What do you do when your shift ends during a rush hour?

  1. I usually stay and help for a few minutes or ask my manager if they need me to do anything else if they say no then I just go. Most of my coworkers though just clock out as soon as their shift ends

  2. Yeah if they don’t relive me from my position I usually just remind them that I’m off. Usually they say “I know give me a minute (insert coworkers name here) is about to clock in and when they do, they’ll go where you are” and I say okay. Cus unfortunately I’m in back booth, it’s harder to just clock out when nobody is at that position. At my store at least, it’s a very essential position.

  3. It’s McDonald’s fuck them , I clock out the minute I’m scheduled to , managers job to deal with coverage and people being late

  4. It’s your manager’s job to hire additional people if necessary. It’s not your job to stay longer to accommodate their poor hiring practices.

  5. What? Here the “shiftleader” tells you when you can leave. Sometime you have to remember them but you aren’t allowed to just leave. It’s kinda disrespectful to the rest.

  6. stay until things steady a little. never longer than like 15 minutes tho. always helps to ask right before your shift ends if the manager needs anything up front. if youre on line or grill maybe bring boxes or wraps up :)

  7. If my Manager asks nicely I'll stay a few extra minutes but if they demand I stay I'll ask them to reimburse me for my uber ride immediately or something.

  8. depends on if i like whose there lol. If they are assholes i dip but if they are nice i stay. and if i’m broke and really need the money i stay regardless haha

  9. Rush hour or not I always stay until I told I can go. I'm usually in the payment window running one of the lanes as well so its not like I can just up and leave.

  10. Depends on who I am working with and how short stuffed we are. If there are good guys, I can help them out for a while if I’m not busy but when there are loads of people who wouldn’t do it for me, I’d just stock them and get out.

  11. I usually stay an extra five to ten minutes if there is a rush or if they need me to stock anything but if not, I usually clock out and go.

  12. i stay until the rush slows down usually, i wouldn't want anyone else leaving while we're that busy so why would i?

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