I drew my favorite X-Men character

  1. Good in the books. Haven't been a fan of how he's portrayed in film so far, feel like he's been done dirty. Sick pencils.

  2. Gambit is such an interesting character to look at from a Marvel/fan interaction perspective. He has always had a fanbase, but has almost never been in the spotlight. He has an intriguing personality and fun powers, but on-screen adaptations always seem to tone him down or make him arrogant and nerf his powers immensely. Similar to Jubilee, it's like there is something occurring during translation that somehow kills the character, even though fans feel in their soul that justice could be done.

  3. Haha I was going to make a quip about how Gambit is everyone's favorite, but then I remembered Magik. She rules.

  4. I understand that a ton of work and practice goes into something like this, but I'm still so envious of people who have this level of talent.

  5. Scrolling by.... Seeing gambit.... Just gonna drop this hereπŸ‘πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯.

  6. Amazing!!!! The detailing and everything is absolutely astonishing. Definitely showing my dad this, i’m sure he’ll love it (he’s a massive Gambit fan)

  7. Stuff like this blows my mind. I can’t draw a stick figure without it looking like it has a deformity but you can do this? So unfair.

  8. Your fabric wrinkles are so good. I can draw characters pretty well but ive never grasped how to do convincing fabric wrinkles

  9. Love gambit, too bad the movies did such a bad job with his character, if they even show him

  10. Dude that's incredible. Is your stlye influenced by Jim Lee by any chance? Something about it is giving me Jim Lee vives

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