What possible reason? I just don’t understand and I have so many questions…

  1. I can just imagine the architects computer locked up while drawing the house that caused it. Welp... gotta hit the deadline... drawing done.

  2. That's a little before my time, but I remember in like 2011 when Tumblr learned how to make custom cursors that you could use like a Photoshop brush to fill your whole laptop screen up with whatever stupid picture you could think of.

  3. It looks like the road is curved, and they were trying to maximize the footprint within setback requirements. Still looks terrible.

  4. In their My First Home Design program they just dragged the driveway over and it auto corrected the walls and voila!

  5. Ah yes, the extra 1.618033988749894 square feet of living space really justifies the hundreds of rooflines. Definitely follows the golden ratio.

  6. You dawg, I heard you like corners and triangles, so we put corners and triangles inside your corners and triangles.

  7. Wait a minute. So, does the car go into the garage, which is unnecessarily extended to the right twice (maybe three times, it’s hard to tell in this confusion)? Why?

  8. I am just imagining visitors or trick-or-treaters coming around from the garage side. "Here's the door...nope..here's the...nope...here?...nah...wth"

  9. If you’re going to do that, for the love of god, evenly space those sections! This triggers some weird OCD I didn’t even know I had…

  10. So like, y’know how you click a taskbar icon a few hundred times in a row when it refuses to start then all billion tabs open? This is like the house version of that.

  11. Legend has it that there’s a house buried somewhere deep within those thousands of walls. An impenetrable fortress made of foam columns and flimsy materials.

  12. It looks like someone kept shifting the blueprints a few feet to the left as they were building to troll them.

  13. So do you think the garage goes all the way to the second or the third windows? And what would they use those alcoves(is that the word?) for? Maybe they're vampires and had their own stand up sleep units installed for safety and comfort? That's really the only reason I can see they would even have those. Maybe for fishing poles.

  14. DiWhy: How to maximize your lot space with an engineer that only knows how to build a structure with straight angles (90 degrees).

  15. JC- what with these dang pitches and multiple roof concepts- So stupid! Make it harder and more expensive to replace a roof. Gross

  16. Non-standard lot shape, a tired architect, and a pushy customer building a custom home with zero aesthetic vision who valued big square footage numbers over everything as a means to show off.

  17. The one with a light on in the windows is a bathroom or laundry room (the vent gives it away. The one next to it with no windows is a closet. No idea about all the rest of them.

  18. They clearly spammed the GMod tool gun when trying to place their house and then ignored it when they were all colliding and glitching together

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