Welcome aboard the Gaslight Express, this is your captain Erik (with a K) speaking...

  1. It's so widely and badly used I laughed in my therapist's face when she tried to tell me my abusive ex had been doing this to me for years. Like "gaslighting is just a soc-med buzzword!" It took a lot of sessions with both her and a crisis counselor to explain to me what it was and that it was the reason I hated myself with everything I had and thought I was a leach and a nuisance to everyone around me, a horrible horrible person, because that was the reality he had created for us and I wholeheartedly believed in it. Not even a little doubt. When they explained that and what he got out of it was the day I started to build myself up again :-).

  2. I wasn't on this sub during that season and I'm always surprised to see the Erik hate on here. Virginia was horrible I couldn't stand her I'm not sure why people keep defending her immature party girl antics.

  3. Erikkk was vile. He treated Virginia horribly and made her feel like she had severe issues when she was just dealing w mental health. He tried to isolate her and not allow her to see her sister, kept circling back to issues they didn’t even have over and over again (the sleeping on guys couches….never happened yet he brought it up constantly) and a manipulative asshole, he was truly just the absolute worst. Horrible horrible dude.

  4. Because there wasn’t too much wrong with her?? She liked to drink/party, which doesn’t make her an alcoholic and she had strong opinions that she wouldn’t sway on? I’ll be honest, I don’t think either of them was ready for marriage but honestly the hate for her is so shocking.

  5. Yeah I didn’t like Virginia. But I do think that she made Erik seem okay in comparison because of how horrible she was. But he was also problematic.

  6. Am I the only one who doesn’t think Virginia was an actual alcoholic? I feel like the show pushed that she was when in reality she just liked to drink when with friends.

  7. I hate the narrative by other controlling people that she was an out of control alcoholic slut. She was so sweet and kind and he made her feel like shit the entire time they were together.

  8. I agree. I was the same as her when I was a bit younger. I had a lot of social anxiety so when meeting new people, or in big groups, I always needed a drink to calm my nerves and sometimes you have one too many. And she liked to go out a lot because she was still immature in her party phase. She was definitely not ready to be married, but she wasn’t an alcoholic either.

  9. it's just because she's young and likes to party does not make her an alcoholic. you're right I hated that the show push that story line. I was just like her at that age! I was wary of him from day one when she mentioned her lesbian sister at the wedding and he was all freaked out. his maga politics, closed mindedness, social biases , major insecurities, clueless demeaning attitude towards mental health issues, his jealous & controlling behavior & him thinking he was the final arbiter on what defines "a marriage" & the threats & ultimatums = messed up! don't think Virginia was ready to be married honestly. why would she she's so young! at least they're casting some older people now! rant over. thanks for playing.

  10. She is the flight attendant but she drink all the drinks the passengers ordered in the galley as she pours it. Then she walks back and tell them she is out of what liquor they ordered

  11. He absolutely didn’t. I think they’re both kinda trash people in their own ways, and a horrendous match, but at no point did Erik gaslight Virginia.

  12. Yeah, I’m wondering as well! ??? Virginia was a huge alcoholic, and I thought he treated her well. He was very patient with her.

  13. Why don’t people like Erik? They paired him with the worst match for him; a conservative pilot with an alcoholic liberal

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