Between these 6 who's winning this fight by either or knockout or Death. all are their 616 selves.

  1. It's easily the Hulk. The Thing could hold his own relative to the rest, but peak Thing still can't hold up to peak Hulk.

  2. Hulk. None of them have the kind of power needed to knock him out, much less kill him. It's also worth noting Hulk has fought Rhino, Juggernaut, and Thing and has beaten them all.

  3. The thing about Thor, he’ll actually beat the Hulk and he has powered outside of super strength. This list seems to focus on strength based characters

  4. Remember when in Fear Itself, Thor knocked Hulk (Nul powered I’d add) straight into orbit? Gave him the ol’ “You’ve always been a pain in my ass” and yeeted him to space.

  5. Juggernaut has knocked the Hulk out cold holding him in a headlock and hitting him several times. The best Hulk has ever done is stop Jug's charge and cut his helmet off but he needed a Celestial power boost to do it. Hulk has never put Jugs down in the comics.

  6. It’s the Hulk but I’ll give some love to the Juggernaut. Once he’s in motion he’s (supposed) to be unstoppable

  7. Gotta agree. All hulk with Aunt Petunias favorite Astronaut posing the only real challenge. Maybe in a free for all if the other 5 teamed up on the Hulk but a bracket style 1v1 tournament? No way.

  8. Rhino is going down first Then colossus Then the thing Then Hercules Then juggernaut Then the hulk is the last man standing

  9. Hulk most likely. But Juggernaut did once knock him out with one punch. Outsmarted him actually. Hulk didn’t know who he was fighting.

  10. These would be great fights, but even 5 vs Hulk, Hulk wins. Hulk's whole gimmick is lasting longer and getting stronger. Hercules is pretty much Immortal, but the rest one 1 strength and it's not enough.

  11. I was thinking Hercules he’s beat the hulk before and he’s been able to match and sometimes surpass Thor who is able to trade blows with hulk

  12. Unless something drastic has changed recently, Colossus, Rhino and Thing just are not in the same class as Hulk, Hercules and Juggernaut. But Hulk v Juggernaut is the best matchup here, and it’s a tough call, like a coin flip.

  13. Don’t know how frustrating it is reading these comments when it is so clear that the rhino is the superior here. He literally says “Lead me to the Hulk... now! The Rhino'll make mincemeat out of 'im!!”. So here we have evidence that he could destroy the hulk which seems to be the top runner here so no, it’s not contest.

  14. Rhino, Colossus and Thing are all out of the running, IMO. Out of the three, Ben probably lasts the longest on account of his willpower/determination, but they're just not on the same level of strength.

  15. Juggernaut beats both Colossus and Thing. I don’t know much about Hercules but I know Juggernaut is at least in the top 3 on this list.

  16. Juggernaut and Hulk are in a league of their own. And since the juggernaut mini he has been depowered (again) so Hulk is the clear winner. Herc in 2nd/3rd place.

  17. 100% agree with you. Juggie and Hulk both have unlimited strength and don’t get tired but don’t sleep on The Thing. The Thing has punched it out with The Hulk and split victories but Juggie smokes The Thing.

  18. I thought it was a fun comparison until I saw the hulk, if he wasn’t on the list it would be a good debate but the hulk is purposefully overpowered To try and compete with DC’s overpowered characters

  19. Marvel has always been clear that in terms of (Raw Physical Power) over (Reality Bending Abilities), the Incredible Hulk is the strongest there is

  20. Pretty sure Hulk has beat all these dudes at least once. His Christmas issue with Rhino is hilarious btw can't remember the issue but its in the first Peter David run.

  21. It basically depends on how fast Hulk gets pissed. Hercules is stronger than everyone here including the Hulk. That is if Hercules beats Hulk's ass before he goes into rage mode. Hercules is one of the few Marvel characters that have kicked Hulk's ass multiple times.

  22. Top 4 on this are Hulk, Hercules, Thing and juggernaut, I already know everyone on here will say Hulk because he’s the strongest there is after all but anyone that can go head to head with him which so happen to be those distinguished gentlemen mentioned after him can at the very least survive fighting him and potentially kill him, a hard fight but there is potential if small, love Colossus and he’s very strong could definitely do damage not as much as the others, rhino would die to any one of them

  23. On paper as much as hulk is stupid strong isn’t juggernaut just as daft if you read into there powers aren’t they about the same? Genuinely curious.

