New look at Daredevil in She-Hulk: Attorney At Law

  1. So…the Daredevil show is almost 100% canon, right? I know there’s a lot of back and forth, and I’ve been firmly in the camp that it is canon at this point, but that is literally just a recolor of the Netflix suit lmao

  2. The way I see it, it's canon, but it's not going to have large consequences for the MCU moving forward.

  3. Now we know it's just a recolor of the Netflix suit, my head Canon is Matt annoyed Foggy and Karen so they spraypainted his suit yellow to see how long it would take him to notice.

  4. It's canon until it's not. They'll keep it as vague as possible until they have a decision that goes against what the original run did and then it will be not canon. Not really a huge issue I think because the show was pretty basic, and worked like a 3 season origin story. They shouldn't have to go against too much.

  5. My guess is story and development wise it’s all canon. There just may be minor retcons that don’t really impact any story elements or character arcs—like we’ve already seen with Kingpin’s strength and are rumored to see with Daredevils strength.

  6. absolutely. we've been given a ton of indications that this is the case, i don't understand why this is even a conversation at this point. a lot of marvel fans just wanna find something to bitch abt

  7. It's not even completely recolor. Like here his suit is red but helmet yellow. I don't know but the combination seems pretty odd.

  8. I think the actors are running on that presumption. I think they are canon, until they retcon anything small or big... And I do think something will be evebtually retconned in some way. But otgerwise, assume it is the same version

  9. Imagine we get a movie called the Kingpin where it's a bunch of the street level heroes teaming up

  10. I thought that the show would more or less he canon. Maybe not everything happened exactly as we previously saw, but Marvel won’t do anything to directly contradict events of the show.

  11. Almost 100% canon is probably a fine way to think about it. Inevitably, future MCU Daredevil stories will contradict the Netflix series in some way, even if it's just something small like rebooting the Iron Fist mythos with a new actor and having MCU Matt act like he's never seen an Iron Fist before. The official explanation will probably be that MCU Daredevil looks just like Netflix Daredevil and went through most of the same things, but isn't exactly the same guy. Just like when Quake shows up in Secret Invasion, it will be the same actress but not the same exact version of the character from Agents of Shield.

  12. Please put an NSFW tag on this. I was on the train and when I saw this I had to start furiously masturbating. Everyone else gave me strange looks and were saying things like “what the fuck” and “call the police”. I dropped my phone and everyone around me saw this image of Daredevil. Now there is a whole train of men masturbating together at this one image of Daredevil. This is all your fault, you could have prevented this if you had just tagged this post NSFW.

  13. They probably won’t give a reason, but I guarantee it was done because Dex dragged Daredevil’s name through the mud and wore his red suit for all of his acts that the people of NY saw firsthand.

  14. I’m truly baffled on how people can still think his show wasn’t canon when he’s literally wearing a different coloured version of the same suit he wore there

  15. It is canon and the change of the suit was likely done because Dex dragged Daredevil’s name through the mud and wore his red suit for all of his acts that the people of NY saw firsthand.

  16. Disney probably got scared from Ms. Marvel having low viewership. So they’re using a big hook to get people to watch this

  17. Avengers/Spidey/Dr. Strange/Hawkeye: having all out battles in NYC. Matt: refuses to do anything outside of his carefully micromanaged neighborhood

  18. I thought that was funny as well. In his series he mentions never going further then upstate then his town (he was more specific but I forgot the line) when Elektra asks him about Paris. It’s at the end of S2 when they’re just about to fight the Hand on the rooftop

  19. All the dumb fucks that swore up and down “that’s not yellow, it’s just the lighting. He’s wearing the red suit”…suck it.

  20. Purists a few yers ago: TV shows are not canon because the characters never show up in Marvel Studios productions, Kevin hates tv shows and they will be hard rebooted

  21. I remember being destroyed in the comment suggestion for discussing the prospect of having the Netflix shows being canon…

  22. They’ve invested too much time and venom to give in now. Thought I’ve noticed a load ( well a few with multiple sock puppets ) have stopped posting here.

  23. They saw the MODOK concept art negative discourse on Twitter and immediately released a Matt Murdock tease 💀 Marvel Studios I see y'all 😂

  24. Daredevil has always been one of my favorite MCU characters. Still not over how lucky we are to see his story continue

  25. Maybe he changed colours cause we last saw the red suit on bullseye. He could be trying to restore faith in daredevil but also try not to remind them of what bullseye did in the suit

  26. As everyone's arguing about the "canon" debate ... my question is - since it's the exact same suit, what's the practicality of making parts of it yellow? He's still a vigilante who usually attacks bad guys at night ...

  27. My main guess is that this suit is a prototype, and the yellow parts are upgrades made with a stronger material that hasn't been made in a darker colour yet. Remember, he was shot in the head in season 2 and the black material still let it hurt him, so he'd probably want to upgrade to something stronger.

  28. So they'll be using his classic yellow and red look from the first few (and rly bad) Daredevil comics? Kay....

  29. I hope they say that Matt survived Thanos snap and was actively fighting street crime, upgrading gear and assets while most the heroes were dust

  30. Loving the new suit. Definitely upgraded from the Netflix one. The collar and the chest piece being more like a vest being some noticeable differences.

  31. Remember in DD universe Obama was President (not in the MCU) and there are a few smaller issues too. One I could think of is Cottonmouth. Maybe he was a vampire the whole time?

  32. Didnt Matt say in season 3 that he'd outgrown what the suit had become? Hopefully they give a good reason as to him getting a new suit made. Also, who made it? Melvin?

  33. I once posted on the Daredevil subreddit about how incredible it would be if they incorporated yellow. I was flamed and downvoted into oblivion. Well, who's laughing now, jerks!

  34. That’s a CA license plate. Any ideas what DD would be doing on the west coast? Before this I figured She-Hulk would be visiting NYC for Matt to appear. It obviously could also be just a car in New York with a CA plate. Lmao.

  35. Kinda looks like the plastic or whatever material there before was yellow underneath, and the top coating has rubbed, faded away or some such.

  36. Can someone explain the yellow? Is it just a random recolor or is it a reference to a specific run or runs in the comics?

  37. I need to see it in action but it doesn't look bad. I'm just extremely happy they're just restarting him and not full on rebooting. The only one of those shows that needs a full reboot is iron fist

  38. Iron Fist can get away with a soft reboot. If they allocate time for Finn to train and pair him with Luke Cage, they've got gold on their hands.

  39. When it was leaked that the suit would be yellow ages ago, I was against it, but it looks pretty damn good, and now I love it to bits

  40. The costume looks a lot better here then it did in the show imo. Helmet is more metallic looking than plastic looking, collar is popped up higher, they got rid of random pieces of fabric, and the material for the suit looks more hard and protective. And none of that is even obvious based on first glance, it stills looks just like the old suits

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