If ur parents aren’t helping u pay for uni how did u afford it

  1. I have found getting a part time job on / around campus has been super beneficial for extra $ during the school year. On-campus jobs are extremely accommodating and it really helps to even have a couple hundred bucks extra every week or two.

  2. work study, ta position, osap grant and take advantage of bursaries whenever possible. Through all of this I've managed to be net positive in cash throughout my 2 years at uni

  3. Basically same worked several jobs since first year. Variety of TA, work study and off campus jobs. Got OSAP loans and some RESP.

  4. I started working during high school and saved pretty much everything I could. During the summer I work full time and during the school year part time. I have enough to cover everything for the 4 years but my savings will be down to zero by the time I graduate

  5. Like others have said, working in high school and in uni, applying for scholarships/grants, and getting as much as possible from OSAP.

  6. I didn't take a gap year. I've been working full time in the summer's since I was 12, part time jobs during the school year since I was 15, and in uni now I do coop in the summer and still have part time jobs in the school year, and OSAP

  7. My gf did this. She got a big scholarship from outside mac to go to school. Then she worked every summer full time and part time during the 2nd - 5th year. She also had a 12 month coop. She graduated with like 4k in debt, and paid it off before she graduated.

  8. I saved up from my high school job, applied for osap and worked through the schools work study program. I was online for first year due to Covid and was able to work and then commuted last year. My advice is to apply to scholarships anything helps and budget your income so you can be able to treat yourself once and while. See if your city offers scholarships through rotary clubs or if you do have consistent money coming in learn budgeting techniques from tiktok or websites online. Also take advantage of the school year ending April/may and work full time during the summer (you can save almost a year of tuition). If you feel like you should take a year off to work or if you cannot manage school and working, take a year off so it doesn’t affect your mental health or motivation. You can even just do part time as it is cheaper and will give you more time to work and save for tuition costs to switch to full time school. There also can be similar programs offered at colleges that are less expensive and you can pursue a similar degree at an university once you finically ready. Education can be achieved at anytime in one’s life. Many students are able to pay off debt once going into a career, it can be difficult at times but things can work out. The university also has many work programs that are accommodating to students schedules and can lead to employment after graduation :) I hope everything does work out and that you find help through everyone’s advice.

  9. Worked night shifts at the hospital on campus (16hrs/wk), took 2.5 years off between 2nd and 3rd year (came back as a 2nd year student hence the 2.5), rented the cheapest rooms possible, shopped at Food Basics. Didn't really try to spend on anything luxurious. I also worked really hard on academics to win in course awards like the University Senate Scholarships.

  10. I took a gap year and worked, then started pt at Mac and worked and then did ft but I was able to schedule my classes ad work at the same time.

  11. To be honest, 16 total months of co-op allowed me to earn enough to pay it all off. OSAP was a stopgap to buy me time to earn that though.

  12. I've been working part time since I was 14, so I've been saving since then. That being said, CERB was really good for me, saved a lot of money from that. Other than that, I've found I can make up enough to cover up tuition in full through working full time in the summer, and I can just barely cover rent through working 20-ish hours a week during the school year. I don't have a lot of money, but I have my independence, so all this work is worth it

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