  24. Isn't Hercules comparable to Thor in brute strength so he would be the only one who might stand a chance against hulk

  25. Ultimately it comes down to Hulk and Juggernaut, both unstoppable. But, I give it to Hulk, he'll rip the helmet off Marko Cain's head .... game over.

  26. Why is rhino even in this conversation. Hulk is top Jugs and thing are second Colossus is next. I don't know marvel Hercules well enough to rank him. Now if we have them at there peak does that mean we have the Colossel jugernaught because then he wipes every one but hulk .

  27. Juggernaut might be able to do it, but he's limited by how invested Cyttorak is in the conflict. Basic Cain Marko Juggs loses once Hulk anger scales enough, but it's been shown that with the gem of Cyttorak and his favor, the Juggernaut can reach pretty world ending levels. Cyttorak is kind of a catty beyotch though, so who knows if he'd be willing to empower a Juggernaut enough to beat Hulk? I think when they fought, Hulk basically bowed out because of the collateral damage they were causing and because he just really didn't care about the fight.

  28. I think only the Juggernaut is in the Hulks weight class. Before he was nerfed a hundred times Juggy could take the X Men on and win.

  29. We talking one on one matches? Or Battle Royal? Because either way, the Hulk wins. Much love to Juggernaut, and I think he would be the last one fighting Hulk.

  30. Hulk smash all. Fully enraged...only Hulk getting bored and tired of whooping your azz stops Hulk. Only Superman is Hulks physical strength match in the comics

  31. The Hulk is the heavy favorite. But the Juggernaut could easily win this as well. After those two it’s between the Thing and Hercules who are capable of going head on against the Hulk. Colossus and Rhino if we’re just talking their base form aren’t gonna last long.

  32. All things being normal, it comes down to Hulk vs Juggernaut until hulk remembers to fling Juggernaut off into space. Those two could practically ignore all the others and just let them get taken out by the collateral damage. The power difference is that wide.

  33. My first thought is Hulk, but I could see an argument for Juggernaut. It really depends on which era, but using right now it's almost certainly the Hulk unless Banner screws up the "machine." Peak Juggernaut would certainly win over the current Starship Hulk, but peak Hulk can only be stopped by Betty (if even then).

  34. Hulk. Any question has been answered, save Sentry. In World War Hulk, when they were fighting there was not a definitive winner.

  35. Since the hulk pictured here is not WW Hulk, I would say it is between Juggernaut and Hercules. My money is on Herc.

  36. Well Juggs,Hulk,and Herc are the last ones standing for sure Colossus is the weakest here so he is out. Thing beats Rhino. Then Thing gets stomped by Juggs. Hulk beats the shit outta Herc and its Juggs vs Hulk left. Hulk BFRs Juggers like he did in WWH.

  37. Hulk. He’s the strongest and the most ruthless. Plus a prolonged fight against 5 other super-strong guys plays into Hulk’s hands since a) he gets stronger the angrier he gets and b) there’s no upper limit to his strength

  38. Its Hulk. But Thing has literally decked the Hulk and held his own a couple of times. Take hulk out of the equation and this is a much tighter race.

  39. Hulk easily Lmao, In WWH he folded most of these guys and it was then later confirmed that he was significantly holding back that entire event

  40. Am I overrating Hercules? Hulk is a clear favourite. Juggernaut could maybe keep up durability wise considering he's unstoppable. But Herc is a god level character.

  41. Hulk. Out of them all, Hercules and Juggernaut give him the best fight. But when it comes to raw physical power, very few can match or even exceed the levels of physical strength Hulk can reach

  42. If their all base form I don’t see how it isn’t Juggernaut. Many people are saying Hulk is strongest there is. Which yes true lol.

  43. Juggs has a legitimate chance at beating hulk, and Colossalnaut (Colossus as juggernaut) did beat the ever loving sh*t out of red hulk & Thing in AvM so de facto he would have a shot too in that form only.

  44. Depends on the version of Hulk. World Breaker Hulk hands down. It took the Sentry to fight him to a standstill. Anything less than that and Ben wins. Dude has the sheer force of will the others lack.

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