pee brain was too small to understand a lot of the mechanics (until now, cubing?? bossing?? huh??) and just played for the lore, story, and kaiser's hot voice.

  21. Nostalgia’s a hell of a drug, I stopped counting after 25 and actually had to think about how old I was for a hot sec

  22. I’m 32 been playing since 2005 :D came back in 2012 then came back in 2017 but stopped because of a family situation but now that I have time I’m back :)

  23. 34 in a few days. I've been playing since only Scania and Bera existed. No 3rd job. Never thought I'd come back to this game but... here I am.

  24. 30 don't play much. Back in the day only got to 58 on a cleric. Friend let me play his 98 i/L got it to 113 spam farming mushmoms and grinding. Had over 500 mm kills and only one illbi dropped and it was ks's by a sin. 😡😤😡😤

  25. 29 here, i started playing in 2006 but my old 98 pc couldn't run MS. So i had to play on a cyber or when my brother went out on weekends and left me his laptop to play. Then in 2007 i finally got a new PC.

  26. I'm the same age as you, started playing around the same time. I don't really play anymore as my friends all quit, but I have been thinking about creating a new character on some random world lol. Or maybe the same ones as previous to access my items.

  27. I’m 30. I played since beta and managed to snag IGN of my own name which is a super common name, that’s how I know I spent too much time on this game….I recently built a PC after having OS X for a long time just for gaming, so recently got back into it and now again spending a lot of time on the game. Came back mostly for the nostalgia. I never made it past 12X when every level was a grind so it’s nice to be able to surpass that easily now. I do miss the social aspects though. I remember even when I was bored of the game and not training I logged in just to AFK or chat lol.

  28. 30 now & legit forgot when I started (times an illusion) but it was after Beta , when Fang(z?) was at the top of the leaderboard , & definitely before pirates and 4th job .

  29. 18! Fr it feels like most of the people i meet can be my fuckin parents and...its an odd feeling

  30. Been playing this game for years and only became 16 just last December alongside my friend who became 16 less than a month ago. Believe one of my guild mates is also like 16. I see others mentioning when they started so, 5 years old in 2010 running around in edelstein as a demon slayer trying to introduce myself via name and age before talking to people but would type too slow so they’d just leave. Strange times…

  31. 18, first played when I was 5 through my older siblings but only started playing seriously at the start of quarantine

  32. Played in 06 when I was 6 know some people younger than me that play . Feel like most people I meet are mid to early 20’s. Know some teens that play.

  33. brother got me hooked when i was 6-7, i’ve been playing the game on and off since and i am now 21

  34. Oh, this is really similar to me as well. Started playing when I was in high school since my sister started then, and I found out my friend started around the same time since his brother started playing. So the 4 of us started up together

  35. Yep 27 here. Started playing when I was around 12 and then got a little serious with it when monster carnival pq came around. That and killing snails in hhg1 was probably my 2 most favorite activities to do in the server! :D

  36. I started in 2006 too, when I was 6 turning 7. Jumped servers because of a permanent move, took multiple hiatuses, and now I'm 23 and still playing :') I think the game has changed a lot! My memories back then were fonder as I was but a simple child with all the time to worry about surviving in Zakum. Now I have more things to worry about of course, but Maplestory still brings me some warm comfort at the end of the day despite its ups and downs.

  37. Most people I've met in guilds are Ether finishing collage or in full time jobs. Your age is basicly within the avarage playerbase age.

  38. i’m 28, started playing back in 2006 ish, stopped before big bang, came back a few times for not long, more back again more consistently

  39. started playing when i was 8 years old and kept playing till big bang and after that played but never really got anywhere cuz i didnt know anything and also never bought nx but when reboot came out i played alot but stopped and now im back playing for about 6 months and im 23

  40. 24 I was 12 when I found the game, first computer game I ever played. I remember going to people's houses and installing maplestory on their home computers cuz I was so addicted. Funny mushroom game still has me coming back.

  41. Haha everyone that was 13 and around that age that played is now in their 20s and still playing, I’m 25 and came back

  42. 24, I've been playing since before the pirates were introduced, I think I was 8 years old when I started! I've played on and off (basically every summer/winter update). Back then I was in a guild called RavensDreams, whose leader played with her son (who was older than I was!)

  43. Yeah I started about 6mo to a year before pirates came out I think. I believe I was like 9 or 10 (definitely still elementary school). 27 now

  44. Henesys Hunting Ground, Bishop and Ice/Lightning spamming Genesis and Blizzard. Dying on flying boat to orbis by Balrog. Old Ruggedly Cape from jake quest. Pre pirate release.

  45. Started playing maple when the resistance were released at the ripe age of 9 years old (21 now). Got my parents to help me make an account and have been playing on and off ever since

  46. My {lder sister introduced me to the game when I was 4 kept playing on and off for a while, my first real main was demon slayer, and then Kaiser when he dropped, got him to like level 50, took me months, I'm 17 almost 18 now and I have a kanna level 220 hopefully 250 in the near future:)

  47. Almost 23 here. Been playing on & off since 2006 when my cousin let me play with him and his friend. Got hooked the moment I saw my first drop party.

  48. 27. I feel the same way. Maybe once we log into maple we still talk like we are 11 without realizing it

  49. 18 here, I've been playing since early 2010. I think I had the most fun with the game back when I had no idea what I was doing :'-D

  50. I’m 20 years old, I played a lot of Maple with my older brother when I was younger so I came back and played on and off for many years. I do have to say that when I don’t play the game my bank account looks a lot less depressed… not sure why.

  51. Im currently 28 but im not actively playing (but tempted to come back). Long time lurker but started playing roughly around age 13/14 iirc. Kind of miss the game but the cash shop side makes me stay away. Still have my account from way back when so I can always come back. May reinstall yet again..

  52. I was 24 years old when I began playing. This year, I turned 41, and I'm still playing. I have taken breaks in between, of course, but not as many or as long as you'd imagine. :) And I think I'll continue to play for as long as I can. Maple is the only MMORPG I've ever played, and I love it and my characters too much to just quit for good!

  53. I'm around your age and there's still a strong urge to play the game again. But I'd feel too guilty to play it until my career is more established. One day...

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